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Sharing free games, the legal way

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Guys I have an account on a forum where quite regulary links to giveaways of free PC games are shared. I will probably not go into keys for stores other than Steam, Blizzard or GOG since I only have accounts on those platforms, but of you do happen to stumble upon a key for another store or find other keys (maybe there's such a thing as free keys for consoles, I don't know?) feel free to chime in :) let's share some free gaming love y'all!

Right now you can get Grid2 and two DLC packs in a giveaway on the Humble Bundle. And when you visit the Steam store page of the game, you can get another free DLC pack.


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Just sharing, regardless of whether what I am linking to is anything decent :4rofl: but maybe someone is interested in toying around with making a game of their own?

Game Guru


GameGuru is a non-technical and fun game maker. It allows you to build your own game world, using creative and enjoyable tools. Populate your game by placing down characters, weapons and other game items, then press one button to build your game, ready to play and share.

Free expansion pack (2800MB !)

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This time it's a game called Tacoma on the Humble Bundle when you are subscribed to their newsletter and have your Steam account linked up, apparently:

Click me!

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