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Girls at work week

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My daughter (studying at a special highschool for music and instrument design) visits me for a week at work. I prepared, explaining the explosive welding, savety rules and all this. But then she saw the apprentices at the training room and away she was. She did a lot of asking (and flirting) and then she asked if she would be allowed to use the laser cutter, hydraulic hammer, presses, ...

Her first 'product' was a steel tongue drum in one afternoon.

Now she asked if she could use two apprentices for another project. Instead doing training exercises they could do something useful.

I have to say her motivating skills seem to be better than mine. They help her without being forced to training work on her handpan project. Somehow they didn't listen to me when I taught them calculating normal modes for our wing parts. But they read books to help my daughter with her instrument.



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Youve given me a an enormous appreciation for the callypso steel drums I have seen played on visits to some tropical islands..  had no idea of the enormity of *art* that goes into producing this instrument... and then, on top of that to play it.



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I fear it was a mistake to show her how to carve easy flutes from elderberries when she was 6. She always didn't only want to know how to play an instrument but also understand it. The discs in the drums need some maths if you want clear tunes. Most use blueprints and just copy working ones.

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