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questscripts.txt bundle 1.0.0

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About This File


  • lua script formatting tool + source code
  • for each Addendum, Dark mod and Sacred 2 EE 3.2A:
    • questscripts sorted into different folders/files to increase overview and moddability
    • all scripts formatted and beautified
    • all known questscripts.txt bugfixes
    • merging tool to merge all scripts into a single questscripts.txt
    • pre-merged questscripts.txt
    • The security of no syntax errors being present due to it being tested with the standard lua interpreter
  • merging tool source code
  • source code README.txt with detailed description of the tools
  • overall README.txt with detailed description of the files (Dmitriy if you consider using it then you should read this)


detailed description:


Contains questscripts.txt bundle for Addendum, Dark mod and Sacred 2 EE 3.2A.

Questscripts have been sorted manually into folders to increase overview and simplify modding. There's an exe provided which merges everything into a single questscripts.txt.
Also contains already merged questscripts.txt for all three mods.

The questscripts.txt fixes I posted into the forum are all present. @Dmitriy: The FTYPE_MAGICLIGHT spelling error also exists on the dll level, as I discovered, so for EE, FTYPE_MAGICLIGHT definitely is the correct syntax. I don't know wether you fixed it in your dlls, but I acted as if you didn't, so I reintroduced the FTYPE_MAGICLIGHT spelling mistake in the scripts.

The final questscript.txt has been tested by me for syntax errors using the standard lua interpreter. There are none.

Formatting for everything in EE 3.2A except questscripts_core.lua and cutscenes.lua has been done by hand.
Everything else in EE 3.2A has been done by machine using prettify.exe (my lua script beautification tool).
Everything in Addendum has been done by machine.
Everything in Dark mod has been done by machine.

questscripts_special.lua, platten.lua and area_NPC-spawn.lua have been copied over from EE 3.2A into Addendum and dark mod to save me from triple formatting by hand because my prettify.exe had trouble with those scripts. If Dmitriy touched any of those functions, they are now set back to EE state. Unlikely, but possible.

The source code + exe for prettify.exe as well as the source code for merge.exe. The source codes are platform independent but the exes only work on windows due to the wrapper I used to create the exe binaries. Should be clear since exe is just for windows.
Nothing speaks against using prettify.exe on other files as well. I suggest quest.txt. It will take a while, though.

There are known bug for prettify.exe which had to be corrected manually by myself. Look into source code's README.


@dimitrius154 @Flix

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