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  1. I just tried the German forum and got a "ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved" message.
  2. Yoshio

    New Notebook!?

    Sorry, Timotheus! Completely missed your post. I finally got it for 659,- €, which I felt had been a good deal.
  3. Yoshio

    New Notebook!?

    Okay a bit late but I hope better that than never!? Anyway, I'm using this notebook now for a while and I have to say that I'm fully satisfied with its performance. Although I have to be honest in saying that I haven't yet plaid Diablo III all too much on it but it works perfectly fine with XCOM, Sacred II, Civ V, Torchlight and some other games. I'm happy that I made this choice back then!
  4. Yes and yes. Just follow the instructions in both mod-sections/-threads and You should do all fine. But remember that the Community Patch is somewhat a permanent patch whereas the Diablo Mod is exactly that, a Mod which can be added and disabled using the Generic Mod Enabler or GME as described in the according thread. Hope that helps!?
  5. If I got You, Saraphima, right, maybe this is what You are looking for: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/21559-req-help-for-modifying-sets/ I hope that helps and answers your question!?
  6. As usual great pictures and very mouth watering. I dearly hope that you guys finde the time some time to finish this one too!
  7. Gogoblender already said and I just can add to it: "Man, you both are crazy!" In the best and postivest way which can be imagined. Many thanks to you both for creating mods like this one for us other players! It really feels like birthday, christmas and easter together!
  8. Yoshio

    New Notebook!?

    I got it yesterday. But as it had been already late and as the notebook did come without an installed Windows, I will deal with it this weekend. So far, at least the delivery time of the shop had been very good. Ordered on Tuesday, received on Thursday. As soon as I have any real feedback, I will let you know.
  9. Yoshio

    New Notebook!?

    Okay, for those interested, I finally made a decission and I will go for a MSI GP70 notebook as I can get a good offer for it. Once again thanks for the help and input!
  10. Yoshio

    New Notebook!?

    Cheers for your input, Wolfie! I will spend part of this weekend to search for a new one and see what I can come up with!? And yes, I'm already very excited because of my Sabbatical Year and going to Japan. During my time at the university I already always had wanted to go to Japan for longer than just holidays and finally this is coming to get true!
  11. Yoshio

    New Notebook!?

    Cheers guys for your feedback! Much appreaciated! By now I already found out that 400,- € might be a bit unrealistic and therefore I increased the price range up to 500,- €. Therefore the Acer Aspire already looks quite good to me. Once again, thanks for your help and feedback!
  12. Hey there! As I could get any answer down in the Diablo III part of the form I hope, I'm at the right place now for asking this!? Lately I started to play Diablo III - Reaper of Souls in parallel to Sacred and as I do so, I have no problem with it as a I'm playing on my PC. But from April on I will be on a Sabbatical Year which I will spend in Japan. Because of that my PC has to stay at home. As my notebook has already come to age, I'm wondering if it still would be usable for to play Diablo III or if it would be better to search for something new. The thing is, as always, I don't wan
  13. This really looks great! Many thanks Meensai for posting this find!
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