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Sacred Gold Vampiress summon several wolves

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Greetings to everyone!

First of all I`d like to thank your heroic community for all the work you`ve done so far! I played and adored Sacred Gold 2.28 10+ years ago (Dwarf rules, and my nickname says it all) and couldn`t imagine that there are such great enthusiasts who keep discussing and maintaining the game in 2023! That`s really incrediable! I`m happy to find SacredWiki and this forum and to see the game is still being played by nostalgic fans and new players) I also played Sacred 2, but it missed something vital for me... And again I see that Sacred 2 is still of interest for many people and can`t but rejoice at it. Thank you, guys!

Actually, after so many years have passed I`m thinking about going through Sacred experience again. The problem is I`ve become so lazy these days that I don`t really want to kill the mobs myself... For example, in Diablo II: LoD I enjoyed playing for Druid as he could summon wolves leaving me just grabbing drop) Bearing that in mind, I decided to create a Vampiress-summoner. But I found out the bats are quite weak as is the wolf... And other characters do not summon creatures at all.

However, a weird idea descended upon me: what if I could tweak the number of wolves Vampiress can summon? I guess, if I had 5 wolves instead of 1, I could easily kill all the monsters and enjoy wandering through the beloved Ancaria world) So again, the vague idea is to find the settings file where the info about this Vampiric Wolf spell is stored and change the number of wolves from 1 to 5 (if the number is somehow defined). Is that ever possible? Of maybe there is some other way to get it work, some patch or mod can add this feature? (I`m aware of the ability to reanimate a wolf with other vampiric spell, but this is not the same.) IMHO, this tiny little cheat may seem intriguing not only for me, and I believe there should be a solution to this.

Thanks in advance!


P.S. I`m sorry if I`ve started the topic in the wrong realm of the forum.

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Dax, thank you very much for your answer! I`ve read about this Reborn mod before and, as I understand, profound rebalancing was undertaken in it, making Sacred harder to play, so this fact frightened me away. But two wolves are definitely better than one, so... Together with bats they can make a difference.

And I`ve also found out that Diablo II Fallen mod contains Druid with the ability to cast 4 wolves and a bear at the same time) Maybe Sacred 2 can be given a second chance as well.

It`s a pity both Sacred 1 and 2 lack a pure summoner. And I`ve heard about the difficulties concerning modding of Sacred 1... And it makes me appreciate all the attempts to modify the game even more)


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Don´t get fooled by some angry guys, who wrote :eek:-reviews about Reborn. I assume, they simply tried to hammer-smash their way through obstacles, which where
max immune to their current damage type. After their technique did not work out, they lost nerves, sat frustrated and confused in front of their PC. (Solution: Pick
other damage type instead) Reborn mod plays joyfully with monster-resistances, but leaves the player always a way out, never acting against him.
The team put a lot of efforts not only into the mod, but also into the documentation. It is worth a read. After all, it is a big, fat modification, inviting to try
it out, giving the game a new life. Don´t be shy. It is not difficult. And if you are really stuck, just ask. There are many ppl with vast insight here.

Speaking of Sacred 2, what keeps me miles away, is that Sacred 2 is not beginner-friendly. You might survive the easy difficulties with a poor build, but not the higher ones.
So, the chance that you scr!w up as a noob is very real. And putting two months of work into a character, only to find out that you skilled him wrong and have to
start it all over again? No.
As for the remaining Sacred 2 players here: They are top elite, playing the game for a very long time already. So handling the latest mods like D2, or the Patch Addendum,
is a piece of cake for them. Before you begin, get yourself a guide to prevent a rough and painful belly-landing.

Back to S1 again, the Vampire is a pure summoner class if you want it. She is also one of the more flexible characters due to her shapeshifting ability. You can
easily build ranged melee (day <-> night), devastating spellcaster and, as mentioned above, summoner. It all raises and falls with the gear you can access and
the style of play you prefer. There are no doubt, things to consider. I´d recommend to visit the wiki, or just ask right away.
Look. I think I got a Vampire starter, well stuffed with gear, laying around somewhere in my digital lumberroom. Nothing is cheated. Everything is farmed and bought
nicely together. You can give it a run, then decide if it is something for you. Sounds good?

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