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  1. Probably, and Demon sucks to play anyhow, it's the jankiest of jank classes. I tend to stick to Gladiator, Wood Elf, and Battlemage, although I do have a nice Dark Elf built up too because poison trapping all of the things is hilarious.
  2. Yeah, which my other modified bit comes in handy, setting drops for characters to 1000 (but there still remains a tiny chance of some dropping for other classes for whatever reason).
  3. I have like 30 of those things ranging in a variety of levels and difficulty tiers as the source. Amulet of the Seriash on the other hand, is my most coveted jewelry piece for my Seraphim toons and finding those is like a needle in a haystack. I am sure though if I tweaked up the overall drop rates for tier 14 in my balance.txt (I have it set really low currently in favor of tier 15 drops) I'd probably find more than I do.
  4. No, you do not want to do this, as Windows Defender will have a fit, and I don't think anyone playing on Linux via WINE would have a good time either. The operating systems will flag this kind of injection as a malicious software attempt to hijack the network. To do this properly, the best way would be to invoke system APIs to make network calls. This might necessitate finding which code calls Tincat, and writing in a NOP and then passing the functionality over to the proper syscall.
  5. Yes, but in the case of Ascaron and their dev partner for both the first and second Sacred titles (we will not discuss Sacred 3), you can absolutely tell that certain code teams were simply better at their part of the work than others were, and that they needed program managers with more of an iron fist and better communication skills to keep them in line than what happened. Simple things like not assigning appropriate names to gear pieces (See: Helmet of Fury being named Chestplate of Fury) should never have made it to release, yet here we are.
  6. Some throwing potions also will make the lightsaber sound if you pick them up and move them around in your inventory. Some staffs also do it, with certain others using the same sound as energy guns.
  7. Second best way from my experience. Best way is to play the game on the highest difficulty, immediately run to the Orc area (or if you're confident enough, sneak up to the Zhurag-Nur area through the one side cavern and farm priestess groups & Shaddar'Rim) and farm the crap out of the Orc champs. I will usually pull 5-6 groups at once and use Area of Effect to smash them all into giant piles of loot that stretch off of my screen. This tactic is best used with Dwarf or Gladiator (howitzer and your leap attack). I spent less than two hours and had three-four full sets including jewelry. Where you do NOT want to do this unless you are highly experienced with your character and well-geared: Tyr Lysia in the high-elf/dark elf area. Unless you're prepared, their Radiant Pillar spam will have you respawning before you know what hit you, and you also risk running into not one but three dragons if you follow certain paths, with two dragons appearing right next to each other along with roaming groups of elves. I solo these on all of my characters because I have played Sacred for 14 years now (yes, it's been that long) and there are nothing these NPCs can do that I am unprepared for ;)
  8. Yeah, I originally read about the bug aeons ago after Sacred: Gold was released and it was never remedied. It's hit or miss as to if the bonus to find is actually applied, and on top of it the debuff will stack until you restart the game, so it's actually a detriment to use. Where I think the bug is triggered is if you have other buffs running (which is all of the time), then something in the code attempts to overwrite one of them with Greed and fails to do so properly (many buffs in Sacred seem to be mutually exclusive code-wise even if this is not clarified in tooltips).
  9. That's something I have not noticed, what I have noticed however, is that lightsabers absolutely will eventually lose their blade textures and animation and regress to using the same sounds as Ancrid's Blade and Smoking Demon if you play a very long play session, say 6+ hrs. It fixes itself if you swap weaponsets a few times. Possibly related: Sometimes during long play sessions characters can and will cease to perform either manual attacks or non-spell CAs, solving this requires a restart because this is absolutely a sign that something has gone wrong in memory allocation and you're heading for a CTD. Temporarily you can remedy it by again, swapping between weaponsets a few times (5 or 6 times), and if it happens you should get out of any combat you're in ASAP, save and restart.
  10. Want to see something funny? Go fight NPCs that use poison attacks using a weapon with the poison fang insert, either resistances for the entire lot of them weren't applied properly and they are bugged, or having the very easy to get poison chance + poison damage bonus combo is OP, but I've had them instagib and simply explode into bloody piles before Pelting Strikes was even finished with it's animation. But yes, Fire + Ice is my go-to combo with a spare set of identically blacksmithed swords in Poison + Magic. My sword sets are Sneaking Demon/Sanguine Runeblade x2, a pair of Ancrid's Blades, Twinkle and Icingdeath, and then a pair of the lightsaber's that I swap in and out (Usually Disturbance in the Force and either Power of NIF or The Darkside).
  11. Also, it doesn't help matters any that Vanilla + CM Patch 1.60 contains a bug that allows the Big Rocky Boi to essentially one-hit squishy characters. It can be remedied, and Dimitrius mentioned how in a post, but I forget exactly which one >.>
  12. That looks like a death animation is being applied instead of the mounted attack animation.
  13. Out of curiosity, are you going to stack for shield and life leech, or no? Either way DW Seraphim is fun fun fun. You can pretend you're everything from Freddy Krueger to a blender.
  14. Well, that goes without saying, but using Sneaking Demon with certain other things installed to the slots, you get both health regen and life leech, enough that those eyes weep with envy. A polearm Seraphim on the other hand, might be in for a wild ride.
  15. On my L162 Seraphim: Sitting at +795.3% Shield Energy (has another +71.3% listed below in the sigma, not sure why it gets listed twice with different values), well over 100 in Warding Energy Lore due to the various +skills modifiers in my gear, several things like Testa's Band in slots (plus a very nice yellow amulet that gave me a shield recharge bonus and additional % warding energy), over 70 runes eaten for Warding Energy, and with very highly stacked Wisdom + Vitality + Constitution, I am sitting at 67k health & 869k shield. I ignore putting any stat points into things like Str and Int entirely and rely on a very low cooldown Pelting Strikes for the vast majority of my damage output. Currently dual-wielding a Sneaking Demon and Sanguine Runeblade (and that 6.7s per hit regen from the Sanguine Runeblade combined with Pelting Strikes is sooooooooo good). All of my stat points go into Wis, Dex (all of the stuff like Ancrid's Blade or the two swords I currently use all rely on Dex vs Str), Vit, any leftovers into Stamina. Mind you, stuff can still bypass shields entirely and directly damage your health, but with this character, as a test, I have gone AFK for 10 minutes at the desert dragon boss and it never dropped my health or shields below 90%. I repeated this test six more times on a ten minute timer at the same boss and it's always at 90% remaining or above when I come back. Methinks I need a mod to make Niobium three times the difficulty ;)
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