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  1. thejynxed

    Black screen

    Out of curiosity, do you have DirectX 9.0c installed? If not, try that as well, this game requires it. Also, the LegacyPhysX driver I was referring to earlier is the one from here: https://www.nvidia.com/object/physx-9.13.0604-legacy-driver.html (Ignore what cards it says it works with, mine is way newer than those listed and it still installs and works).
  2. Part of the issue lies in the install.vdf file. Mine started to the black screen and wouldn't go further until I did three things: Drop the refresh rate on my system to 60hz/disable GSync, disable Full Screen Optimizations, and then delete install.vdf, followed by creating an empty text file in the Sacred 2 directory, renaming it install.vdf, then setting it to Read Only. I have the Sacred 2 Gold Edition from Steam, and it now runs perfectly fine on Win10 64-bit Pro.
  3. I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful games. I am sad that Ascaron is no more, but I love the Sacred games.

  4. thejynxed

    My experience as a Seraphim, things I wish I'd known

    Interesting series. I've been curious about some of this and had the feeling that stacking certain things was just OP, and turns out I was right. Since I use Lightsabers mainly, I stack Willpower using assigned stat points vs the other stats, and in my gear I put as much +Vit/Stam/Life Leech/Enemy Evade/Mitigation and Shielding as I can. I took Warding Energy and Concentration and run my two Warding buffs (BeeEffGee is garbage in Sacred 2 compared to Sacred 1, as is Cleansing Brilliance), along with Dashing Alacrity. Manually attacking everything, bosses drop in a very few hits, I think the Golem took the most hits, everything else dies in one or two (especially Goblins, they are one-hitters). I use the Revelations of the Seraphim set because two pieces (instead of just the wings in the Ein set) have mitigation + the full set gives Leech Life % (and it looks damned good, the most important part). My alternate weapon set is the Remnants of Drizzt set, (I have the full set of that too) and it's hilarious how fast you swing those at max attack speed. In fact the reason I have that set is that nice spider quest in Ulli's Potato Field, killing the champ spiders dropped both Icingdeath and Twinkle. I'm only level 98 in Gold currently, and am sitting on 20,783 hp (+Vit/HP jewelry in gold slots, giving me around 730 Vitality total from gear + 8k bonus HP), and 83.6k energy in my shield. How survivable am I? I let my character sit in front of Shelob while I took ten minutes to flip laundry and my shield wasn't even gone, let alone my health.
  5. thejynxed

    Black screen

    Make sure you are running the game as Administrator too, forgot that one. It won't run without Admin rights. I also can't get the game to run faster than 60hz, so if you're using 144hz, GSync, etc, all of that should be off.
  6. thejynxed

    Black screen

    A few things: A) Go to the nVidia website, get the LegacyPhysX driver, and install it. B) Go to your Sacred 2 install directory, and the System subdirectory, and set compatibility mode for both sacred2.exe and s2gs.exe to Vista Service Pack 2 C) Delete installscript.vbf from the Sacred 2 install directory D) Install the Community Patch 1.60 E) Install the Elite Textures Pack F) In Steam, under Launch Properties, type -nocpubinding Sacred 2 should now start (this is exactly how I got it to run on Win10 64-bit Pro). Once at the start menu, go into Options and disable PhysX. It seems counterintuitive, but the way PhysX is implemented in this game causes no end of headaches and random CTDs, but the game requires the LegacyPhysX driver to even run. I also found it better (as in the game is far more stable) to disable everything such as AA in the options, and force AA, etc from the nVidia Control Panel instead (obviously make a profile for Sacred 2). It may or not be beneficial to turn on VSync, it really depends, and you'll have to experiment. My refresh is 60hz to begin with, but with VSync & Triple Buffering enabled I get a steady framerate with very limited lag from texture buffering when the game is caching new area info, such a when you enter a large city.
  7. thejynxed

    New project: Getting a DW seraphim to Niob

    I use Toughness/Constitution/Speed Lore/Damage Lore/Dual Wield, with Blacksmithing and Enhanced Perception, and pay little attention to my CA's overall outside of the perm buff and Dashing Alacrity, because my crazy self will run in (high run speed is godly in this game) and just hack things (I have extremely high LL). Not sure if taking Sword Lore would be of any benefit or not for me due to item modifier unlocks. I also dump a higher percentage of my stat points into Willpower and Strength instead of Stamina and Vitality, so it looks more like 50% Willpower, 25% Str, 10% Vitality, 10% Stamina, the remaining 5% are just Dex dumps for the flat defense bonus. What might help is if you put at lest one Atamark's into your gear in some place because it gives a very large armor bonus to several elements at once, followed by completing relic runewords instead of stacking lesser "plain" relics.
  8. thejynxed

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    So, deletion seems to be the better solution, do we delete everything from tokens = { to the second }, or just the part that says "et_mult_weapondamage", 1000, 0, 0, 9 ? I ask if you get rid of the entire section there since there will be no defined entry0, rendering the rest invalid anyhow.
  9. thejynxed

    Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Have had zero CTDs since installing patch CM 1.60 on Win10 Pro 64-Bit, so no bugs on that front where I am concerned. That being said, I believe the chainquest "A Simple Case of Nerves" added in the CM patch is not functioning correctly, in that I can't seem to get it to advance past the 2nd stage, "Confrontations". You take the kid to attack, he feints, rinse, repeat, and then....nothing after he says he wants to destroy all of the orcs. He just follows me around and the indicator blob moves around on it's on on the minimap.
  10. This happens because for some stupid reason the game assumes an nVidia card is installed by default (and thus you get the error because you have an AMD card which of course does not have PhysX or the PhysX driver installed). You need to manually install the Legacy PhysX driver from nVidia's site, even if you have an AMD/ATI card for the game to start. The more recent update to the GOG installer of this game fixed this issue by scripting in an installation of the Legacy PhysX driver, but the Steam (Gold Edition), still needs to have this done manually if you use an ATI/AMD card.