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  1. No it´s not your fault, because that lags iis also in vanilla game. I try it. Yes I have old PC but not much, (from year 2010-2011) I don´t think that is because my computer is old.
  2. Limits :D this game is in that tottaly weird, when I use spell like blizard (High elf) or something biger from Dragon Mage, game star lags. Even if I have all setings on Low, and try use teleport CA high elf or leap attack (Shadow Warrior) for long distance. It is to laugh. CA looks like they were created a 5 year old child, nothing special, and even than that spels laging, if I use upgrade CA what is that? Biggest joke in videogame. Has anyone repaired that lags?
  3. Great Idea using shadow step as area of efect CA. I never try it because that CA have low Dmg, what is your dmg on this CA. So you raising your SS dmg using +% magic damage ring or whatever what adds +magic dmg? In fallen mod that can be very great build because Shadow Step does not have cooldown, and teleport works instantly.
  4. Charge lasts 90 seconds. You have to hold down the left mouse button and keep moving. Used like this, it can be used indefinitely, since there's no cooldown. If you stop moving, the Charge ends. But for movement I use WASD not mouse, so when I use Charge I using W and try use other CA, so when I use W and try use other CA charge lasts few seconds.
  5. Can Paladin skill "Charge" increase speed more than few second? Something like original CA "dashing alacrity" (50second with upgrade) Stun in CA "Charge" can act only a few seconds, but that increased speed (in base game) is a great. Also finally useful concentration for more buffs. In Vanilla I use only one buff, but here..... fanaticism, thorns, Holy Freeze. "2-handed weapons in this mod are generally much better than in normal Sacred 2." Great I play barbarian and paladin but when I few days back see bow Windforce I lke want play amazon Also I'm curious how it looks, if you
  6. Flix Your work AMAZING, hats down. I have no word.
  7. Here some new video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uok1gDAdrN4 I curious what build is better mell dryad or this speraphim, but I think seraphim because Only seraphim can reach 250% speed with Dashing Alacrity (increased run and attack speed 10-15%) and ring +12-15% to attack speed. I don´t use anything from damage mitigation (so you can have trouble if you find some boss, harder champion) or life leech (it would take a lot of place in sockets) that I don´t have enought speed (what I think is based of seraphim) And that it what you feel when you reach min 250% attack speed (really gr
  8. Best leveling place? 100% it is Blood Forest. Why? Because that "demonic angel" spawn 3-4minions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxZdYhwqMgk
  9. Solution? Yes solution exist, Here it is: Go to the black/Red forest (in game, not red forest near Chernobyl TOTTALY diferent brightness MUCH more dark. I think that is only "solution of this problem, I have the same problem. Look on Sacred 1 and Sacred 2 totally different in that issue.
  10. GREAT This build and video convinced me to play dragon mage mentalist. THANKS
  11. Flix is possible put into inferno patch moonyspawn mod, it may not be directly that mod, but he added in game much more enemies. 2: Increase the maximum attack speed to 250% What do you think about it?
  12. You mean , muhahaha...like have monsters squirt out more blood? Like the forbidden gore effects in first Sacred? gogo No I mean, in Sacred 2 is too much color, compare it with Sacred 1.
  13. I do not create new topic, so I worte it here. Posted Edited gogo
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