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Protector buff does not work while in Dragonzerker form and summoning it crashes game.


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For the Dragon Mage:

When in Dragonzerker form, if I activate the protector buff and then attack an enemy, it crashes the game.  If I summon the protector and then transform to the Dragonzerker, it destroys the protector but I can play as normal.  Interestingly, when I then transform back to a human the protector reappears and functions normally.  To clarify, I CAN summon the protector AFTER I am in dragon form and it does appear.  It just crashes as soon as I attack something.

If I had to guess, it seems like the protector was scripted to remain if summoned, even if shape shifted, but not  programmed  to actually be summonable while in dragon form.  Seems like the script for the summon buff keeps running in the background while shifted (if previously cast), but without the actual protector enabled.  I'm guessing it reappeared when I shifted back because the script never stopped running, except that now the actual protector is re-enabled because the character is no longer shapeshifted. 

Other two buffs work perfectly while in Dragonzerker form.   Thank you for all the work and dedication that goes into these patches!

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I have attached a corrected script that fixes this issue.  The problem is also fixed in my mod Enhanced Edition which is where I've been funneling fixes to for the past 3 years, but it is after all more than a patch, it is a mod.

The attached creatures.txt contains only the fix for the DM shifting bug.  To install it you should copy it into the following folder: Sacred 2 Gold/scripts/server/ and overwrite when prompted.  You can back up your old creatures.txt if you like.


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Wow Flix, thank you for the quick reply and the fix. 

Protector now works with Dragonzerker form.  He still disappears when shifting but I can just re-summon him now so no big deal.

Sooo, not to keep bothering you...but is there anyway you can send the fix for the protector's AI or even the original broken AI package?  I know he has the fire demon AI so he can cast, but as another user pointed out, he no longer tanks, which is his main function. 

I am a little hesitant to try the enhanced mod yet as I haven't even beaten the game on vanilla. As I understand it, the enhanced version makes the game considerably harder and changes many things.  I will probably try it, but only after I get to play the original.


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If you want to return the Protector to dumb tank behavior, you would need to do the following: 

  • Find spells.txt in the scripts/shared directory of the game.
  • Open it and search for "dm_co_beschuetzer"
  • Within this spell entry, find the line that says:  spellClass = "cSpellHeFeuerdaemon",
  • Change it so it says:  spellClass = "cSpellDmBeschuetzer",

@Henlikuoth  The above method should also work for your situation, though they will lose any ability to cast spells.

I would back up the file and maybe even your characters first, in case you make a typo.

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The "tank behavior" should still be better. The way I see it, the 2 spells of the protectors rather seem to be a hindrance in gameplay instead of being an advantage.

It should be thought about if the 2 spells are really worth it and if they are reasonably viable. 

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11 minutes ago, Henlikuoth said:

The "tank behavior" should still be better. The way I see it, the 2 spells of the protectors rather seem to be a hindrance in gameplay instead of being an advantage.

It should be thought about if the 2 spells are really worth it and if they are reasonably viable. 

It only seems that way because the FireDemon AI is so bad. It involves a lot of wandering around. 

IMO the best is when they utilize both.  That hard hit attack gets peppered in right with their other melee attacks.  There is a melee tank behavior that allows spells and special moves.  I just didn't know how to assign it to them without messing up other minions until now.

BTW Fire Demon is also going to benefit from this change in 2.4.  The above script edit is just a band-aid.

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26 minutes ago, Henlikuoth said:

What will be your solution for 2.4?

Basically what I described a couple posts above.  Protectors will keep their vanilla "cSpellDmBeschuetzer" spellclass, and instead the AI of that spellclass will be changed to use "hireling_brave_ex" parameters, which is brave melee attacker PLUS the ability for special moves/spells.

The result is essentially what you're used to/wanting to see, with the addition of hard hits and a couple other spells.

There will also be two summoned by default.  The +1 minion mod is changed to reduce the regen penalty of the buff.

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Thank you!  I actually ended up reverting back to the fire demon AI because he still doesn't attack things consistently, or he breaks off the attack after a couple hits and just wanders.  Apparently his old AI was passive too, just also without spells lol.  Seriously diggin your ideas for modifying the protector in the enhanced version.  As well as other things.

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