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  1. Hello everyone We have been asked for a few years now by our members how they could help out with hosting and other costs that have come to the sites. Pride being what it is, we have always wanted to keep the site as much about creativity as possible, while leaving the mundane and grays of life out, like bills and costs, as much out of the picture as possible. For four out of our five years, costs of the site were easy and felt as good to pay as perhaps a heavier weight lifted in a gym with the feeling of accomplishment that comes from a good success. SacredWiki and DarkMatters' particularly large jump in readership over the last year has had us have to look carefully at what we could do with what we've got with the people we want to share our time and future with regarding the games we love to share, and the stories we want to tell. We're not a big fan of the "donation" model for helping collect money to run websites, and like much better the idea of offering products from the sites that will offer some value and fun for members to enjoy the time they spend on the forum and SacredWiki. Donate as little or as much as you wish. The new pay pal buttons are easy to use and are famous for accessibility to a large demographic. Of course, we can't ever let things be simple, and so have tried to put together some nice subscription packages chock full of goodies to have you show off your DarkMatters swag to others with. click to get a supporting members badge now! All of the subscriptions come with all the same following goodies, the only exception being that differing amounts give the subscription out for differing periods of time. Subscription costs - Your choice as to what you choose to donate which give you: Spiffy and unique Schot-Crafted Supporting Member Badge Increase in avatar size from 120 x 120 to 150 x 150 Increase in PM storage to, stand back folks... 200 pms! Unique group title Distinct group color As running costs for the two sites almost hit 500.00 CAD last year, we are hoping that money raised this way with the proud showing of a loyalty badge can help pay for this year's round of : Hosting costs for two sites Two photobucket pro accounts for the wiki and this site Url registrations Yearly renewal of license for IPB Boards Map upload fees IPB Wiki bridge - renewal of software to integrate management of SacredWiki and DarkMatters We also want to thank everyone here at this site who have already contributed, and who now wear their supporter tags. If you have comments or ideas that you think can help us even more with this, please don't hesitate to post on this topic here: What is a Supporting Member Our site supporters are already there, the party has started, please come join us! gogo
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    Show us your goodies!

    my baby!! I spent two years trying to brainwash myself into believing that I liked macs... Gak...I just couldnt fall in love with them. I'm not liking their design language think its old and kind of clunky feeling operations system. What I got was a surface laptop 2... brilliant piece of kit...best typing experience and has a aspect ratio of 3 2 so it looks more like web pages and is great for productivity (at least my own) We bought it from the online microsoft store... thirty days free returns! and they always cut prices by two to four hunded dollars every few months. I got the black one with 256 gb... when I go out everyone asks about it because of its thinnness surface is microsofts premium line and my own feeling on this is that this is where Apple should be gogo
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    How’s your day going?

    And... much like Theuns, I'm super chilling today, gonna spend some lovely time writing posts and doing some internet work and then... nap! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee gogo
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    How’s your day going?

    oooh, laptop...whatcha looking for ! we're all about laptops these days gogo
  5. Timo, im soooo sorry, for some reason the notifications were not working properly and id missed that... thank you for the *gulp!* VERY generous donation... we will put the funds to good use, and the first thing we'll cook up is... A brad new snazzy new supporting member badge...yeeeeeeeeehaw! gogo
  6. I'm as well thinking of you Theuns, hoping the situation improves... nice that your hotel is offering support gogo
  7. trash -> garbage bags gogo
  8. The main site/forum www.darkmatters.org was started December 2005 a few years ago on an invisionfree board: http://z14.invisionfree.com/DarkMatters/index.php?act=idx It was a clan site that was built in response to us and some friends (This forum started off with four people) needing some posting space for Ogame. We quickly outgrew it and, being newbies at the time and not knowing much about ipb and hosting switched to IPB hosting for two years with our brand new url and location: www.darkmatters.org The funny thing is that since our little group of friends was one of the more mature gaming communities, we quickly had to add more off topic forums to support the non-gaming activities that our members wanted to post about. lol, this is probably one of the reasons why our site has a pretty busy cooking section as well! :ohyeah: After about a year and a half of having fun with the message board, we realized that everyone knew so much about the game we support... Sacred, and so it was decided to take another big step forward and see if we could build a wiki...and so Sacred Wiki was born: www.SacredWiki.org The wiki was where the dynamic knowledge base and resources of the community happened, and through documentation of all of their wisdom via the wiki process, the knowledge finally made it out onto the internet. The wiki in just a few months gathered more than 2000 pages, and has it's own unique skin that Schot's work with graphics produced. Sacred 2's release prompted the creation of another addition to the wiki and easily adds another few more years to the game, with more than two hundred volunteer contributors all adding their time, testing and knowledge. We've made many, many friends here, and in fact have come to consider this the closest to an online family. lol, and as a side note, there was a time when we were leaving invisionfree and they were "taking a pic" of our forum while getting it ready to hand over to ipb hosting... during that time we put together an emergency/holiday forum for our community to hang out at while our main forum was down. It's kind of a groovy place that schot skinned together in two hours, and has spinning animated buddhas, flowers and ranks such as Yellow Submarine commander... hey...all this has gotta be fun right?...don't forget to put your sunglasses on before clicking ^^ Thank you all of you for being here, for supporting us, and most importantly for putting up with us. A history is only as interesting as that single point of view. If any of you here wish to add more, please feel free to add to the history of perhaps how you found us, and maybe even by mentioning the game or instance that led you to us. We're hoping to enjoy many more years here with all of you. There will always be more games. Cheers gogo
  9. funky -> funky town gogo
  10. Theuns, Im worried ... I hope you're place will remain safe? Keep hearing about places near me that get burned, and its always scary living in an old communities like in Montreal where I am where the buildings are out of wood and almost a hundred years old and so close to each other Great pix...but at the same time quite terrifying... how long does it usually take to put a fire like this out of commission? I've heard that the wrong wind at the wrong time can be lethal gogo
  11. raunchy -> old cheese ewwwwwwwwwwwww gogo
  12. tartarus -> Tartar u almost need xplosives to get that removed gogo
  13. humpday...oh sweet seraphim we're here!! gogo
  14. new beginning -> Alpha wanted to see this gogo
  15. Indeed, as promised.. a capable high elf with damage deluxe. Thanks for putting together this package for the fans, we've had a few high elf builds, notably Hooyaah's which can be seen tromping monsters in Ancaria, most probably along side with yours as friends now as well! Thanks for the build and adding it to the here collection here for the fans! gogo
  16. hook -> Captain Hook this is great gogo
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    Currently Watching...

    yah liked it gogo
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    What are you eating

    Let's post pix of what we cook , buy or are doing with food! And...here's my first story... Breakfast! Out of a packt for .50 cents, a few veggies bought for 1.00 for four colors, of which I only used a portion, plus some water from a tap and some stirring Gosh, that pic came out a lot better than I expected gogo
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    All time scary films?

    hereditary And... looks like everyone is right... this is pretty much the scariest thing around to watch right now.. Sounds, score, inventive concept... and, of course, our darling Toni Collette, just about one of the finest character actors around who is just able to get you to a place where you feel like you're being suffocated. Watch with friends gogo
  20. Bravo Hooyah, on the work...Sacred lives! gogo