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  1. voice actuvated -> siri could not live without voice activated ai in my life.... gogo
  2. Hi Thorium! Any high lights you'd like to point out about how the project's going in this video? gogo
  3. Ahhh, here we go! The Secrets of getting legendaries in Sacred 2 ... from his posts I remember a whole bunch of us getting Legendary fever and I got addicted to running for these things for months gogo
  4. There was a HUGE massive thread done by 7levin when the game came out with lots of great informative adventurous posts ... at work now but will see if i can track it down...would be great to resurface for this thread gogo
  5. I remember seeing that...pixels are still cool! gogo
  6. It was hugely popular when it came out, but i dont seem to hear or read much about it anymore. Alas... I'm hook lined and sinker with d3 for years now... always seems to be something of interest for me everytime I start to peck at it over theseyears gogo
  7. I've lately only used it when i search for information and one of the links ends up being reddit. I'd heard that the site was originally created by some people and his friends creating lots and lots of posts to simulate a community, it caught on and... voila... the phenomenon called... reddit ;blink: gogo
  8. doing some posts, glass of wine and this weird, trippy station with stretched out disco playing... will do for now https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/wst/situations/Ljardzpeao2jc5lpuratrpwsmlq gogo
  9. I remember Ultima...I think I started with the third one? Completely blew my mind then, and I remember moving to Might and Magic after, with a buddy mapping the game along side me late at night while chain smoking (back when I smoked looong ago)! ...secred of the inner sanctum... just looked it up now... the image just pops out...I remember going to the mall and getting it, feeling that heavy box filled with goodies and waiting to get it home.. gaming was different back then! gogo
  10. Bravo on the reinstall! And after so many years too! gogo
  11. A remaster would be amazing... I wonder where they'd go with that.. .just cosmetics...or would they hit other possible things like engine or game play.. more quests.. gogo p.s. And welcome to DarkMatters!!
  12. And today... was 42 degrees... montreal hot? no way gogo
  13. That is a AMAZING picture! Composition, timing... and we gotta give credit to the shine mastah! Citroen DS -> Beauty! gogo
  14. Isaiah 2:3–2:4 -> guide gogo p.s. Chattius, loved that inference gogo
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