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Semi retirement

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Dear All


I hereby announce my semi-retirement from ogame. I no longer have the passion I once had for this game. My commander lapses in about a week, and from this time onwards I shall just be keeping the account ticking over until I decided what to do with it.


I have been playing for 3 years this month, and I would not change a thing. Many ppl slight ogame for it's ability to suck up alot of time. However this time as allowed me to meet many fantastic people via ogame all of whom I hope to remain close to without the aid of o-crack.


If you need anything I am still going to be about to help, but I think that my log-in will become alot less frequent and fleet save a lot lot longer!


Thank you all for making ogame so fun to play


Best wishes


Firefly a.k.a. Rik


p.s. I will not be giving my account away so please don't ask :D

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You go Rik! I would have to say that you are the first real friend I made in oGame, back when you invited me into TFCA . . . which then promptly dissolved. I learned about moonshots there and you gave me my first planned moon. That is what enabled me to build gravitron (on the second try), and my lovely RIPs, which rose to a shocking level of 13 back in 2006. You also introduced me to DarkMatters, for which I'll never forgive you. :starwars: oGods only know how much res we traded over the years! I'm very proud to have met you here and of your accomplishments in oGame, which have been phenomenal. I wish you the best during rehab. :D


- Ike

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3 years! And more than two of those were here with us on this site when we all hooked up with Spawn. This is the end of an era, but I'm sure you'll find something to fill your game with. Any ideas where you'll be gaming next? Have fun with your freedom.





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Ahh - I guess it is inevitable for us all



( Actually seems like half the Uni has semi-retired as it is! :viking: )


Good luck Rik - Although I am sure ( and hope ) we will continue to catch up most days


If someone had told me I would still be playing 3 years in I would laugh heartily - lol


Good Luck Rik!

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