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On 5/31/2021 at 8:01 PM, nerd said:

@Inspired Is there a way to edit ability score (e.g. Strength, Physical Regeneration, Charisma, etc) on a low-level character?


I used Cheat Engine to allow large numbers of attribute points, but the changes don't seem to persist. Any advice?


My goal is to max out skills and give myself high attributes, and then play through the game again on a 1st-level character. 

Supremely happy you have found and loved this game, and you met a member with great helpful info

welcome to the forums nerd!



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19 hours ago, Inspired said:

Yes, I had the same thing with attributes (changes made with Cheat Engine don't persist) and messing with the amount of skill points makes my character literally explode and die. I was never interested enough to actively look for a solution to this so not sure how to achieve this with CE. You can try Sacred Character Modifier though, I think it should work.

Thanks for the helpful answer Insomnia... players will always find this game and community!



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