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I don't know about "SacredLocal" network mentioned in this thread http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/18489-our-sacred-underworld-servers-hamachi/; Where I play, there are multiple hamachi networks (15-20, I guess) with one admin, who's hosting the game servers, so they're accessible from any network. But even with this amount of "potential players", I rarely see anyone on any servers, except on Bronze and Silver.

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Hmm. Trying to find that good first zombie. Bellevue: wolves. I can manage to get one of them, and it dies quickly.

I've removed all my poison damage from my attack, as a poisoned AD still suffers poison damage after death.

I've taken to the Lost Boy Quest Cave in Southern Bellevue to limit my opponent numbers... (and allow me to quickly get replacements by exiting and entering the cave). However, unfortunately, the wolves in this cave deal poison damage sometimes.

I was thinking the Lorinor trail out by Mascarell... but it is above ground.

The cave in east Bellevue (Seraphim hidden quest) is okay, but doesn't respawn.

Must find a better start point.

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