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The self-sufficient High Elf - it's all about performance!

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Hey guys :) After a lot of testing, analysis, rerolls and wasted game hours, I think I have a nice little build for everyone who wants to try it out.



You will want a character who can do everything on his own - kill quickly, level up quickly, have nice equipment and be fun to play. I think the HE is just that character. Although I'm expecting the pyro-based elves to be nerfed anytime soon, I can't help it but say, that for me, alongside the BFG Seraphim, this is one of the most fun chars to play.



Level 2 - Arrant Pyromancer lore - No surprise here. We want to start strong and we want to keep on pumping points here every level.

Level 3 - Concentration - to get a second buff, which will be Grand invigoration. I still debate whether to level up this skill or leave it at 1 point. So far I am going with the latter - I don't need the demon for now.

Level 5 - Arrant Pyromancer focus - No surprise here again. Keep on pumping points here. We want it to be as high as it can get.

Level 8 - Bargaining - Yeah, we could have taken Armor lore here, but with the points you're pumping in pyro, you will have nice homing fireballs now that will kill just about anything. In addition to that, you may start seeing that you're starting to pile up some cash. All those money won't do any good by themselves and picking up this skill early on is a good way to capitalize on that. Get yourself relics that improve bargaining and start searching the shops for something useful. As far the level up of this skill goes, put a point here anytime you can, but make sure that you get yourself a set that keeps it as high as presently possible. This skill will let you select your own equipment, it will be the pinnacle of your build (since you can't expect to have everything you need to drop just like that). Ideally, you want this skill to be equal to: your level *2 at start/ your level*3 later on.

Level 12 - Enhanced perception - after we have ensured that we have Bargaining at 5 points, it's time to add this. Leave it at 1 point for the time being and start pumping it up when you get 4 points per level and you have ensured that you pyro skills are at their max - equal to your level. Make sure to get 3 relics that improve this skill. At this point you may also want to shop some +XP per level stuff based on EP. A quick level up rarely hurts and the bonus from this skill is quite sweet.

Level 18 - Armor lore - finally! Why now? The majority of the HE armors have low regen penalty rate by default. If you plan well, you will find that you don't really need it before level 18. Pump points every now and then when you see that your CA regen penalty from armor goes over 100%. I can say that it will rarely happen - I'm at about 92% now, which I consider it to be quite low.

Level 25 - Delphic Arcana Focus - I hate picking skills that I'm not going to level a lot, but this one seems to be a must. It will allow you to gold-mod grand invigoration which will lower your CA regen times significantly. After you do so, you can forget it.

NOTE: Since at level 25 you get 4 skill points, you can start planning. 2 go to pyro, 2 for Delphic focus for 4 levels - just to mod Grand Invigoration as quickly as possible. We will think about modding shadow step later on, when we start to encounter hard battles and bosses.

Level 35 - Constitution - it's about time to start thinking about survival at this point. We want this skill to 75 by level 75 in order to get the regen-HP-in-combat mastery skill. Since we still have 4 skill points per level, start adding points here when you start to discover that enhanced perception and bargaining satisfy your needs.

NOTE: Since you can shop rings and amulets with +2 all skills now, it's a good idea to start doing so. Use them in sockets, in normal equipment slots, everywhere you can. They will make you powerful.

Level 50 - Ancient magic - this skill will directly improve the spell damage you inflict. You can leave it at 1 point for awhile, since the points you pump in pyro will compensate. NOTE: At level 50 you'll get 5 skill points. It will be a good idea to plan carefully now. You will still be pumping skill point in pyro, so you have 3 spare. Make them count between bargaining, enhanced perception, constitution and ancient magic. Remember to keep an eye on your armor regen penalty. If it starts to go over 100%, add in armor lore as well.

Level 65 - OPTION 1 - Combat discipline - Combat discipline benefits casters a lot. It is prudent to take it and add points as necessary.

Level 65 - OPTION 2 - Shield lore - why shield lore? Ideally, you will want a high armor class to keep you alive. In addition to that, the Stalwart Safeguard is the best shield around with a lot of defense of all sorts and a gold socket, meaning you can easily slap an Artamark's star unique amulet in it and have its defense values to skyrocket. Since shield lore improves the shield defense with good returns, it may be prudent to go for quite a bit more defense (from the shield only) than firepower from the CD skill.


EDIT: some 12 hours after writing up all that stuff, I saw on the ladder (using gogoblender's link on the D.a.r.k section of the forums here) that this build is actually quite popular among the players. However, the majority of them seems to have done different decisions. In most of the cases, they have taken shield lore over combat discipline. In other cases, they have omitted enhanced perception and added spell resistance or Combat discipline. Some have omitted both and have taken arcania lore. That differs from my general idea, but in any case, people who read about this build should know that and keep it into consideration.

NOTE: further analysis done from revising some of the builds that have gone over level 150, both in HC and SC, shows that people who have taken shield lore over combat discipline have died less times. The ones who split themselves between 2 trees - pyro and arcania seem to have died the most times. The same goes for the ones who omitted constitution in their build.

IMPORTANT: after doing a serious revision of the ladders in different servers, I have found out that NO HIGH ELF has gone over level 155 on hardcore with ANY kind of build. There are 2 close calls on lvls 152 and 150 (one of them was without constitution and the other was specced in 2 trees and without shield lore). The closest two to level 150 without dying have shield lore (without Combat Discipline) and Shield lore + Combat discipline while omitting enhanced perception.


Now hopefully, this further analysis will help you even more in selecting the proper skills.



In my opinion, this is the best basis of a self-sufficient High Elf Pyromancer. With this build you can easily select the equipment that will suit your needs AT ALL TIMES and put your money to good use rather than having it pile up with no apparent reason. Bargaining for the WIN!

This build will allow you to be extremely versatile. You can use it to level up like crazy, kill like crazy or find items like crazy. Bargaining + Enhanced perception is an extremely powerful combination provided you have the patience to make it work. You should make yourself 3 sets ASAP:

1. A level up set with a lot of socketed +XP per kill rings and amulets as well as such equipment.

2. A magic find set (sorry to use the term from sacred 1, but I'm used to it) with socketed +MF rings and amulets as well as similar equipment

3. A killing set with a lot of +all skills items as well as socketed rings and amulets.

NOTE: If an item has a bronze socket, slap a +armor or +regen time rune - whichever you need most.


EDIT: come to think of it, I realized something. I didn't give you a warning here. Be careful when switching between the killer set and the other 2 sets. The killer set will provide a serious boost to your skills which will decrease the regen times seriously. If you get greedy and start eating runes like crazy to get to the normal 2-3-5 seconds regen times, you may actually find yourself with ridiculously high regen times when you switch the sets. Be wary of that!


You see... I'm just not used to having LUCK determine how my char fares in the game. I may be lucky... or not. I'm not taking that chance. I did not lose countless hours of my precious time to end up screwed big time by the game or by my nefarious luck. This is my main reasoning for this build. Your opinion may differ... You're entitled to it :)





As per every Pyro build, we'll be using mainly pyro arts.


1. Blazing tempest - this will be your bread and butter skill. You will want to raise it anytime you can. Great crowd control, great Area of Effect, leaves the surviving enemies on fire. Just run around, get a lot of baddies to follow you and SCORCH, BABY! My opinion is that you should mod it with: Scorch -> Conflagration -> Ambition. Since we will be using equipment based on + all skills, the regen time will not be that much of a problem, and a target set ablaze will die quickly anyway. Keep this CA to 3 seconds recharge time at most.

2. Fireball - our secondary option. Use it when there aren't many opponents around. Mods: Greek Fire -> Fussilade -> Hot pursuit. Why Greek fire? The main reason for this pick is because we won't be using fireball as main CA. For that reason, we will want the fire damage over time to do the kill if the initial fireball fails.

3. Incendiary shower - in my opinion, this CA is the ultimate boss-killer. You may risk a hit or two, but it will pay off big time. Based on the fact that I use it mainly on bosses and champion mobs, I usually mod it this way: Magma rain -> Smoldering Boulder -> Copious shower. The first 2 increase damage (we need it to kill bosses/champs faster) and the last forces the meteors to rain down faster and with shortened intervals - we do need to hit the mob even if it's moving, right? In addition to that, the last mod will help you run away from a boss without taking much damage.

4. Incandescent skin - OUR FIRST BUFF. This buff directly improves the regen times of the aspect which you'll be using all game - arrant pyromancer. Although I have though at first that the "+% regen time of all combat arts" affects Pyro, I was wrong. It doesn't. The reduction of the regen times in the Pyro aspect works independently AS LONG AS IT IS MODDED (there were complaints that skin increases the pyro Combat Arts time, so I surmise this happened because it was unmodded - I noticed that happening in my game as well, but this problem was solved as soon as I managed to mod it up to silver and gold). So slap runes here every time you can and try to keep it at max level as soon as you mod it up to gold. HOWEVER, it does increase the regen times of all other combat arts (anything you may use in Delphic Arcania and Mystic Stormite), so keep track of those as well. You don't want Shadow Step or Cascading Shroud to reach crazy regen times that will make them unusable.

Mods: Inferno -> Energy focus -> Arrant Pyromancer Expertise. Since we'll be counting on the DoT, the buff will help us additionally to set targets on fire and the reduction in regen times is just the thing we need to spam tempests like crazy.

5. Grand invigoration - our second buff. It doesn't hinder the combat arts, so you can slap runes here to your heart's desire. Modifications: Arrant pyromancer expertise -> Replenish -> Your call. The first two will decrease the regen time of our Combat arts which is exactly what we need. As for the last mod, I'm having a serious debate with myself. I really like fleetness, since I rarely use a mount (and without the riding skill, a unique mount will hinder your Combat Arts rather than improve regen time) and any run speed is welcome to get me out of a difficult situation.

NOTE: Since we did put some points in arcana focus, we will make some use of the spells in that area as well.

6. Shadow step - make sure you keep this spell on your tab all the time. It is a life-saver especially when you need a quick escape. It is also a good reason to put more points in arcana focus rather than just mod Grand Invigoration. Why? Check out which mods we can use: Escape -> Sanctuary -> Explosion. Escape will free you from root effects (I like it because if you're rooted while rounding up enemies, it's a big problem since tempest has only 180 degree spread), Sanctuary will render you invulnerable for a few seconds (enough to drink several HP pots and save yourself) and Explosion will do area damage (we will count on sanctuary to save our poor outnumbered or outgunned HE, so explosion is the better choice).

7. Cascading Shroud - we will use it as it is, without mods. It has come cool physical damage mitigation and also gives you the chance to evade attacks. Extremely useful in tight situations and in boss battles.


8. Cobalt Strike - you can use this as a backup spell when an opponent is fire resistant. Mods: Heavy damage -> Electrify -> Critical. We need it to hit only 1 target and still do damage. If we were to use it against more than one opponent, this build would have no meaning :) We have tempest for multiple opponents.





This build is based on blazing tempest/fireball use mainly. Actually, there's nothing more pleasing than using +XP per kill equip and rounding enemies then scorching them to cinders with blazing tempest. With good equip you may well get double XP per kill, which seriously reduces the time required to level up.


1. BALANCE - you should ALWAYS keep an eye on your regen times. Eating too many runes is a suicide. I remember my first HE had ranged weapons, tactics, armor lore, shield lore and ate so much runes that she could cast her fireball once every 15 seconds and incendiary shower once every 45 seconds AND was oblivious to the usefulness of blazing tempest at all. You don't want to make my mistake. REALLY. I'd have to say that you should keep it 2-3-5. Fireball at 2 seconds at most, tempest at 3 at most and shower at 5 at most.

2. MAKING MONEY COUNT - every 5-10 levels (based on the level you are - more often on higher levels) you should take the time to sit back and search the shops for suitable rare items. Suitable rare items are: rings and amulets with +all skills/xp per kill/MF; equipment with the same modifiers and/or with good quality sockets - silver or better; weapon or other items with cast speed; shield with good sockets and a lot of defense. The best option in my opinion is an item with cast speed and good-quality sockets (the other modifiers are just a bonus, but the more, the better).

3. MAKING EQUIPMENT COUNT - use the +XP, +MF and killing sets well. It may be sort of hard for some people to grind for items or xp - not for me. Since I'm used to playing Lineage 2, grinding in one area for levels or items, waiting for the respawn is nothing to me :) Perhaps this is why I tend to finish up the various difficulties at rather high levels. When you discover that mobs in an area are easy to kill - slap the +XP equipment and go on a leveling spree. Afterwards, slap the MF equipment and go on a magic item find spree. HOWEVER: when you pass through a tough area, or have a boss fight on your hands - make sure you have your killing set with a lot of def and + all skills on.

4. USE THE SKILL BONUSES TO YOUR ADVANTAGE - you may have noticed that on lower levels, the skills provide better bonuses. So it is prudent that when you see a skill providing smaller bonuses to CA regen time, for example, compared to another one, pick the skill that will give you a better bonus (pyro lore and focus are considered exceptions since we want them maximized at all times).


The rest should be up to you. It takes a bit of experience (and maybe a few deaths) to learn how to round up enemies properly for the big kill, but I'm confident everyone can do it. First it's grand... and second, it's HELLA LOT OF FUN!


And now it's time to reroll my last 98 level HE (pyro-arcana build with CD, ancient magic, armor-shield-constitution-spell resist) and start a new one based on the stuff I just wrote :)


Why would I do that?

1. Because she wasn't self-sufficient. Her equipment got way behind her levels. I don't like that. level 98 char to use level 65 set items, just because I can't find better ones. No, thank you.

2. Because the unique items that dropped were unsuitable.

3. Because she takes a lot of time to play, and time isn't a thing I have plenty of.

4. Because I had enough of my wicked luck and I really want to control my own destiny ;)


Based on my experience, this build should do well even in niobium. Worst case scenario - I will keep my equipment and level up a better HE without bargaining and enhanced perception using all the uber items I got from my previous try. So no loss there :4rofl:

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Nice guide and something I was thinking of as a trader to go alongside my multitude of chars. Athough I started my own today before seeing this, DOH!

So might restart, hell 14 is nothing hehe!

One thing about the fireball, while playing I took the Fusilade skill, and it is a bit hit and miss. It does spilt, but even with the hot pursuit, it they won't always both hit a solo target. I was thinking it would be better to take the Glode mod. Seems better to make sure that you get max damage on 1 target, than have 1 hit and 1 miss, which has been the case 75% of the time.

Sure it nice if you have 2 targets ahead of you but then you might as well use BT for them.

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this sounds like the shopping char you suggested may go along side the pyro/ranger build I posted earlier ?


think I might have to start building it right away :)


now, what name to give her ?





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I was wondering about that. But I'm so used to the dual fireballs, I just dismissed that option. Besides, Tempest is my bread and butter skill, so I just didn't think about the fireball. It's just a secondary skill for me. However, if you feel like it, try globe mod and keep us apprised of the progress as the levels go, since almost everything works good until 50.




Well, that's it actually. She's not a shopping char in my opinion - she's just a variation to the normal pyro build, based on the fact that since you'll be playing her a lot, you will be needing the best stuff for her. The game won't give it to you just like that, so you need a self-sufficient char. Besides, you will need to waste quite a bit of time to use another class to shop items for a HE (since they'll appear rarely - believe me, I tried it with numerous chars), for example, and as I said, time is not something I have plenty of :) And besides, few things can substitute EP + bargaining in this build - probably only shield lore and spell resist. To take damage lore you need to invest in magic staffs/sword lore (since you'll be using a staff or sword with a lot of sockets) which is a wasted pick in my opinion. With a setup where your fireball is at 2 sec and your tempest is at 3-4 sec recharge time, you will barely have the time to swing a sword/staff.

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Just wait - it gets better :) I've rerolled with all the help (meaning runes mainly) I could get with my other chars. Kahlan is sporting some amazing +121.3% XP per kill and with few quests and a lot of grinding is level 30 in 5 hours. Mass killing kobolds for the win :)


Yet, I saw some guy in the official standings that has made level 200 in just 2 days 6 hours. Now he should be crazy! And here I am thinking I'm going fast... :)

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Two things:


First, regarding the Globe mod for Ancestral Fireball: you may want this mod instead of the dual fireball. You said you use it in conjunction with Greek Fire. The more damage you do with a hit of fire, the more each tick of fire DoT will be. Setting an enemy on fire after dealing 50 damage is going to be better than dealing 30 and you can only set them on fire once.


Second, regarding your Blaze mods: Could you double with the wiki and (in parentheses) add the names that are posted on here? I have no idea what the first two are. :S


Great post by the by, this is quite a bit like my build.

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Von Bek, the big idea is that Blazing tempest will be the main skill and we'll should be taking into account its fire DoT, rather than the fireball's DoT. Tempest sets them on fire all the time, and at present I think I'm on about 120 max base damage + 70 or 80 damage per second with recast time of 3.2 seconds. Gotta check. The fireball is just a secondary skill for this build. However, with my current equip at level 30 both fireballs 1-shot enemies (over 450 damage per fireball, with regen time 1.9 secs), so the DoT is not that big of an issue. Only one fireball will force you to recast a couple of times to kill a 3-4 enemies that are farther from each other. In my eyes the dual fireball seems better, as long as the regen time is low and I have the opportunity to eat runes regularly.


Please keep in mind that I say this while I'm still using my XP equip. When I go all +allskills the damage of both fireballs and the tempest will increase drastically, because the increased values in armor lore, pyro focus and concentration will allow me to eat more and more runes on the fly, toppled with the bonuses in ancient magic, pyro lore and probably combat discipline :)


As far as wiki goes, the mod names should be:

Burning (adds damage) - we don't need the other mod because the enemies will be coming at you, and the wave doesn't need to travel fast to catch them

Cataclysm (increases the burning damage or the DoT every target gets) - looks better than reducing the regen time by 33.3%. Reduction of the regen time will allow you to eat a few more runes. Not that big of a deal I think, compared to the 41.7% increase in the burning damage.

Ambition (greater chance for critical hits) - in my eyes it's better to improve your crit chance rather than having the baddies flee from you.


Weird, I've been using the mods names looking directly in my game.

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That's good. Check the fireballs with different mods out every now and then and keep us appraised of their status. Maybe this will help to determine the better mod.

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will do,


I dont actually think that one is better than the other really, its just the one that compliments your build better is all.


PS, finally braved it into the HC word with a fellow D.a.r.k member today, had an awsome time, thinking im going to try build that pyro/ranger in HC mode now, see how I fair.



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So far the build works like a charm. Rushing through difficulties is not a problem at all :) I have added a screenshot in the awesome chars section which I'll be updating regularly to show my progress.

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Fixed a serious misunderstanding concerning the Incandescent skin buff. At first I thought that it affects the regen time of all combat arts, pyro tree included. I was proven wrong by the game :sigh: Incandescent skin does increase the regen times of the other 2 aspects, but the Pyro aspect works independently as long as Incandescent skin is concerned and benefits only from the reduction in regen times.


For example:


My HE is level 60 now, rushing gold difficulty. She has maxed Fireball, Tempest and Shower. I had skin at level 7 (only about 7% increase in Combat Arts regen times). I ate a rune and the Pyro regen times did not increase. So I ate 5 more runes and noticed that Shower actually reduced it's regen time by 0.1s. So I got confident and ate 40 more runes. The result was:

Fireball (level 59.7) went from 1.1s ot 0.8s

Tempest (level 59.4) went from 2.6s to 2.4s

Shower (level 59.5) went from 2.8s to 2.6s


(my cap for combat art levels is 59 at present based on Pyro focus with the account of +101 all skills added)


The level 11 Cobalt strike went from 0.2s to 0.8s. Shadow step went from 14.7s to 15.3s.


This undoubtedly shows that incandescent skin DOES NOT increase regen times for its own aspect. This means that pure pyro build may benefit from it all the time. So keep it maxed as well :)


Based on that I will conduct a similar test on Fire demon, as soon as I manage to mod it with the last mod that significantly reduces the regen times for the aspect as long as the demon is up and running. If it proves to do the same (reduce regen times for pyro without the account of +% regen time for all combat arts), I may consider getting Concentration up to 75 and get Demon as a third buff, since it's usefulness will be more than evident. We'll see.


Stay tuned :blink:

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OK, I have my char upto 30 and going very nice. Now reguards the fireball, and Tempest, both are fine, but but fireball is modded to gold for the homing, and only 1 in tempest so far as I have max modded Icandescent Skin.

With this in mind my primary attack has been fireball, and group mobs tempest. Fireball is at 1k damage and can 1 shot nearly all mobs. Obviously those with fire resistance.

I have also used it in many boss fights due to not having been able to mod shower yet. Some of the bosses regen'd to fast for shower.

So basically taking single fireball has been a huge benefit too my char, and seeing as tempest covers anything more than a single mob seems a waste to me to take 2 fireballs, seeing as 1 can miss most of the time.

Ofc it is all down to personal preference.

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Well... Suffice it to say that my 2 fireballs rarely miss at all as long as I have mobs on the screen. The only time it misses is when there is another mob which is behind a tree/high place or something that can stop it. As long as you target it from distance fireballs rarely miss. If there's only 1 target on the screen, usually both fireballs hit it. If I see a fireball that moves away from the target I see, then there are more mobs in that direction. Nice. I know where to go now :bow:


However, if you target from close range, one of the fireballs may miss and veer away. Then it's way better to use blazing tempest or incendiary shower.


But as you said, it's a matter of personal preference.

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My HE is now level 22. just wondering how you got so much +% XP Dorbi? I did 2 level's in under an hour just then which I was happy with, but I only have +20% XP bonus . . .


did you just shop for XP gear. god damnit I cant find anything good.


. . . can I borrow your gear ?



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Unless you can come in single player, or make a closed net multiplayer char which you can use online later, I doubt that will be possible :bow: However, it's pretty easy to shop it. Start off easy, with as much bargaining points as you can spare, add relics. Then start shopping for equip that adds + bargaining, + general skills or + all skills. The result will be pleasing for you, I believe :)


However, right now I'm trying to do a niobium rush in SP (should be pretty much the same with MP, with the bonus that you can just go ahead and hunt like crazy without having to do the campaign) and + %XP doesn't work well, but +allskills rocks. I'd have to say aim for that one...


Otherwise, as for how can you get that much xp - shop a lot of rings and amulets and try to find some items with enhanced perc mod that adds xp AND have silver or better sockets. Start socketing the rings and amulets with +XP per kill that you manage to shop. That's the big deal :)


BTW, as soon as this build proves viable in SP, I will be pretty much willing to test it out online :)

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Well... Suffice it to say that my 2 fireballs rarely miss at all as long as I have mobs on the screen. The only time it misses is when there is another mob which is behind a tree/high place or something that can stop it. As long as you target it from distance fireballs rarely miss. If there's only 1 target on the screen, usually both fireballs hit it. If I see a fireball that moves away from the target I see, then there are more mobs in that direction. Nice. I know where to go now :)


However, if you target from close range, one of the fireballs may miss and veer away. Then it's way better to use blazing tempest or incendiary shower.


But as you said, it's a matter of personal preference.

Well after that I gave the 2 fireball char another shot, and yes it seems that if there is another mob then it will split the fireballs, even if that mob is weay outside of the normal range. (I had one ball go offscreen and hit a mob!).

And I have noticed that if there is only 1 mob on screen, both will hit if it is at mid range. But if it closes to close range and is a smallish target, then sometimes the 1 FB will miss.

For that reason, I prefer the 1 fireball, max damage to single target, so will stick with that!


I have now decided to take this char to the HC areana and try my luck :bow:

Dying in SC, has alway left me feeling like it was wrong to carry on, although that`s cause I mainly don`t get high lvls hehe!

Might not feel same way if I die 50+!

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You will not feel the same way if you die from a bug either :)


I must confess that the only reason here that I play SC and not online is the fact that Sacred 2 is an unfinished product. Sadly, I cannot waste countless hours and days of my time to make a HC char that will die from a random bug or a momentary lapse in attention.


However, with any luck, Sacred 2 will indeed start to rock even harder with the time past. And then, I will be ready to join everyone online :bow:


As for the previous post, I totally agree with your decision for the fireball. Good reasoning. Maybe we just have different play styles. I like to keep the speed of my HE to 130+ and generally run around a lot, so I hardly ever have mobs at extremely close distance to her :)

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I honestly only have good experiences with this build.


Some time ago I had also started a trading pyro elf (Jane).

It worked wonderfully until level 53 when I finally lost my patience with Bargaining and started a new HE (same w/o Bargaining).

Keeping my CAs at full capacity runewise, I was struggling to get my Tempest-Shower combo under 4.3 sec and my Fireball under 1.1 sec.


When I decided to patch things up with Jane (after reading this guide), I noticed that I hadn't needed to put more than one point in any of my CAs, had all of them at capacity via armor and was unhappy when Tempest went over 2.0 and Fireball over 1.0.


Burning to ash as many mobs as will follow you has never been more of a breeze than with my bargaining pyro elf. ^^


Nice build, by the way.




ps: My two cents on modding fireball. I tried two homing fireballs and was annoyed by how often it targeted other opponents than the ones right in front of me. Ever since then, I've gone with Explosion and Globe.


Also: Is it worth pushing Bargaining up to 200 hard points or are skills capped at 255 again? Because I won't push it over 75 if I can't maintain 3xCharLvl at level 200.

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For all I know there is no skill level cap. On the ladders I've seen guys with over 500 points in their skills (level 200 chars).


As for bargaining, I'm not putting that many points in it generally. I'm leaving the + all skills items that I manage to shop to do the trick. At level 62 (my current HE level halfway into the gold difficulty rush) I have about 160 combined points in bargaining (all skills and 3x +6 relics) which is well on the way of the clevel x 3. Base points should be about 45-48, I have to check, since about this level I started to pump constitution (2 in the pyro skills, 3 in constitution).


However, I do think that this build needs that bargaining unless you got some other char for that.In fact, I think every build needs it :blush: The HE is all about balance and the + all skills will really help that. Since such stuff is hard to come by, shopping is the key. Besides, I don't really see other skills that may generally substitute barganing + EP. It's just so cool t have the ability to shape the game and in addition, have the opportunity to improve the chance to find valuables seriously (it's +180% at level 75 in EP). Damage lore is useful, but it's in the 2nd part of the tree, Combat discipline is great but this leaves you with one skill pick and I find it hard to choose which one ;)


BTW, I do wonder about one thing: why would anyone pick explosion mod for the fireball when tempest works so well against multiple opponents, even if they are far away prom each other?

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Good to know about the lack of skill-capping. Thanks.


I'm also roughly where you are: level 58 Seraphim Island - Gold. I have been maxing Bargaining, Arrant Pyromancer Lore and Focus.

With my trading suit, my Bargaining is at 152, I think... Trying to push it up higher: I'm looking at another 15 points once I get my hands on some more +4 rings...

And is it just the level, or has Bargaining been taken down a notch? Because I haven't seen a Unique or Set or Legendary since I patched.


As for Greek Fire vs Explosion, I use fireball not for single opponents, but for those annoyingly small groups of 5 or 7 that I meet everywhere.

Their too small for me to use Tempest in good conscience, so I took explosion to be able to kill 3-4 monsters in 1-2 hits.

Greek fire would come in handy against really single opponents, but the regular monsters are all one-hits and for bosses there's Shower. So..


It's nice to see the diversity Sacred 2 has to offer being put to good use. ^^



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