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Kha-Beleth's Sovereignty: New Dragon Mage Set


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I'm making separate threads for some of the bigger, more impressive upcoming sets to give the New Uniques and Legendaries thread some room to breathe. Overall progress on the Community Items Mod will still be reported there.


Kha-Beleth is the Demon Sovereign of the realm of Sheogh, from the Might and Magic series of games. Somehow a copy of his infernal armor has mysteriously found its way into Ancaria. Only the Dragon Mage, able to master the magicks from other dimensions, has the magical skill to wear this massive armor and survive its powerful enchantments. In return, he receives an unnatural boost to all his magical and combat abilities regardless of aspect.


Concept, models and textures by Dmitrius154. Tweaked slightly by Flix.


Item names, bonuses and set design by Flix. Lore, item names and properties and more specifics are complete and will be posted soon, pending approval by Dmitriy.


Progress Report: Complete and fully implemented except for icon design.






















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Awesome, but the helmet texture seems off somehow.

Can't figure out why. Whether its too pink compared to the rest of the set, or the lack of neon bright lava lines.

Still, its an awe-inspiring set for a master of fire and dragons.

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Yeah, the character was created c. 2005 for HoMM 5, so right in the wake of the LotR movies. As it is the character kind of reminds me of a cross between Sauron and Diablo.









Helmet looks fine to me SX255.



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