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2 hours ago, MSWooooord said:

Glacial Thorns is such a good boss killer. It seems The Ice King is out matched, even by his own element. :lol:

Indeed it is; however, I have found that in order for our lady to overcome the Ice Lord's resistance to ice (as it is so with decreased vulnerability to all other elemental damage types) Ancient Magic is crucial, especially at the higher tiers.

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1 hour ago, gogoblender said:

Love this battle... loved the Ice Elf's  attack... does the ice king's powers slow down our attacks or sometimes freeze us?




The Ice Lord does ice and physical melee damage but also employs electric shot (magic damage) and ice missile (ice damage). Ring of Ice may be implemented as well and serves to weaken and slow opponents. However, The Ice Lord, as with many bosses, may "freak out" when taking quick, heavy damage and just go full on melee. That's one reason why Glacial Thorns combined with Ancient Magic and ice and physical item modifiers is so effective.


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Yeah, bosses get "blunted" in their tactics when they get heavy damage in little time. Though some bosses have so many tricks up their sleeves that unless you kill them in 10 seconds they'll be sure to make you drop the ball. I'm thinking of Abishai for instance, I made the mistake of getting one-on-one with him once and ignored the fact that he was dropping traps like crazy and had a life leeching aura. Those were 10 seconds indeed... for my toon. :(

But Glacial Thorns seems to overtake all of that really! I'd like to see a comparison between GT and a dual-wield "staff+%LL weapon" Frenzied Rampage, just for the kicks. :D


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