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A couple of questions about Archangel's Wrath


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I have 2 quick questions that I can't seem to find conclusive answers for.


1- Does AW fully transform the elemental damage of the weapon into fire or just partly? I know that with Magic Coup even though the indicator in the F menu says that any fire, poison or ice damage of the weapon are fully transformed into magic damage, that's not actually the case. So if you put a molten rock on a weapon your Magic Coup does a combination of magic, fire, and physical damage instead of mostly magic and a bit of physical as the indicator states. Does the same go for Archangel's Wrath as well? If you use an ice/physical weapon with AW will it do a mixture of fire, ice, and physical or will all the ice damage switch to fire as the indicator seems to... indicate?


2- Does AW work with the Double-hit mechanic? Again, I know that Magic Coup works with Double-hits from things such as the Sword weapon lore Mastery - does the same go for AW? 



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1. As far as I know and can see,  AW converts PART of your weapon damage into fire damage, the greater the level of the CA the more pronounced the conversion. A motlen rock can help ... but only a little as far as I can see ... except those that also gives +% to burn or even better % to fire damage, now those seems to help a ton :) You can see how much is converted by looking at your normal weapon damage types ration and compare it with the ones from AW. The coloured damage bars are especially telling ;)

2. I am not sure about double hits, though, again from what I can see, AW is affected and boosted by anything that upgrades your weapon. And if I am not sure about double hits, I am however sure that %chance to bypass armor and deathblow ... yeah ... not only those works but they work REALLY well.  I haven't tried double hits on account of not having found a lot of them and, to be honest, never tried socketing those bonuses. I will do give it a try though. :)


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