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  1. The Berserker has the Concentration skill but there's no way to convey mastery via a creature skill bonus, so he's stuck with 2 buffs. The skills are separate from the DM's so they don't carry over. I have to manually add the skills I want the shapeshifted forms to have, like Alchemy. Your report also helped me spot a bug where I had added Concentration twice to the Berserker and Dragon Form. I don't think it's causing any adverse issues but I'll correct it nonetheless.
  2. For your build, I would ditch Lightning Focus. You won't be dipping into Lightning Spells enough to warrant it. Toughness is a life saver and Magic Find is too tasty. You can keep Teleport regen times low with the Fire Spells buff "Warmth." Teleport may lose some of it's battle-flexibility and be more of a utility skill, but you shouldn't have survivability issues if you avoid getting mobbed and don't try to face tank. That's just me anyway.
  3. Hello! Thanks for trying the mod and writing back. Gahanka is currently overtuned in v14. I've heard the player feedback and will nerf him back to vanilla in v15. Well, close to vanilla anyway. He will be easier to kill (no damage mitigation or vitality boosts) and will do vanilla damage. He will still have a boosted chance to hit in melee. For a fully leveled-up player, this boss is not any tougher than any other. The problem is that most people will be facing him early on and I didn't really account for that when adjusting him. I should also say, the Paladin is not the Serap
  4. I've made my peace with all of D3's departures from its predecessors and actually got several months of enjoyment from playing it. Once I took all 7 characters through the campaign and got them to max level, I didn't see a lot of replay value though. Rifts and bounties were fun for a time, but once I'd experienced all that content with all the characters I felt kind of full, with not much to look forward to, like I'd finished a big meal. My only real gripe is the inability to mod it on PC. D4 will be more of the same. D2 Resurrected, however, looks to still be just as moddable as t
  5. Damage converter slots will only appear on weapons (and TG batteries). You can get damage conversion modifiers on gloves but it behaves strangely with other sources of conversion.
  6. I just watched a 45 min. deep dive panel with the developers. What I learned blew me away. They didn't remake the game as I thought. They rebuilt the graphics engine and it runs on an updated version of the original game code - optimized of course. In other words this is a true remaster, not a remake. You can apparently even toggle off the remastered visuals in-game and see the original underlying graphics instead. This means all mechanics are exactly the same. The changes are the kind of quality of life changes you would expect from modern RPG's, like item comparison, a "total stat
  7. Well the new Diablo IV trailer dropped last night in BlizzCon. It introduces the Rogue as the fourth playable character. I feel like it almost got overshadowed by the announcement of a D2 remaster. Blizzard seems to really be leaning into the grim-dark aesthetic. The cinematic parts are a little cheesy and dull IMO, but the gameplay footage is what really caught me eye. Looks to be a bit of Rogue/Amazon/Demon Hunter all rolled into one.
  8. I can live with them not being constantly shown - mainly it's just I wish the frame was there on mouse-over. It's so much easier to read and it keeps it consistent with all other tooltips.
  9. After 20 years of fans trying to remake Diablo 2 in other engines, Blizzard is finally doing it. I saw this late last night and was frantically texting all my buddies. I'm blown away by the visuals. Here's hoping it does justice to the original. I'm sure Warcraft 3 Reforged is still lingering in people's memories. If I heard that guy right, they're basically recreating the whole thing from scratch. Even the cinematics are remade, scene by scene, shot by shot.
  10. It might be bearable with the dark maps so long as the font color is changed back to white. I'd really rather not settle for bearable though. World objects can be toggled on and off, and I'm having a hard time envisioning a scenario where the player wants to see world objects but not the labels. Zooming easily overcomes any icon & label crowding.
  11. Makes me want to rename it to something like "Spell Evasion" or something to better indicate that it's the spell-based version of Combat Refexes.
  12. Hello. Thanks for trying the mod and writing back. I assume it's a display issue, where the Spell Resistance from the skill is simply calculated afterward and therefore doesn't show up on the character sheet. @dimitrius154 Do you happen to know why the Spell Resistance skill doesn't seem to contribute to the overall spell resistance stat shown on the character sheet? Was it there before and is now missing? If it was never present then there's no bug, that's just how he looks. Unlike the other characters I didn't change his base model or animations in 3.0, so I doubt it's
  13. Hello. The mod will not work on just Fallen Angel. It requires the expansion and community patch. Typically the reason for errors like you describe is incorrect installation. Many people create an extra folder when they extract the zip file. Instead, you should extract the contents of the zip file directly into the MODS folder in your Sacred 2 installation.
  14. I was thinking about spawn entries today. Do you happen to know what all the parameters mean? {2500,4,"",0,0,0,0}, First is creature ID, then density. After that I have no idea. Only the second-from-last digit seems to get used. ========= I had another pondering: do you think it's possible to allow player characters to take advantage of the "modelscale" parameter in their creature entries? When used on NPC's, it affects their gear as well, which would be pretty nifty if worked on the player characters too. I could scale up the Amazon so she's not the tiniest character.
  15. Not at all. Why would my laying plans for my future D2F releases give that impression?
  16. I always follow the rule stated in the "helpful tips" displayed on the loading screen: "As a rule of thumb, a combat art is considered appropriate if its level equals about ¼ of the character level." "Обычно боевое умение считается хорошо развитым, если его уровень составляет около четверти от уровня персонажа."
  17. Do you have textures set to "Minimal" in the Options menu? The mod will only work correctly if textures are set to "Default" or "Elite".
  18. Hello and thanks for trying the mod. The most common reason an installation fails is because you may have created an extra folder when you extracted the "zip" file. The folder structure should look similar to this after installation: C:\GOG Games\Sacred 2 Gold\MODS\Diablo 2 Fallen v14 Inside that folder is locale, pak, scripts, system folders. Make sure you extract the contents of the mod's zip file directly into the MODS folder, without creating an extra folder.
  19. Yeah. I think there's a lot of potential with the "enemy-as-drops" spawn model.
  20. Since we're on the subject, how to do the containers which spawn T-Mutants on Seraphim Island work? The player may open several vases or chests with a chance to spawn a monster. Is the creature a "drop" or a spawn? I assume the mechanics are the same as the crypts which spawn Undead.
  21. Some are used for various quests, others are just there to explore. I tried to fill many of them with interesting creatures, bosses, and quests in my mod Diablo 2 Fallen.
  22. Are you asking if that is something that is currently happening? Or if it's a feature you want implemented? Either way I don't see any way to intentionally cause that. It's conceivable that when you enter an area, enemy levels are set, then when the creature mutates, it counts as a new spawn, so if you've leveled up since entering the area, the newly spawned T-Mutant will be higher level to match you.
  23. There are a lot of generic FX affected by me changing some of the default color textures. The most obvious is the set of NOVAs. In vanilla the 4 NOVAs are green, blue, red, and yellow. I hate to say it but EE is probably skewing the results of what the FX originally were more than you realize.
  24. This is what I'm seeing. The frame looks much better to my eyes. This is the current D2F convention:
  25. There's no rush. I'm primarily working on mods for The Witcher 1 & 2 right now. Just wanted to go ahead and start the dialogue with you. Thanks for looking into it. No it's cream-colored with Addendum, but I prefer the pure white because it's D2-style. I think the cream color is even more difficult to read. The text blends in with the map. I have some pictures at home I'll upload. I think I can live with the imperfections there. I've been using the Addendum animations in EE with unrestricted weapons and they're still better than vanilla. I was impressed on a daily ba
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