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  1. green - the hulk rip stan lee
  2. Gandalf - memes YOU SHALL NOT PASS!
  3. I just logged in info for a number of the previously blank quest pages for Porto Draco in Sacred 1. The only quest I wasn't able to fill in was "The Confused Marten" mainly due to the fact that I couldn't find the NPC that starts the quest. Any info on where to start this quest would be greatly appreciated.
  4. well a good howdy to you too gogo Elephants - Rhinoceros
  5. welcome friend! I hope you do well as a mod!
  6. Sacred 3 still makes me want to eat my hands

  7. graphics wise, diablo 3 wins by a land slide, but creature design wise, sacred 2 wins by a land slide.
  8. I want to hear the stories of how you guys figured out how different sacred 3 was from sacred 1 & 2, & your opinions about sacred 3 in its entirety. Ill start. When I first started up sacred 3, I was ecstatic to play the newest sacred game, with my love for the first 2 still running strong. when I got to the gameplay, though, I was devastated that sacred was twisted into a super generic hack-n-slash game that had a super annoying "comic relief" that just made me want to strangle the devs of sacred 3. Im saddened that the name & legacy of sacred has been tarnished by this game & I hope that in the next sacred game (if there even is one) that they go back to what they are good at and stop making super generic hack-n-slash games.
  9. Hay guys, I want to know your favorite character build that y'all have made in either sacred underworld or sacred 2. Ill start us out. My favorite build was a dwarf merchant/support character in Sacred Underworld. I got him to about level 22 (as of now) and he focuses on getting the most money out of merchants & buffing my brother's Daemon (the damage dealer between us two). My dwarf wields a large axe/hammer for damage, a musket & shield for taking down annoying ranged/flying enemies, & a small axe & shield for an increase in speed. My dwarf has fully upgraded his barter to his level, has been upgrading his smithing so that we don't need to go to towns for a black smith. his ready to use skills consist of his morter shot, his normal cannon shot, his flame thrower, & a combo that combines all 4 of his passive buff skills (this doesn't include his greed skill, though.) Now that I have given my example, please give me Y'alls builds.
  10. thanks for the heads up about sacred 2 but I was referring to sacred 1 gold. Sacred 1 will start up and go though the dev screens and get to the loading bar screen but it will freeze 9/10 times when it states that it's loading fonts.
  11. Hay guys, my brother and I got sacred gold for steam not to long ago and we have encountered a weird glitch. When starting up the game, 9 times out of 10 the game will freeze when loading the fonts. We have more modern windows 10 laptops and we have no idea what causes this glitch. Also when loading the disc version on our old windows 7 laptops, the glitch has never happened. Any ideas? -Whisky
  12. I found a weird thing with charisma boosts whilst playing my dwarf trader build. Weapons and shield that say they inc. charisma do NOT make buy/sell prices better if you hold them out. maybe the charisma boost on weapons/shields is broken? give me your thoughts and possible reasons that it is the way it is please. -whisky