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  1. gogoblender

    Currently Watching...

    You’re so cruel.. heh hopefully when I’m down in stated I can catch all the episodes I’ve missed 😋 gogo
  2. Artillery -> power ❤️ Gogo
  3. gogoblender

    How’s your day going?

    Ayup... that’s how our day be going.. out with the family in Los Cabos ... happy Easter folks ❤️ Gogo
  4. gogoblender

    My Wiki Edit Goals

    That’s awesome! I love Correcting spelling errors as well.. the wikiis so huge with thousands and thousands of pages that it seems like it’s a never ending task LOL thank you for undertaking this huge project 🤓 gogo
  5. these? http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Cerebropod I hated those...terrifying in HC... gogo
  6. gogoblender

    Some news for something old

    I just saw all your edits... you've already started writing quite a few! gogo
  7. gogoblender

    Some news for something old

    There's always going to be love for this work! Before we got the wiki going, NightWolfe's site was the only site around, and in fact was out there before many other game sites where...she was the early vanguard. Quests are probably the big draw for this game, probably even tying its mechanics, and the wiki and this forum have become a ultra niche specialty site for hardcore gaming looking for a old school arpgs...this game's so old now, but still has a active community... and you're a part of it! gogo
  8. ethereal -> ghostly gogo
  9. fleeting -> temporary gogo
  10. gogoblender

    Easter Eggs: Car Museum

    And...used no gas... one hundred percent foot powered! gogo
  11. gogoblender

    Easter Eggs: Car Museum

    Thanks for the work, I see the edits! gogo
  12. tail-wagging -> puppy gogo
  13. gogoblender

    Currently Watching...

    We saw the first game of thrones last night...just ... WOW... that huge long, winding, exultory, celebratory, massive welcome! All for the fans it seems... I felt like we were being acknowledged for our loyalty all these years... could not have imagined a more respectful, for-the-fans and sumptuous start... oh, lord... those dragons... gogo
  14. gogoblender

    Sharing free games, the legal way

    Timo, great info... and what a great way to support the rebuild is this version, Unity a good one... one of the later versions? Wonder if it'd smoke my card gogo
  15. gogoblender

    Easter Eggs: Car Museum

    And probably my most favorite of all the cars! gogo
  16. roast chicken -> yum!! gogo
  17. chestnut -> roasting gogo
  18. mammal -> homeothermic gogo
  19. gogoblender

    Everything About Pizza!

    Its interesting, do they actually have the truffles as a set price topping, or do they shave the grams and weigh as they prepare? gogo
  20. chuck -> woodchuck gogo
  21. gogoblender

    Next game?

    Heey and a big hello Chrona! Starbound? thats a new one I hear about now hmmm, lol is that the right one? gogo
  22. gogoblender

    Easter Eggs: Car Museum

    And done! gogo