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Countdown To Christmas!

From the Sacred 2 Christmas Island Soundtrack
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  1. gogoblender

    Getting to know each other quiz

    Probably the single best reason gogo
  2. gogoblender

    Another "Getting to know you quiz"...

    there was lots of little tricks in the release.. those dark fairies kicking off our buffs... argh! gogo
  3. Leaving work...BOY is it ever cold! gogo
  4. Reindeer -> cook hmmm, yum? gogo
  5. Happy Seein ya back Fleet! We're still here and Christmas is in the air... Best Wishes! gogo
  6. SPECIAL NOTE: PRESS PLAY FOR MAGICAL SACRED CHRISTMAS MUSIC WHILE READING!! The partys are going, snow is falling (yes we have it happening here in Montreal!), food cooking and lots of family begging to be hugged. Best wishes and filled to the rim brandy glasses to all of you who've been part of our family for years and years (more than ten? ^^) with your support and energy Keep safe out there, and thanks for making it back here to DarkMatters and remember to keep us and Sacred in your heart. A big thanks to the mod team and all of our supporting members who have kept this ten year magical place going... we couldnt done this without ya We know the skin was up this year, but lately this particular which (Which is the community favorite and which Schot has to end up doing overtime to write/add code to it gratis for the creator.) has been harder for her to finish coding in time. There are others available, but just none and detailed a this seasonal yummy. Thanks for waiting it out, we'll keep it going to mid January a la old-school style always loving Schot & gogo
  7. Thats a wonderful Christmas Capture, Androdion... HOlidays wishes to you both... and of course, the lovely tree! gogo
  8. ahhh, Theuns thats awful... I remember always getting stuck with holiday shifts during my stint in food services. I hope these days go as best for you... post if you need support... hoping the food you're serving is making up for all those hours... dont give up! gogo
  9. A successful and happy Christmas party ! Please send over any left overs 😃❤️😃
  10. ahhaha, I noticed that too Hooyaah... lol took me forever to find the like button first time yesterday..its almost invisible... but yay, Schot has made it easier...and Christmas likes for all! I can relate to what you mean about Christmas with friends and family... ill even target people I dont know to get their cheer if my own family is avialable. sort of like... hmmm a christmas life force vampire for me? "4rofl: gogo
  11. Stay the road, Androdion, you're so good with details... this year will be your best! gogo
  12. Thanks DB... Happy Christmas to you as well! will you be getting back to down under for the holidays? gogo
  13. lol Hooyaah... weightlifter -> Disney gogo
  14. gogoblender

    Another "Getting to know you quiz"...

    heh...there were some suprisingly terrifying enemies in it as well... that hydra... WOW helloooooooooo poison damage... ! My buddy who was a master builder with Dryads never expected it, and BOOM... snuffed out...and we were all in HC those days... all those hours of his life ... gone ahhh, but the joy of bulding ^^ gogo
  15. +2ish... not so cold...but great for walking around my awesome city. From almost anywhere in it you can look up and see the mountain and the buildings on it. I'll show you guys the pond where we can skate when it gets even colder.
  16. gogoblender

    Another "Getting to know you quiz"...

    ahhh, the nostalgia of Sacred's Christmas release. You hit it on the head with the feeling. I remember when this add on was coming out, and we were working overnight to put out the quest page for it on SacredWiki... to me, the christmas adventure is one of the finest pieces of gamemaking ever created, and the music is just, perfect. Cool how you love to play this quest on Christmas, I've seen another few posters here who do the same thing... what awesome fan activity... and all these years later! gogo
  17. gogoblender

    Another "Getting to know you quiz"...

    My favorite of your answers was the banana in chocolate havent had those in a while dang they're good! and a hello and hi to you biziut, welcome to DarkMatters! gogo
  18. gogoblender

    Good food we serve at the restaurant

    Beautiful food The chocolate orange cake is so imaginative! Thats what you'd call... out of the box! gogo
  19. gogoblender

    Sacred 1 Multiplayer which possibilities remain

    Desm, wonderful seeing you here... you just dropped in in time for some christmas date cake and a glass of something err... strong! gogo