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  1. rofl!!! i loved that show... shame on me for not remembering! space 1999 -> series gogo
  2. nuclear waste -> moon I remember reading about that somewhere too Chattius, . im all in for wind powah! gogo
  3. That was such a warm kind - hearted invitation thank you Steve ! allez le cow to our bouche! I was in Houston visiting relatives long long ago i remember that heat... deeeeeeelicious gogo ps grill -> nirvana gogo
  4. love resto stories! Thanks for getting me back into the kitchen Theuns organic -> cannibal gogo
  5. ahhh, the portabellos...those are HUGE... i can never get enough courage to get those... I think i tried once back last year... and bravo on this first stuffing for a while! I can relate to your feeling re covid permeating all the parts of our lives. We have curfew now starts at 8 00 pm till 5 00 am in the morning...and we're only allowed to get non essentials. I only get a few hours of sun and when I get out it's pretty cold... - 14 last night We shall persevere with our warm comfy food cave sir and fare aplomb to the summer break! gogo
  6. Perfume -> patrick suskind read the book... floored. Deeeetail.... gogo
  7. There's a permissions settings for new registrants, this could have gotten in way of putting up pix. Your status is now member, you should be able to put up pix and even put in a pic for Avatar Welcome to the forums! gogo
  8. Show off! That's just awesome Androdion... Great that yer back in food space world with all the goodies... that Asian stir fry steals my heart ... i love those vegetable slices... what are the two food plates..is that a kind of desert at the top right corner? Thank you for the share sir! gogo
  9. My mom says a lot of cooking was done for her this way in her youth... it really keeps curries well... and its a big touristy thing now in Sri Lanka gogo
  10. Thanks you for having found your way over to us Marie! There are some modders here who have done exceptional work, probably exhausted after these long holiday hours Delightful hearing that you and your husband have gotten so much satisfaction from this game. Ancaria and all its characters are a gem... one of the best value for games anyone can pick up among the millions of options out there. Dax, thanks for all that info you helped here with! I'll also notification some of the Modders here who have created substantial work for Sacred Undeworld and maybe they will have some ideas for you as
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