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  1. Lila, do you know anyone from there? There was a massive amount of content on that site in Italian.. was it simply a question of not being able to host it? I'm wondering if they just could have used another home? gogo No, sorry...I didn' spent lot of time in that forum..I don't have any contacts
  2. Trust me, it' a MARVELLOUS game, and and it would be a MISS-TAKE not givin a try!
  3. I'm italian, so I use to consult the italian Sacred Wiki...I use to frequent the S1 forum times ago, but it has been closed for lack of users...probably, the entire italian wiki has been closed for the same motivation.
  4. Purchased on GOG's summer sale few days ago, and I'm lovin it! It's little stealth game, with a charming colorful-cartoonish graphics...the lounge-like music is so relaxing Give it a try!
  5. Well done! This video will help beginners to understand Sacred basics...the rest, well, they will learn directly playing the game.
  6. Gee..I'm worse than you! I just have the GOG version of both games (purchased on GOG 'cause they're totally DRM FREE), nothing else!
  7. That's crazy..crystal plane is one of the places I explored the most, but never noticed that...groovie
  8. Well done, as ever. A question...this mod will heavily reduce FPS? I play Sacred 2 on two PC's. The first one is a slow machine, that allows to play the game with max 20/40/60 fps, wich is very good for me, the game in smooth. The other machine is fast, FPS 100 or whathever. Did you reccomand this patch on my slow machine?
  9. I'm a huge fan of the saga (I bought the first game, the second was a giveaway of GOG), but I can't play this Too high requirements
  10. so Seraphim NEVER appear as a enemy in the game? I ask 'cause I never played the ShadowPath by far...
  11. The races, in Sacred 2, are very confused.. I mean, the Inquisitor should be an HighElf, but if you remove his starting/placeholder equipment, you see that his ears are rounded, not pointed...and he's not slim and small as all of the high elf's, he's quit tall, whit a big chest (not visible removing starting equipment, but it's notable) The Seraphims should be a mystical race from another dimension (as I read somewhere), and if I'm not mistaken they can not age, but are classified as human.... This is one of the many inaccuracies in the Sacred's mythology...I'd like to know something more pre
  12. ...you have the full "mutation" set? so jealous
  13. Welcome to Darkmatters! It's fine to see another girl here, I feel less alone now
  14. I got that beat. The ultimate leveling place: Sacred 2 Unskilled characters - Level 200 Just load the game and BAM you're leveled up all the way. Saves tons of time! LOL you have the solution for everything
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