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  1. Shadows : Heretic Kingdoms ARPG

    https://steamcommunity.com/app/585450/discussions/0/2183537632737406860/ FAQ from a Dev - Last updated 17th April Will Shadows: Awakening feature a multiplayer mode? No, Shadows: Awakening will not feature any kind of multiplayer mode.
  2. Lizardmen as playable character?

    Quests and a starting point would be tougher to do than combat arts though right? You could borrow alot from other classes if you had an assassin class - Shadow step, mortifying pillory, dashing alacrity, etc
  3. Lizardmen as playable character?

    The models look alot better compared to human NPC's IMO. Played Champions of norrath - return to arms a couple of months ago and the lizardman (Istkar? shaman iirc) was fun to play - hence the musing.
  4. I know there are a fixed number of playable character types but this was something I was always curious about. Lizardmen have a few combat arts but are there any unfinished/hidden combat arts like there are with spells and weapons? Wondering if in the D2 mod the temple guardian slot - ala Assasin - could be taken up by a Lizardman?
  5. Shadows : Heretic Kingdoms ARPG

    Steam has it listed as available Sept 29th.
  6. Death From Above (Stomping Gladi)

    With dagger stare I'd just shop for a belt and boots with +DS, find some +CA jewelry and make a combo. You could get to 45 - 50 easily. Buy yellow potions and you're good to go. RE Elemental damage - I think there is a middle ground between focusing on elemental damage. In platinum you can go physical and (except for a few situations) not notice much of a difference. But tooltip damage in Sacred has always been higher than real, on screen numbers esp. in Niobium. Agree whole heartedly on shopping for elemental damage.
  7. Death From Above (Stomping Gladi)

    Interesting guide. I agree somewhat with the criticisms of R00sters guide. +% attribute mods are pretty hard to find and while they sound effective they seem like end game - grind NIOB for hours - stuff. With the exception of Lorgars amulets I can't remember finding a really good +% attribute mods (maybe on weapons vs undead) Elemental damage is still important, you notice it when you fight trolls with a poison mist build, or having fire vs undead and the right one vs specific dragons. Very hard to use Lightning BM on magic resistant creatures. If I could add anything dagger stare and split % might be something to explore if you use stomping jump.
  8. Shadows : Heretic Kingdoms ARPG

    New trailer. Still no release date (I'm thinking july?)
  9. Shadows : Heretic Kingdoms ARPG

    Sequel coming out. No date but will be on Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One http://store.steampowered.com/app/585450/Shadows_Awakening/
  10. New BandMaid album out - DICE is one of my favorite songs. Bass is just incredible.
  11. Melee-Physical Dwarf - Guide

    Forgot the actual question - number of runes Vehemance - just one. Socket another vehemance rune somewhere if you can handle the extra regen. Dwarven steel - as much as possible. If you have 4 unwanted runes you can swap them. Dwarven armour - a few runes. I use to combine it with war cry before bosses. Never used greed all that much. I would also use the combo master to make a vehemance combo x 4 (or swap one for war cry).
  12. Melee-Physical Dwarf - Guide

    Vehemance is one of those CA that have alot of initial regen. You will find it hard to get it to < 2.5 seconds tbh in the early levels. Pump Physical regen, concentration, and find gear with regen special move % (common on boots). Always have yellow potions. Stick to a single rune, you can always socket another vehemance rune for the bonus. You want to find a balance between damage, attack value and regen. Damage you can get from the base weapon, % damage rings or from the smith, Dwarven steel and weapon lore - you can find it on items easily. Try have weapon lore at half your level and get the rest from bonuses. Thodrans 2H hammer - if you are lucky enough to find one - has incredible base damage.
  13. Bad news - there is no shared chest like in Sacred 2. To set items aside for other characters you have to set up a multi-player LAN. Never done it myself so I can't really help, you'd have to dig through some older threads. For a melee character I'd go with a Soaring demon build - EPOX has a great guide. Dwarf is fun, theres a good vehemance and dwarven steel build posted - basically pump dwarven steel which reduces enemies physical resistance. Haven't played the vamp that much. Wood elf is fun with multi arrow and thorn bush. Poison mist dark elf is a great leveller, kills bosses easily but is a bit boring. Battle mage with water magic /ring of ice is good in the sense if you have bad regen times you can hide behind it, let monsters come to you. You get multiple Life leech, you can use split, and if when you hit someone with gust of wind they don't get knocked back as much. Gust of wind is poison damage which some monsters have low resistance too - Orcs iirc and Sakkara demons in UW. when you get to higher difficulties it isn't necessarily raw damage but resistance - so if 2 weapons did the same damage but one has more magic damage vs the other with more fire damage, then fire will do more damage vs ghosts.
  14. No problem. I added some extra advice and some links. Are you going for an air + water build or an air + fire build?
  15. I'll also add this build takes a while to shine. First 40 levels are slow, damage ain't that great but with better items it gets fun.