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Indestructible Companion Bear

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Have you ever wanted your own unkillable companion? A bear that starts off as a cute pet and turns into an unkillable monster.


Start of doing the Quest : Tutorial Relics

It is a quest where you have to retrieve a teddy bear for a girl in the first main town that you visit along the main quest.

Go to the cave kill the big bears and pick up the teddy bear the baby bear in the back.

Once you do never finish the quest.

At first he just follows you around but then he starts attacking enemies and he never dies.

Found this trick out when I didn't turn in the quest cause my friends wanted to move on. Imagine my surprise when 20 levels later he starts attacking people. Was pretty cool.


I named mine Bear Danes.

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Mama's favorite disappears after you exit the orcs' region, if I remember correctly. So, you might want to stick in the first three regions for a bit longer if you don't want to give it up. :)
Also, I seem to remember the bear not responding to the standard minion controls but I might be misremembering. 

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If anyone's interested in the inner workings of this bear pet, Mother Bear's Favorite is scripted to "evolve" like a pokemon when the player sets foot in three different places: DragonMaw Pass, Orcish Byway, and Bulutuz (where he gets old and grey and leaves). I suppose you could try to rush through to Orcish Byway to force him to grow up, then go back and spend time in the first three regions, or really you could take him anywhere else you wanted to go, so long as you avoid Bulutuz.

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16 hours ago, Augmint said:

Its good to use with the Inquisitors reverse polarities exploit mod  (Each party member receives 5% of the damage intended for the Inquisitor. (4.9% + 0.1% per CA level) 

Now that you mention it, with the escort quest changes made in CM 1.60 to lessen spamming health pots is it possible to build an army of NPCs and take advantage of buffs that make you act like the captain of the army?

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