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  1. maybe this looksie at the world's most expensive car shall cheer ye up? gogo
  2. Best Sacred Scarecrow Ever! that a model? please come by for a complimentary whiskey sipping at our hidden party coords ;) Though you'll need a spooky avatar to get through the great front gates The Great Pumpkin Has Arrived! gogo
  3. Very smart ideas for the shields...these were great consumption for me alongside my coffee before work this morning...the ouroboros manifestation is my favorite (well that and the forcefield shield.. always been a sucker for those in Sacred) ..brilliant tying -n a racing glow of the t-energy with it trying to get its tail! gogo
  4. with an editor you can make a rainbow socket Maybe one that leads us to the evil land of the leprechaun's Gold Pot...where some random shots create a rainbow bridge to an artifact drop...and a VERY rare hit creates a bridge the brings forth...the leprechaun!! gogo
  5. @lujate gak, Lujate... I looked up that one song who's lyrics you threw out and now look at this... an hour later ... gogo
  6. The leaves on the skin are exquisite. I think of this as doll house beauty? Creating masterworks in miniatures? Except... yours can kill dragons gogo
  7. lol Google and their evol ways Did they just high way rob you Schot? gogo
  8. More than anything, I'm just delighted with the soul and sparkle you have wrapped your creation within... it's the perfect sentiment that we all need right now during these grey, covid days... I think we would all welcome a charming sortie with a well-dressed Elf... thank you for this perfect downloadable experience. Adorable! gogo
  9. Love how you made this video to show off your wonderful new mod... Weapon presents for the people! Thanks Ruddick for another gift to this game! gogo
  10. I'd actually forgotten they exist! It's a nice "dif" color.. I looked it up on the wiki and there's some info about it as well Sacred:SocketsJump to navigationJump to searchSockets > Sleep's Brother > SocketsSockets are special equipment slots. They are displayed as little boxes in the lower left corner of the item window. Socketed items provide additional bonuses to gear. Certain items can be inserted either by a Smith or by a Dwarf with the Forge Lore skill. The following items can be placed into a socket slot:RunesRingsAmuletsSkeleton Skulls (Available only in Single Player)Scale of a DragonOrbus Dracos - FullThere are 4 colors of sockets, each providing a specific bonus when occupied:Bronze: no bonus.Silver: 5% bonus* to Attack/Defense and Resists/Damage.Gold: 10% bonus* to Attack/Defense and Resists/Damage.Green: 10% bonus* to Attack/Defense and Resists/Damage; an unusually high increase in the base item value after filling the sockets. [Note: this type of socket is limited to Sleep's Brother gogo
  11. kringle -> Klaus (2019) that was an AMAZING movie on netflix last year... oscar nominated.. .didnt even know that! gogo
  12. And still trying... bravo friend, and thanks for posting back... these topics last a loooooooooooong time here at DarkMatters, and we've gotten many many thousands of players through the hallowed halls of Ancaria! gogo
  13. I dont think we have quite the same fruit here Chattius ...but I can always look up its more modern version at the alcohool store down the street... version 1.2? gogo
  14. Oh yah! I remember when I came back and we went to the local Irish Bars...somehow didnt feel the same, and that magic never quite came back... I do believe a well-poured Guiness, with that brilliantly enforced "wait" will always retain its power to stop time in its tracks while we.. wait
  15. DaveO !!! Awesome seeing you back on the boards friend! and you're just in time for almost last rounds... wait, we still got six days at the Halloween Bar... Please spooky avatar up and join us in the gruesome revelry! gogo p.s. whats interesting is... I just was looking at a game yesterday..its new addition is supposed to be released soon... and its a big deal because its original release was famed for a spectacular revisit to classically thought 2d style...and while I was watching the trailer last night I was thinking of this loooooong detailed posts about your gaming worlds that we can just sink into.. heard of this thriller?
  16. lol my parents would accuse me too much of that Jwiz... that avatar is awesome! from Wizard of OZ? Is that Margaret? gogo
  17. Underworld is just pure tough...and the Reborn Mod makes it a lot tougher? Always heart warming seeing this grand old game still showing its chops while you make crab soup out of the bosses gogo
  18. dress -> mr dressup he was a kids show host in the old days here ... ole style canadian right from MOntreal ...though in retro spect now Casey his side kick looks a little spooky now gogo
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