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    Currently Watching...

    I got Amazon Prime free for a month... awesome! and comes with a bunch of shows not on Netflix...PLUS..I can also try its feeder video channels for free for a month... Hayu for top chef and Shudder for Horror ( who woulda thunk it :D) First time I kept repeatedly checking out was The Boys... looks hard core, violent and just so fresh ... tonight gonna dig into it, and will probably do two episodes a night.... here we go! gogo
  2. gogoblender

    Sacred Reborn: Daemon Chronicles

    Beautiful review... you really hit on all the pionts that I thought were annoyances when running this daemon when it was released. I feel like we're exactly on the same page when you said you got into a "routine" of having to set up all her buffs to get the damage up... I remember doing this as well, ...but such a satisfaction when it all went off perfectly and and you can take out an entire army. Happy that these buffs now seem to last for a more fair time... Yah... Sacred Underworld was a hard game... Its amazing seeing so much enjoyment being derived from the inception and execution of this mod for a game I'd alwaysthought was going to never be able to be modded well. Good on that team, and Flix, thanks for this bright inspiring review gogo
  3. star -> lord https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/marvelcinematicuniverse/images/9/96/Star-Lord_AIW_Profile.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/620?cb=20180518211942 :) gogo
  4. Gimme some! 🤠 english muffin -> McDonald’s 😈 gogo
  5. Congratulations Chattius!! gogo
  6. Success on that road trip flix! I know Schot is looking for one... what kind of gaming pc are you using ..is it a desktop or mobile? :0 gogo
  7. emoticon -> smiley gogo
  8. Patronizing -> emotion 🤓 gogo
  9. Patronizing -> emotion 🤓 gogo
  10. gogoblender

    Sacred Reborn: Daemon Chronicles

    Brilliant Flix. .. I just saw now that you were running this Daemon hunter blog with a new toon... Im enamored of what that mod team has done... all these changes make the game certainly more accessible as it was very much more of an arcade game than Sacred 2 with the very small (hugely challenging and heart breaking :cry:) short times o fthose buffs... Im a mad follower of where your daemon goes... very exciting! With that mod are you able to get a MP going with others, or does it only allow the lan play to transfer items> That's a huge boon! gogo
  11. styliste-> confidence I love getting haircuts, you feel like you just came out of a fresh-machine! gogo
  12. gogoblender

    Does the Community Patch Disable Physx?

    Thanks for helping out on the boards and a hearty welcome to DarkMatters! :) gogo
  13. magazine -> Wired I still got issues in top shape from them thar days... great mag! gigi
  14. spade -> deck of cards gogo
  15. the exorcist -> demon gogo
  16. gogoblender

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    lol... that was a very entertaining description... plus... free is never a bad thing^^ Cool concept... "backrooms" and that carpet... for some reason that seems to be an already scary idea Game looks fun enough for a quick Sunday sprawl gogo