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  1. New patch: https://steamcommunity.com/games/1030210/announcements/detail/2769103877807447138 I think I'll reinstall the game and give it a whirl. They did a character wipe due to some major changes. I don't think I'll get too invested though because there will be another wipe on release.
  2. Discovered this band recently. Pretty nice power metal.
  3. Looks like 1.16 is out now and it has a ton of changes. Almost tempted on firing this up again.
  4. Looks like the remaster will be more modder-friendly. Very curious to see how they balance the game. The original was fun, but got way too easy later on and some systems were pretty broken (eg, crafting).
  5. They're one of those bands I always avoided cuz I didn't like their name, but I played one of the new songs they released this year and it didn't sound too bad. I'll probably give Apex and the new album a whirl when I'm researching new music again. Still busy with new CD arrivals (got a pile more to go through). Playing this now: I'll have to grab their first 2 CDs once the pandemic is over (or at any rate, when it takes less than 2-3 months for an international package to arrive).
  6. Still going through yesterday's CD haul.
  7. Music CDs. I'm a bit of a derelict who still buys those things
  8. Never heard of this band before, has potential. Been getting back into Euro-power metal these days - I kinda ignored most of the last decade
  9. Got a bunch of CDs in the mail today, so I'm busy with those. Got half of them ripped to FLAC, will do the rest later. My other order cleared customs today, so I should have that soon. I guess the order I received today took around 2.5 weeks, which is probably better than the 2+ months I've heard people getting from overseas orders.
  10. One of the rare gothic/symphonic metal bands that I actually like.
  11. I was a bit surprised to encounter that when I played Wizardry 6 back in the day. I doubt any game developer could get away with stuff like that nowadays though
  12. Yeah, those boss fights were pretty annoying. I swallowed my pride and dropped the difficulty level just to get by them. I'm glad you only have to do the campaign once and can skip it with future characters. The campaign isn't even finished yet, there's 1-2 acts missing.
  13. I actually didn't follow the kickstarter, so I missed some of the drama with it. I did buy it when it came out cuz I was bored (story of my life). Apparently it was originally open-world, then they completely changed it. Probably don't blame them, a massive open-world APRG would be really difficult to pull off. Sacred 1/2 are the only examples that spring to mind, and I'm sure they were pretty hard to pull off.
  14. Ultima 5 was my first one. Then got each installment as they came out, culminating in the catastrophic disappointment of Ultima 9 I think "Curse of the Azure Bonds" and "Might and Magic 2" were the first RPGs I bought for the PC. Ex-smoker here too, been off that stuff for 10 years now, yay!
  15. Pretty cool power metal. Didn't like this the two times I tried it back in the 00s, but it finally clicked with me recently.
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