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  1. Hey flix and everyone, I have been playing this mod since it started and sacred 2 as well but I was wondering is there any way to disable the whole Miss when normal attack thing ? I hate when my clicks dont connect with the mobs, I know I can use the stats to increase the chance of not missing but I was wondering if I can disable it completly or have 100% all the time Thank you.
  2. Also flix is there any way to make the projectiles run faster ? as it is now the fireball looks like a slow ball to me , could be more faster then that. And as I am playing sorceress theres something bugging me, and thats the intelligence, I do not think it gives enough damage , for a mage to do 300 damage at level 19 with fireball and 240 damage with the wand normal attack thats outrageous + the fire spells rely to much on dots and not direct damage, I realy believe it should have a direct impact first and then burn the foes, but thats just me.
  3. The devilkin and those alike + the boars, they are very small and annoying somethimes as I cannot understand what the hell is going on around me with those little creepers dancing and shooting me ))
  4. Flix, should the stun from Daze ( Firewall modification of sorcerres ) stun the bosses ? Cus ya know if I get higher I will be able to just spawn perma stun on them. Also is there a way to scale the height of monsters up in the configs ? The current height its realy annoying because they are not higher then the grass.
  5. Try the gog version <snip> its the best that works on all windows versions. Moderator Note: Please don't encourage others to illegally download the game.
  6. Unbended has been delayed due to another project somehow being more fascinating. Check this link to Kickstarter to get an insight into their new energy drain. It's not the talk of the town, either, but maybe it will prove more successful...
  7. Flix you doing a amazing job at keeping this alive for so many years, keep up the "best" work and God bless you for helping this community out.
  8. Hey wolfie2k are you going to continue the story ?
  9. Yeah I know , maybe we will see some update in 2016 XD hopefully il be able to post here in the next years and hopefully wolfie decieds to continue the story.
  10. Paladin: * Fixed a bug that was causing Holy Bolt to deal 20x the intended damage against demons. I had sooo much fun with it XD, guess I have to remake my character XD, as I invested in that specific skill XD.
  11. Almost 3 years XD , I've got to be the most annoying fan ever XD. Still waiting.
  12. I had some issues like that. I wont explain why it happens but rather how to make it work , install the game normaly ,apply the cm patch, extract the diablo mod to a folder and inside it there should be some folders like system etc. Copy those ,inside the sacred 2 folder and you are done, dont forget to install the diablo 2 font on your pc there are steps on how to do it in the first post of this thread. Enjoy
  13. Hey flix, I have a ideea for some group combat , I do mot know if this game os intede for group play but it could be a good ideea to add a raidable boss, that requires more then just a player to kill it. I know this could be more or less effective but it could either be overlooked or incest players in grouping over the multyplayer. Edit: Also I remember you removing the pvp ca , are you able to edit the ca's , I know you cannot create a new one but you could edit existing one for.a.new.purpose. Il come back wit a actual ideea over this aspect.
  14. I can confirm that sometimes, it doesn't debug after using smite, I think the FX of the skill is the issue here, maybe change the type of the teleport inside the spell?
  15. Hey Flix, I wan't to say, good job on this mod for sacred 2 , also I have a suggestion more or less. I logged in my Paladin wich I made him specificaly for killing demons,undeads, doing over 25k dmg at level 50, and continued farming in the cursed island as its the fastest map to level the paladin, while there everthing was perfect untill I stumble upon Gargantua, wich didn't fit in, that spider supposely to be a demon as well since everything is cursed in there, and not a living Insect, now my suggestion is , can you change the mob type to demon ? To fit the scenery ? Or you can point out where can I change it, if its in global.res don't bother I quited editing games a long time ago, thank you for the support.
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