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  1. Games like Grim Dawn or Din's Curse?

    Guardians of Ember Shadows Awakening (Sept 29 release) Grim dawn has a diablo mod as well
  2. Blank item modifier

    Flix - Hal900x is asking (I think) which of the multiple modifiers shown is unlocked by the skill. So in your example the unlocked modifier from ranged weapons I believe is chance opp. cannot evade. There's no indicator that specifically was unlocked if you have ranged weapons (or in case of uniques haven't looked at the wiki)
  3. Blank item modifier

    All the bonuses you can see work as usual. If you have the modifier skill a new bonus is available. There are exceptions - you can get multiple bonuses unlocked on uniques that require an unlock skill - best example is Bone slicer (undead legion quest reward) which requires sword weapons skill. You get chance to disregard armour, chance to halve regen % and attack speed %. There are some modifiers that only come with mastery (75 hard points). You can get all channel damage mitigation on a chest piece - let's say 12%, with Armour Lore mastery you can get an extra single channel damage mitigation (usually physical) or if very lucky all channel again - so 24% on one piece.
  4. Blade Combat and Dual Wielding

    Yeah, re reading your post it doesn't make sense why your display number is lower than floating damage when dual weild isn't taken - I can only guess its the weapon damage + % bonuses being applied. EDIT - OK I think its a bug. Read Part 2 of the link in my last post muddy waters - it sounds like a glitch as your example was with a fist blade. "Regardless of a weapon's individual weapon skill governance, once a weapon is wielded in concert with another, the Dual Wielding weapon skill governs all attacks. This remains the same from Plus." Skill governance in this case is blade combat so Dual weild over rides it (if this is correct)
  5. Blade Combat and Dual Wielding

    http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Tharkane's_The_Dark_Elf_Compendium_UNDERWORLD_Parts_1_-_3,_Underworld_addendum The damage done when dual wielding has changed from what it was in Plus. Damage from both weapons no longer "stack", nor do their individual damage bonuses and special effects "stack." Also, the average damage range of a dual-wielded weapon is now lower than the average damage range of the same weapon wielded alone. This has the effect of balancing single weapon wielding and dual weapon wielding - each has its particular strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, the warrior of the Cabal must choose his path more carefully in the realm of the Underworld, and utilize his strengths more wisely. Explains the weapon damage of 23 - 27 displayed as 18-21
  6. What about Swamp Olms? They kinda have a Lovecraftian feel.
  7. 3D printing sacred 2

    Figurines would be nice but if Deep Silver was smart they'd release a MTG type card game.
  8. Something you could give a try http://pctalk.info/Games/Sacred2/Wolfes.Lair/SacredUnderworld/Pages/GameBasics-KeyboardHotkeys.html Those who have an ALT + TAB issue, you can: - go to Settings - uncheck "Full-screen" Now you can jump to any window and go back to the game without actually minimizing it, which often causes the game to crash. btw Wolfes Lair has more info on Sacred than Dark Matters. Just a heads up - Forum is no longer available
  9. My bad. You are correct about Soaring daemon and hard hit sharing the same properties. From the Death from Above guide "Use whatver weapons fit the build best at the moment. If you think Regeneration Times are too high, use something with Regeneration Special Moves +xx% bonus or Physical Regeneration +x or Soaring Demon/Hard Hit +x (that increases Soaring Demon, CA increases by Bonus add a little less to Regeneration Time)" Keep in mind I haven't played with the Daemon for quite a few months. I did briefly look on the wiki to check but it didn't mention it under soaring daemons description. There are alot of ways to increase damage with the build I linked to. Weapon Lore/Soaring daemon/HH/Infernal power/Base damage on weapon/Strength/Call of death/ Infernal power is > HH or soaring daemon in that it doesn't add to descents regen. Never went looking for HH bonuses when I played tbh. Once I got Aarnums sword things were breezy. You are correct in that there are alot of mechanics not fully understood - one example was mental regen from items not boosting spell damage. Wasn't discovered for a long time. As for Sacred 2 - there is more micro managing IMO with things like buffs and regen. In Sacred you can find mid level items with no sockets with great bonuses including % regen special move. It is easier to jump back into Sacred if you haven't played for a while in comparison to sacred 2. Much easier to find set items in Sacred 2 as well and if you play single player you can share a chest unlike Sacred. EDIT - the mechanics are similar but you need to know what mods to take and how important focus skills are to regen. It has deeper mechanics than the first Sacred for sure. Sorry to hear about the lag. I had a few issues when I first installed Sacred 2 with PhysX.
  10. "is the 9 regen skipped and the second spell fired immediately?" Yes When you use a combo it won't pause - so if you use a battlemage and use a combo of ring of ice x4 it will cast them one after the other (you can interupt them with a normal attack or moving). So it won't wait 4 or 5 seconds after you cast the first one. Regen times are added up, so in your example of 7 and 9 they are added up. I can't test it now but I think the regen times in that example might even be a little higher than 16. Which is why you wanna have a stack of yellows ready to drink. Also drinking another yellow after the first has no impact iirc. Same as mentor potions not stacking. In terms of popularity Sacred 2 CM patch is probably the most popular. No-one plays sacred 3 and very few play Sacred.
  11. Just linking to the guide above. One trick for soaring daemon is to make a combo of one rune. Just one. Have a high level soaring daemon and descent in another combat art slot. You then use descent as it becomes available from the higher level slot. If you use a high CA Soaring daemon to start flying there is a longer wait to use descent. Played this build past level 100 - its very strong and straight forward to use. Find Arrnams, Pump up infernal power.
  12. Daemons don't have hard hit - the combat art you are referring to after using soaring daemon is descent. The only hard hit type attack the daemon has is assail whilst in battle daemon form (its quite slow from what I remember) EDIT - was wrong HH gives a bonus to Soaring daemons descent damage. http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred:Daemon_Combat_Arts When you use soaring demon there is a regen time before you can use descent. So any right clicks you use when the combat art is greyed out are just gonna be normal attacks. I think you just mixed up descent as hard hit. Going from memory Ctrl + right click just does a special attack without targeting anything. From your other thread - "Regarding combos: Are the regen times changed or removed between moves in the combos? If not, what point do you drink the potion that quarters them? Before, during or after activating it?" There is no change to regen between combos - it comes after. Casting speed is the same. Drink yellow potions AFTER combos. Merchants - items get reset when you go another merchant (not smith or runemaster), or use a portal. You can get 2 merchants side to side at Braverock and Porto vallum. This is good when using trading to buy good items. "What is the percentage gain on bonuses from slotted runes in silver/gold slots in sacred gold?" for runes - nothing. A vampire rune socketed for +3% lifeleech will do the same at any difficulty. But the blacksmith enhances increase by diifficulty level. e.g Attack/defence bonus is much higher in niobium than say silver. Portals - yes there are a few small portals that just teleport you to another part of the game. The main portals will show you other locations. http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred:Underworld_Map_of_Ancaria
  13. Can't give good advice on TG combat arts as I don't use him, but for cash - farm the orc cave.
  14. Shadows : Heretic Kingdoms ARPG

    https://steamcommunity.com/app/585450/discussions/0/2183537632737406860/ FAQ from a Dev - Last updated 17th April Will Shadows: Awakening feature a multiplayer mode? No, Shadows: Awakening will not feature any kind of multiplayer mode.
  15. Lizardmen as playable character?

    Quests and a starting point would be tougher to do than combat arts though right? You could borrow alot from other classes if you had an assassin class - Shadow step, mortifying pillory, dashing alacrity, etc