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  1. Sorry, that's not something I ever tried doing. I'll look into it when I have some time later and will post if I figure it out.
  2. I've been doing a bit of modding and hacking Sacred lately, and I thought I'd share what I discovered with everyone in case anyone else might find it useful. I've created a Google Doc with some hacking info here. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions or if you try these and find any bugs. I'll probably add some more stuff in the future.
  3. Yes, I had the same thing with attributes (changes made with Cheat Engine don't persist) and messing with the amount of skill points makes my character literally explode and die. I was never interested enough to actively look for a solution to this so not sure how to achieve this with CE. You can try Sacred Character Modifier though, I think it should work.
  4. Hey @Melandrhild, I've attached the edited alpha channel for the Seraphim hair texture (SERA_HAIR file) to remove the ponytails. Download. Paste it into the alpha channel of your modded texture or, if you're unsure how to do it, send me the modded red hair texture and I'll do it for you. This is how it will look (with original textures as an example):
  5. Oh, that looks like an early 2000s trainer all right. I'm feeling nostalgic now Yes, if you spawn creatures or characters the way I show in the video, they will fight on your side. So that would be pretty close to what you're describing. You might also be interested in this tutorial where I show how to change your starting companion.
  6. Give Norbyte's tool a try. It's designed specifically for Divinity games though so it might not work for Sacred 2 but it's worth a try.
  7. Why didn't you just download the binaries? Anyway, glad you got it to work in the end!
  8. Hey Lindor, I haven't read the whole thread and I'm totally unfamiliar with Sacred 2 modding so not sure if I get everything right but from a couple of your latest messages here it seems that you're having trouble getting GR2 models into Blender? If so, try this plugin for Noesis. I only recently discovered it in my research into The Elder Scrolls Online models, and it seems to work great for all types of GR2 files: meshes, skeletons and animation. Sacred 2 is there in the list of tested games so I guess it should work for you as well. Once you load a model into Noesis, you can then export it into a variety of different formats.
  9. If you want to import item stats from an item that was previously exported with SIM, you need to know where to import them to. So it doesn't really matter that you don't want to change the original stats, the process is the same either way. Inspecting memory is a basic feature of Cheat Engine that can be seen here, for example. If you are not comfortable watching tutorials in English, google "Cheat Engine tutorials" in Russian. You will need to watch at least a few hours of tutorials and have a few days of practice (maybe even more) working with Cheat Engine before you can actually accomplish what you need here. There's just no simple way, I'm afraid. -- Если хотите загрузить в игру характеристики предмета, который вы ранее экспортировали через SIM, то вам в любом случае нужно знать, куда их загружать. Поэтому не имеет значения, что вы не собираетесь их менять, процесс все равно одинаковый. "Просмотр памяти" - это базовая функция в Cheat Engine, вот руководство по ней. Если трудно смотреть руководства на английском, загуглите русские руководства по Cheat Engine, наверняка что-то найдется. Для того чтобы понять, как вам сделать то, что нужно, придется наверное посмотреть несколько часов руководств по Cheat Engine и несколько дней (может, даже больше) практиковаться работать с ним. Какого-то простого решения нет, к сожалению.
  10. So you do care about the item stats too, then? I'm confused now In that case I can't really help as, like I said, I haven't researched changing item stats. But, broadly speaking, if you want to research it yourself, start by searching for the model ID address like I explained above and then inspect the memory around that address - chances are the stats data will be somewhere close. If you figure out where the stats data is relative to the model ID, then you'll be able to easily replicate any item that you previously exported with SIM.
  11. Oh, now I see what you mean. Unfortunately, I don't know any way to go over the inventory and chest slots limit for items in-game. So yeah, you'll need to export items with Sacred Item Manager either way if you want to keep your whole collection, I'm afraid.
  12. I'm not sure why you want to use Cheat Engine then. Wouldn't just collecting items in-game be more fun? Or if you really want to create a trophy vault with ALL the unique items in the game, then just use Sacred Item Manager. Like you said, your inventory space is limited and you need SIM to export items anyway, so why not use it to create items in the first place? But if you really must use Cheat Engine for that, then you can do something like this: 1. Collect a bunch of random non-unique items. 2. Save the game and Export your character. 3. Open the character in Sacred Item Manager and check model IDs for all those items you collected. 4. Load the game, attach Cheat Engine to the process and start searching for IDs of your items. For example, let's say you have a random cuirass with an ID of 3200 (just an example, not sure whether a cuirass with this ID really exists in the game). Search for 3200 in Cheat Engine (Scan Type: Exact Value, Value Type: 4 Bytes). You'll probably find a bunch of addresses with this value. If you see any of them changing and turning red, remove them from the list right away. If you see any green addresses, remove them as well. 5. When you only have black addresses left, select half of all the addresses, then right click and "Change value of selected addresses" to something else, let's say 1200. 6. Get back to the game and see if your cuirass has changed to something else. If not, then none of those addresses you changed are right. Go back to Cheat Engine, change their value back to 3200 and remove these addresses from the list. Then check half of the remaining addresses. And so on until you find the address of your cuirass's ID. 7. When you find the address of you cuirass's ID, you can change it to any other model ID in the game, and the look of your cuirass will change accordingly (the stats will stay the same though). And you can do the same with any other item you collected. Keep in mind that there are thousands of model IDs in Sacred so it might take a lot of time to find the right ID for the item you want. And I think model IDs start at 1200 (that should be a Metal Kite Shield).
  13. It should definitely be possible but I haven't tried researching it as I'm not super interested in changing item stats. I can give you a couple of pointers though if you want to research it yourself.
  14. They look amazing! One thing I forgot to add that you can notice on these pictures is that Sacred models ripped with NinjaRipper need to be mirrored along the X-axis to look the same as in game. Unless you want your characters to be left-handed, haha From what I remember, you can easily do it in Blender by pressing Ctrl+M, then X, then Enter.
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