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  1. I got 15 hours in so far and haven't experienced anything too horrible so far. I'm also a cautious gamer (as I was in the original) and I make hard-saves frequently. Just gotta remember not to dig up those graves with those death notices that you can't remove from your inventory. I don't think that bug has been fixed yet. I'm really starting to think this reissue was pushed out the door a few months early. They probably should have released it at the same time as the DLC, but I guess they needed the money in advance I'm hoping there will be a significant patch next week. There's one really annoying bug where that chest in Gorhart has all the items in it stuck at lowest level (the one with all the DLC items). I deliberately tried to avoid it until level 12 or so, but nope, all level 1 anyway *shrug* I'm noticing levelling does seem a bit slower - probably a good thing overall. It kinda sucked being overlevelled by the time you hit that Gnome area. I guess I may be more aggressive with using trainers + fateweaving than before. Either that or try a universalist for the boost to all skills.
  2. I'm actually starting to wonder if Kaiko fixed any of the bugs in the original at all. There's been a lot of complaints on steam about this remaster and I think most of them are justified. I'm one of the fortunate ones who hasn't experienced any major problems yet, but I didn't in the original either. Now if I actually had a modern/good computer and was experiencing really bad performance, I'd probably be a lot more salty I'm keeping my expectations low in regards to product support and the upcoming DLC (THQnordic doesn't have a stellar track record, IMO), but I'm hoping they'll prove me wrong. I'm not even sure if they are able to fix a lot of the outstanding bugs from the original. Despite my negativity, I don't really regret rebuying this. Getting rid of region level-locking makes this came much more enjoyable. Level-locking has to easily be the worst idea ever conceived in an RPG.
  3. You start with a base class and once you gain enough levels, then you pick one of three specializations. For example, rogue is a base class, and falconer, marksman and bladedancer are the specialization classes. Personally, I would've liked a system with a dozen or so basic classes and you'd have to get ranks in few of those to qualify for 2nd and 3rd tier classes (maybe combine that with a faction and other things).
  4. The upcoming update looks nice: looks like they're making the respeccing option a lot nicer. I think a loot filter is coming too. They seem to be handling things a lot better than say... Wolcen.
  5. I'm not sure if my computer is a good indicator of performance, but I do think the load times between areas may be a bit longer than usual. I'm used to slowness and whatnot, so I'm not too bothered. I do hope THQ does a lot of patches between now and the DLC. I have seen some glitches that weren't in the original - like some lootbags from corpses not being able to be opened. The other great thing about fixing the leveling and zones is you'll get better loot. Having all chests in a region level-locked too early really sucks. Supposedly loot is weighed in favor of your class, but I've received a lot of non-mage items so far. Oh well, it makes nice vendor trash and I need all the money I can get in the early-mid game (it becomes a total non-issue later on though). The min-maxing with skills/trainers/books is fairly annoying (one of my annoyances with the original), but I don't think there's anything that can be done about that (and its probably not even necessary to exploit).
  6. I just finished the first zone and honestly the experience is pretty similar to the original. The big game changer is getting rid of the level-locked zones. That was such a fun-killer in the original and this fix is making the game much more enjoyable for me. Its nice that I don't have to worry about OCD-triggering metagaming with which regions I go to or not. Not sure I'd farm the starting area/dungeons as opposed to just forging on to new areas though. I probably will be more inclined to farm areas over and over because I'm considering avoiding crafting this time around. We'll see how long that lasts Detect secrets is such a nice skill, probably the best one to max out right away. I swear I get more gear from logs and stone piles than treasure chests.
  7. I was originally going to wait, but my emotions + boredom got the best of me. At worst I wasted $20. Not the end of the world... hell I wasted 20 bucks on junk food today (which I totally don't need lol). Since I'm running a 10 year old toaster, I'll probably run this with lower settings. I'm also hoping THQNordic will continue to patch/improve the game between now and the expansion (and hopefully long after that).
  8. Nah, the discount is Steam-only, unfortunately. And the game is out. Hopefully I didn't waste $20 CND on it (some of the reviews seem kinda mixed). 40 gigs, ouch. Good thing I upgraded my internet connection a couple years ago. Tackling this with my old 300 kb/s connection would've been torture.
  9. With the expanded toolbar, I'll be more inclined to try out some other abilities from other trees. On steam's forum, some people have claimed there's more skills/abilities added or something. A universalist could also be fun to try out (33% of each tree or something). If the expansion increases the level limit, hybrid classes could be more interesting. I hope I can transfer my characters from the original into the remastered version. They're considering a transfer tool for that, but I haven't heard more on it. Oh, there's an additional 10% discount at launch, so I may get the version with the expansion.
  10. Looks like people who owned the original on steam will get a 50% discount for the remaster and expansion. It also looks like difficulty levels will affect how much higher/lower an enemy's level is in regards to yours, plus damage/health and being attacked by multiple enemies at once. So the very hard difficulty could very well be unplayable quite challenging. I'll probably stick with normal, as usual. Maybe hard if I find myself getting bored. Being forced to use certain mechanics (ie potions) for survival may be a good thing, but there better be an incentive for tougher enemies (ie, more treasure, xp, etc) for me to bother.
  11. Civ 6 I didn't find terribly enjoyable. Still strangely addictive though. Civ 4 is the highlight of that series for me.
  12. Been playing Chronicon lately. Seriously addictive little game. Its pretty much a real-time rogue-like with retro graphics. Has one of the better enchantment systems I've seen in these type of games (probably makes it too easy to get perfect gear though, but I don't really care).
  13. My prior 2 playthroughs were melee (2H Sword) and dagger/archer, so giving the magic tree a go sounds like a plan. With level-scaling/zones, the monster/item levels are no longer permanently set when you enter an area for the first time, but all areas have a maximum level. This was my primary gripe with the original. If there was room for farming, that would be nice (I've obviously played too much Sacred 2 and Grim Dawn :P) Also, it looks like the skillbar is expanded from 4 to 8 slots, and the item stash is greatly expanded. I'm not expecting any new skills or a level cap increase with the remaster, but I'm hoping the upcoming expansion next year will have that.
  14. #3 is very streamlined/simplified compared to the first 2 (and those two weren't exactly Path of Exile). Stats are gone, skilltrees are a lot smaller, etc. On the plus side, the game is still fun. Its just really simple. I have mixed feelings on what they did to the fame system. In the first 2, leveling fame made the game more fun in between leveling (don't underestimate how much more fun it adds getting extra skillpoints dropped here and there). Now with each fame level, you get a random reward - can be crafting ingredients, items, etc. Its not bad or anything, I just prefer the old system. Relics is just another skill-tree now. The Legendarium gives you 3 extra skills from breaking down legendary items. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be that many legendaries in the game compared to say... Grim Dawn. Now they said they're going to add more content post-release, but if the prospect of a very simple/streamlined action RPG seems unappealing, I'd probably give it a miss. Its still fun and I don't really regret dropping money on it though. Its a good break from some of the more complicated ARPGs out there. Bear in mind I avoided Diablo 3.
  15. New patch: https://steamcommunity.com/games/1030210/announcements/detail/2769103877807447138 I think I'll reinstall the game and give it a whirl. They did a character wipe due to some major changes. I don't think I'll get too invested though because there will be another wipe on release.
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