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Spanky III?

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On Wednesday/Thursday of last week the name changed (again) on Cabe's account. This time it is Reksio Komunista. Per Borg, that is a player on the ogame.pl server. I just checked the forum and indeed, I found Reksio Komunista and Yakusa, both in Uni14.pl and Alliance A.K. And Yakasu has "Dark Passion Play" in his .sig, which is the name of one of Spanky's planets . . . or at least it was when Yakasu was on the account.


Not long after changing names, he sent me a pm out of the blue (something like: d(*_*)b pills). No idea why. Then he went into (v) mode. Two days later, he popped out for a few hours and then went back in. I am guessing that the account has changed owners again (at least for a month), so people may wish to be a bit wary when it comes back out of (v) mode. Expect some activity and perhaps a change of patterns.


- Ike

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Must be a nightmare to be a GO here, lol. :)


I would not be surprised is Sphen was playing the acct with a sibling or roommate, that is quite common on other servers. Comparatively, .org does a decent job of rooting out the multis. They might both have accts in 14.pl.

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