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In Topic: Trouble moving to underworld campaign

17 December 2015 - 03:53 AM

Not rude just not verbose. I was in a hurry when I posted it, that's why it reads like a telegram, short and to the point. No rudeness intended.

Sorry, it came across as not very friendly to me as well but I think it was more from frustration with the game mechanics than any actual hostility towards the OP.

It never hurts to realize that not everyone is a mind reader ... ;)

Sir Spock it has been a while.How have you been while I was away? I hope you solved your conflicts with your computer and happy right now

God Bless

In Topic: Biological Weapon

16 December 2015 - 04:01 AM

If any of you wants to improve or looking for evolution, I can help you online.Yes you heard it right,I am the bridge between human and being a super human and I know all the doors and have all the keys.They say we only use 3% of our brain,I know how to unlock the secrets of it and will share the portion of it


so if any of you believe in far east religions' enlightenment,ask away,I will reply all of your questions

In Topic: Trouble moving to underworld campaign

16 December 2015 - 02:55 AM

Because it doesn't and since the developers are no more,

there are still people working to patch the game,maybe we should ask what Flix says about it

In Topic: Temerity Justice - my new project

15 December 2015 - 07:58 AM

Temerity is on Twitter, @temerityj

Just a quick word to say to those of you who may be interested that I am working on a new project, Temerity Justice.  This is a steam punk sort of creation, which I am in the early stages of developing (proof one of stage one).  Temerity is a young woman with an affinity for horses and rifles, who burns a blaze wherever she goes.  While the main thrust of phase one is taking down the Hangman, there's a lot more adventure awaiting our girl and her gun as the days go by.  As her opponents say, "Your temerity goes too far!"  As she replies, "Well, don't I just!"

Blog or Facebook to follow.

interested or not,I followed you on twitter(Ironwill_tr)

I wish you good luck and lots of success with your project.Hope you accomplish whatever you dream of

In Topic: Television shows

15 December 2015 - 07:46 AM

Supernatural is my favorite I also watch The Walking Dead but it gives me nothing but discomfort