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Hello, this and my first build and I wanted to know if it was viable 



All in Stamina or Intel or 50/50 ?


1-Concentration: 75 pts ?(For the 3 buffs (Protection runes + Familiar + Protector))

2-Dragon Magic Lore: 75 pts 

3-Dragon Magic Focus: 75 pts 

4-Armor Lore: 75 pts

5-Ancient Magic: 75 pts

6-Force: 75 pts

7-Elemental Magic Focus: 75 pts

8-Mentalism Focus: 75 pts

9-Combat discipline: 75 pts

10-Bargaining: 75 pts


Runes of Protection: Protection + Stone Skin + Runes

Protector: Regeneration +Protection + Protective shield

Familiar: Firebug + Protection from Fire +?

Dragon From: ? + Skin Regeneration + Fireball

Dragon Berserk: Fury + Steal Life+ Blood Frenzy

Eternal fire: Licking Flames + Hunger +?

Dragon Strike: Heat + Heat + Fury



Well I know it's not very accurate, but I use Dragon Berserk for bosses and Dragon Strike with Eternal Fire for large groups of minions. I have a comment to make about the Familiar (Buff). When I transform with Dragon Berserk my buff is lost so I put it back. Once I transform myself back into a Dragon mage the Buff Familiar is doubled, so I find myself with Intelligence +45 Life +30 Willpower +45 Intelligence +45 Life +30 Willpower +45

In short, to finish I wanted to know if it could hold its own over several difficulties?

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