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I found a WEIRD sword without a name

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Hello, I finally completed Underworld for the second time ever (after 15 years or so...) and found the weirdest item I have ever encountered in Sacred 1 or 2.

I believe this dropped from one of the guardians of the "Book of Wisdom" (as I noticed it right afterwards, after mass collecting what they dropped). The weird thing is that it has no visible name, but even weirder is how it looks when you're in human form. (The Vampiress looks like she's just punching/slashing with a dagger when attacking with it, while that giant sword just floats)

It's actually pretty good (the highest damage one-handed sword I have seen so far, this is on Gold) and it works normally, but I wonder if anyone has ever encountered this?

(The only "mod" I use is pureHD)

Sacred 2023-09-05 22-56-32.jpg

Sacred 2023-09-06 02-30-04.jpg

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Yeah but doesn't every character have this slim chance of disarming opponents? I remember it happening to skeletons, and I've never used Disarm as a skill either.

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