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  1. Problem is that CM patch removes physx, I need this little file so I can enable it, shared file can help other people too, to make Sacred 2 look better.
  2. 'Sup, how do I change the name of a Combat Art? I'm assuming not only the Combat Art Tab, but also the Rune, and the Gear are affected, certainly some global. Thanks
  3. G'day, I'm seeing in the mod d2 the necro is a modded inquisitor. How do you change its face to your liking? in general:) I want to make him blue eyes and blond hair... I know you have to use Photoshop (or of course similiar) to paint .tga (targa) files. Anything else that's important? Thanks
  4. G'day or evening. Two ways I want to present first: A) I save my game. I log out to change options, I log back in. Position is the one I saved. "Success" <- that's what I want. B) I save my game. I log out to go offline / stop playing. (Sacred 2 is closed now) I log back in. Position is reset ... bad <- I want A) even when I do wayB. The distances in Sacred 2 are very far. Sometimes I just want to play for not-so-long. (And If I want a "save spot" I can still press F12) Since You can certainly have your position saved, as seen in A), ... => ... how can I enable that in way B) ? (that should be possible for modifications if you plan to make the game more like an MMO and not like Diablo). Climate Help by Answering: This would enable not having to alt-tab only and let the pc on when going to work. I'm just trying to reduce the world carbon dioxide emissions with this modification: When using less CPU power, the PC can throttle down and reduce power consumption, resulting in a greener environment. Thanks PS: okay, nice way,,, but what if I want to make this option active in a mod by default?
  5. Looking at the new Area of Effect composal.. Would you like to tell me, how do you add Area of Effect to a Spell? I looked at an existing Area of Effect Spell entry1 = {"et_range_area", 200, 0, 0, 4 }, so I added an entry to a spell that I want to have Area of Effect on: entry8 = {"et_range_area", 200, 1, 0, 4 }, However that doesn't seem to work (the previous entry is 7) and it's a Debuff Spell. I tested vs normal sized mobs. What am I doing wrong?
  6. Hello to all here and I wish to thank all here at Dark Matters for making this site be possible. I like and love Sacred 2 so much that I have it for my PS3, my XBOX 36O and Sacred 2 Gold via GOG. Anyway, I like the character of the Temple Guardian and his backstory and indeed the detailed history of the Temple Guardians as told through the Temple Guardian's own personal quests and the information provided at the original location of The Hub, where at the end pillar a Temple Guardian tells you why they had to move the hub, etc. What really intrigues me is the location of the half sunken temple past the save pedestal where there is a merchant, a rune master and a blacksmith and it's before you enter the main Temple that takes you to the Great Machine. I'll include a screen shot of the location when I reach there on my PC version of the game, but hopefully some of you will now know where I mean, in simple terms it's where the last but one merchant is, top far end of the Waste Lands, you can't miss it, there. If you go to where the save pedestal is and look to your left, you wills see a half sunken temple/dungeon area that cannot be reached and obviously, it's not. But what if it were, what would it look like. Sadly I am not blessed to have the same exact textures as used in the dungeon level of the Great Machine. But I did my best to get as near match, though not exact, so please bare that in mind before commenting please on a dungeon level design that I made using SketchUp. Model Link: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/682cace2-0bde-4acc-9880-1a51ad416885/Sacred-2-Sacred-Hall-Of-The-Temple-Guardian-Chambers It's best vied in 3D if you like the design, please let me know and please be gentle, I'm not a pro expert model maker, just someone that loves to make 3D models. And if you really like it and are interested, I can post here for you all the link to the second level design to this first one. I like my 1st design so much that I decided to make a second one of which the first dungeon level design leads to.
  7. Hey there again folks! As you know, I've never played Sacred 2 before, but this is going to change, because yesterday I finally bought it! The thing that scares me the most is that while I know Underworld literally to perfection, I have no idea what awaits me on Sacred II! When I play Sacred (1) I don't even need to read the quests because I already know what I have to do to complete them; I know the best builds for each class, I know how to use the right skills at the right time. While on Sacred two I'm just a rookie. But I'm not scared. I'm already downloading the community patch, because obviously the game doesn't start.
  8. Hello all! I've been taking a look at the Character Quotes pages on the Wiki, and I've noticed that they're quite unfinished and haven't been worked on in awhile. In fact, some of the characters, like Dryad and Dragon Mage, don't even have pages for them. This seems like an abandoned project, and I'd like to give it new life. I'm aware that it's a fairly time-consuming undertaking, but I often find myself with a lot of free time on my hands anyway I just wanted to ask for permission to do this since I haven't been involved with the project up until this point. Is it something the admins/mods would be okay with me doing? Thanks in advance
  9. With the newer games and the negative aspects of DRM they have introduced, when combined with the fact that so few new games have such a grand replay value, Sacred 2 is the game that just keeps on giving; for these two reasons among many others, I believe it is easy to understand why there are so many gamers still attracted to it. Not to diminish other games Sacred in name, I will attempt to comprise here a comprehensive list of rationalizations as to what so many find attractive in this "golden," yet ever relevant game, Sacred 2 Fallen Angel: 1) The graphics are quite detailed, even when measured against truly 4K games it is still very competitive and complex with detailed textures, especially when "Trimmed Elite Textures" are employed. 2) The game is veritably a wondrous open map where one may progress throughout the map and revisit areas endlessly for additional exploration and to battle foes again. 3) Aside from the main quest, the side and chain quests may be played at ones leisure and in any order. One may complete the main quest and then return to play any or all of the other yet uncompleted quests. 4) There are so many special unique and legendary weapons, armor, and items. The high quality "yellow" items are virtually endless and may be discovered at any number of levels with an assortment of slots for forging. Some games are preset as to what one may use to upgrade a specific weapon or piece of armor, but with Sacred 2 the user can make their own choices in this regard. Freedom rules! 5) There are so many play styles and ways to build ones character and a sufficient number of characters from which to select. One may choose the Light or Dark path, and afterward experiment with the different skills and modifications, making each character different each time one begins anew. 6) There is so much detailed information on the Wiki with links to downloadable weapons, armor and items. Unlike some games where one may never find all of the armor, jewelry or weapons, here one may treat themselves to practically anything they wish, aside from the "yellow" items as their combinations seem nearly infinite. 7) Here at Dark Matters there is such a vast array of helpful topics, build guides, troubleshooting tips, download links, interesting topics, videos, screenshots, indy art, word and forum games, downloads, and so much more! The site here is family friendly and a handy haven for players of the game and a repository of information for any, especially the aspiring player of Sacred 2. 8) Also here at this site we have a marvelous resource, its members. There are so many helpful and genuinely friendly members willing to help anyone whether they are a "noob" or veteran player. When a new or long time member asks a question, someone knowledgeable always steps in and assists. 9) Mods, and so many of them, are here in their splendor and wondrous glory, ready to download and use. The Diablo II Mod, truly does wonders to the game and as do the other modifications, further expands its enjoyment. 10) The Community Patch has been recently updated and has fixed a virtually endless array of bugs and made fixes to some serious issues to include game crashing. In my opinion the game is now closer to the way it was originally envisioned by its developers at Ascaron. The textures are being employed so well and the monsters, bosses, and quests now fill the world of Ancaria, now an immense, immersive, and immeasurable expanse of wonder, ready to explore in a way that does not confining the player with overly-scripted directed paths. 11) Finally, If one requires but one more reason why Sacred 2 is such a wonderful game: Forsooth (what was first foreshadowed in my initial statement) Sacred 2 Fallen Angel has tremendous replay value. When the End Bosses are defeated the credits may roll, yet the game is not truly over. The player may simply return and finish any uncompleted side quests and visit any part of Ancaria yet again, the friendly denizens of towns and hamlets wave and greet them. One may store their character's save file and chests at any point and load them yet again in order to play from that point forward. That is another precious thing unto itself, indeed. I doubtlessly must have excluded some other noteworthy reasons, as there are so many great rationalizations which prove the worth of this outstanding game. I have no doubt that there will be players of the game far into the future, both newcomers and old-timers. Note: This article is a reprint of my original reply to the post here.
  10. Hay guys, I want to know your favorite character build that y'all have made in either sacred underworld or sacred 2. Ill start us out. My favorite build was a dwarf merchant/support character in Sacred Underworld. I got him to about level 22 (as of now) and he focuses on getting the most money out of merchants & buffing my brother's Daemon (the damage dealer between us two). My dwarf wields a large axe/hammer for damage, a musket & shield for taking down annoying ranged/flying enemies, & a small axe & shield for an increase in speed. My dwarf has fully upgraded his barter to his level, has been upgrading his smithing so that we don't need to go to towns for a black smith. his ready to use skills consist of his morter shot, his normal cannon shot, his flame thrower, & a combo that combines all 4 of his passive buff skills (this doesn't include his greed skill, though.) Now that I have given my example, please give me Y'alls builds.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Sacred 2 - 2.65.2 Seraphin Genesis Wings New look "Created with archieve from CM patch 1.60."
  12. Sacred 2 - Seraphin Genesis Wing View File Sacred 2 - 2.65.2 Seraphin Genesis Wings New look "Created with archieve from CM patch 1.60." Submitter AlexMrBison Submitted 03/03/2018 Category Download Sacred 2 Gold  
  13. Hey guys, name's Talon. Been playing Sacred 2 off and on for PS3 since the day it dropped. Main character was a Shadow Warrior. Decided to buy the PC version as well. Honestly one of my favorite games. Always loved the Dark Alliance games or Champions games on PS2. Always appreciated the open world in it, that it's like some of those games that I grew up but bigger, new game plus, Peer to peer online multiplayer that won't ever get shut down, and to top it all off there's communities like this which I think is awesome. Always just been my go tochill game I go to when I'm not playing Dark Souls 3 PvP. I played a few hundred hours of Diablo 3, but it just never captivated me as much as Sacred 2 or some of the other games I mentioned. Also picked up Vikings Wolves of midgard which I'm going to delve into at some point. PSN: Kansaspwnage Steam: TalonTheGuardian Hope you guys have a great day (:
  14. I started this thread so that members (and staff) may post in-game footage that is interesting or in some way humorous. There are so many possibilities, as the game is rife with material which is well suited for posting in this thread. I look forward to seeing your examples here. Most of you have, I believe, seen and will remember this first video.
  15. Has anyone found gogo's pants in sacred 2 yet? I'm curious.
  16. Ey guys! New to this forum. I recently bought both Sacred 2 and the Ice & Blood dlc, but I can’t install the dlc. An error keeps popping up saying it “can’t delete various .dll files”. My Sacred game is patched up to version 2.40 and runs perfectly, I just can’t install the dlc. Please help! I really want to play the game!
  17. <p>Oh, please, does anyone have a copy of this Editor anywhere? The Spawn rate is driving me insane and there's just no way I can edit 4800 entries by hand.</p> <p>Official source is down: <a href="http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/19813-sacred-2-downloads-moonpaws-spawntxt-editor-with-gui/">http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/19813-sacred-2-downloads-moonpaws-spawntxt-editor-with-gui/</a></p>
  18. Hi! So, the Community Patch didn't work for me when I installed it. Quests didn't exist. That's a problem. Really, there's no point in having it if it's just not going to work properly anyway. Anyway, I went to uninstall it with the cm-disable application, and it said that Sacred 2 was not found. I have the right version installed (2.65.2), and I don't have any mods (besides the patch itself). Can someone please help with this? Thanks in advance!
  19. Fonts Mod Mod to work with Generic Mod Enabler (I'm on gold steam vr, these simple mods wouldn't be to dramatic, should be compatiable with I&B/Gold) Fonts-put contents inside MODS folder.rar Screen Shot of the fonts (Even clearer text if you dl the screenshot) (Even clearer text if you dl the screenshot) Anti-Alaising x4 is a must [makes everything cartoony] Opens All Portals Mod Opens All Portals-put contents inside MODS folder.rar Before And After Screen Shoots 1mb Ver Preview Map of_Ancaria [map by Schot] all the space I had left hehe just a preview DL 9mb version from https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B29SZNU5sb_IS2NkWWVTTl85SFE
  20. Hi! Im having a lot of problems to choose how I spend my points in the game . Now I play a level 15 Dryad and have boosted 4 skills equally is this a good idea or should I stick to 2 or even 1 skill so that I could get it to level 75 as fast as I can? I feel like when im slowly gaining levels I dont get powerfull fast enough . Im making a dryad who utilizes Morbund animus as a main damage tool and I use throwing things with a shield. So far I have taken: Cabalistic voodoo focus Cabalistic voodoo lore Concentration Nature weaver Focus I have mainly put points to Caba lore+focus and concentration. I have eaten only 1 rune / spell so it dont get too big cooldowns. Im running with 2 x Buffs (Animus+Bark) But the problem is that I dont feel that strong and im really tempted to pick a weapon skill for ranged to boost my damage but im afraid it will gimp me bechause then I have 5 skills leveling slowly.
  21. Hello all. I'm a rookie from Ancarnia and I just wanna show my respect for every player out there and talk about the game. This is my build for a shopper Dryad. I'm on my 3rd or 4th Dryad now and since I'm still sorta new to the game, I've decided to make a shopper. Too bad the SW can't be a shopper... =P Originally I was going to make a shopper High Elf but it seemed like too much point distributing as the progress would go; many people complain about her being fragile; plus I'm more familiar with Dryads. Here's the build: Skills Enhanced Perception Bargaining - 1st(?) Mastery Combat Reflexes Armor Lore - 2nd Mastery Tactics Lore - 4th Mastery Dual Wield Nature Weaver Lore Nature Weaver Focus Constitution - 3rd Mastery Concentration Combat ArtsDust Devil - Recondition, Spell Shield, Spread Forest Flight - Roots, Expert, Escape Sinister Predator - Eagle Eye, Marked Shot, Hunting Focus Goldenglade Touch - Flow, Persevere, Diligence Acute Mind - Proficiency, Insight, Celerity Ancient Bark - Rugged, Divert, Invigorate Tangled Vine - Tendrils, Impair, Encroach It's fairly simple. She'll be duel wielding staffs and just using Acute Mind to buff her damage. Can't use the Hunter damage CAs because they're bugged in relation with Acute Mind. The mastery order is still fluid to change, and not completed because I'm just not sure how it might go. I have the build for the High Elf available in case anyone's interested, because I'm open minded to making it less of a hassle. I should mention that I lurk a lot on Sacred 2 topics. Hehe... Also, do people still play? lol I was playing and had someone join and say hi, but I couldn't do anything cause I don't know how to reply or friend request. They left immediately. >_<
  22. Version 1


    Somewhere in the world of Ancaria there is a priest who was destined to serve Gods in a remote location. He stays in his half-forgotten temple and rarely sees people except for hunters and travelling merchants who stop once in a while to make offerings to the Gods. This priest spends his free time breeding and training exotic creatures. Those rare times when he goes out of the temple, his pets usually follow him. He thinks that animals make good companions to lone travelers like him... and like you. This mod adds new special mounts for all 7 characters. They can be purchased from a new special mount dealer deep in the Jungle. Detailed information on all the variations in mount appearance and stats can be read about in this thread on DarkMatters forums. Each character gets 4 new special mounts, with the exception of the High Elf, who gets 7 new mounts. This mod requires the Ice and Blood expansion (or Sacred 2 Gold) and the latest Community Patch (1.50) to be installed beforehand. The CM Items Mod (optional) should be installed after the Community Patch but before anything else. Supported languages: English, French, German, Polish, Russian, and Spanish (Spanish requires download of an additional language patch). Installation (with no other mods installed): Download the Jonesoft Generic Mod Enabler (GME) and install it to your Sacred 2 root folder (the main folder where Sacred 2 is installed). Mod Enabler is available HERE After running the GME once, it will make a folder called "MODS" there. Extract the contents of the rar file and copy the "Elite Mounts v1.10" folder into the "MODS" folder. Run the GME and enable Elite Mounts v1.10. It may take a moment to install. The GME will back up your clean files and will allow to you to easily enable/disable the mod as you wish. The mod also comes with compatibility patches for some of the more popular Sacred 2 mods. Use the Generic Mod Enabler to activate them in the order described below. Installation order if using other mods: Elite Mounts Mod Wardust's Serious Textures Mod (must be version from Sacred 2 Nexus) (ignore compatibility patch) Enhanced Spells Mod (+ optional Challenge Mode) or Survival Mod or Llama's CM Patch Mod (choose one, these three mods are not compatible with each other) Compatibility Patch for whichever mod you chose to install at step #3 (Llama Mod or Survival Mod ONLY, Enhanced Spells 1.3+ has built-in compatibility so no patch necessary). This mod is NOT compatible with: Sacred 2 undressed Mod 2016 (compatibility patch is available with the undressed Mod) Diablo 2 Fallen (mounts are already integrated) Any older mod not updated for CM Patch 1.50 This mod should work just fine with Fleet's undressed Skins, Reduced Fog, Przemba's Visual Mods, and any music/sound mod.
  23. Hello everybody. There's quite a problem. I've downloaded S2RW v1.7 from Flix's link somewhere here in the modding section and everytime I launch it I see a message "Sacred 2 not found". The thing is, I do have Sacred 2 Gold Steam version. It doesn't matter from where I launch the tool - /system dir, /locale/en_UK - it always says the same. My registry entries look this way: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ascaron entertainment\sacred 2] "installpath"="E:\\DATA\\GAMES\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\Sacred 2 Gold" "currentversion"="" "language"="en_UK" "speech"="en_UK" "movietrack"="6" [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred 2] "LastUpdateCheck"=dword:000b426e ...and nothing more about Sacred 2. I've opened the tool with a HEX editor to read strings and get some clues. It seems that it looks for "SecuROM" and "{1023383E-D9F6-478C-A965-23A4657B3C9A}" keys (there's much more of them). The last seems to be the uninstallation data made by an installer, but the Steam doesn't have any, as well as it doesn't have SecuROM. So... Is there a way I can use the tool some way? Or is there a tool without some of the checks?
  24. Good Morning, I am a 51 year old Sacred 2 fan, my son introduced me to it years ago on the ps3, but now I can't play it on my ps3 cuz it no longer will read any discs I live in the Black Hills of South Dakota, about 20 miles from Mt Rushmore, I have 2 grown children a son 30 and a daughter 26, and I also have 2 fur babies, both Chihuahua's. When I found out I could get Sacred 2 for my PC it was a no brainer had to get it, but since I got it a week ago I haven't really been able to play and I am really bummed. I have changed the compatibility to windows xp sp3, and I was in the game long enough to create a character, and then it froze and I couldn't get back in, so I was sent here, and I tried the community patch and I downloaded and installed and then my virus protector removed it before I could play saying it was a Trojan, so here I sit still unable to play my favorite game in the world! Please help
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