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  1. he's been updating the game a lot, now with tabbed interface, and tons of new monsters, skills, and zones etc
  2. New content incoming - summons will be cool! Also adding hardcore-only leaderboard soon
  3. Here is a vid of someone playing with splashing hit build - with 50x speed - knife through butter spell with maxed out Area of Effect
  4. I may need to go back down to the earlier levels and farm, since I've seen some other people on the leaderboard use skills I haven't picked up yet Each zone has a specific set of items/cards that can roll. ie swamp zone has poison skills
  5. No I don't have a vid of my guy ---- Read the tutorial it helps, but yeah it takes a bit to figure out Bascially the stats go up per level like Diablo 3. But you choose your weapons, armour/items and skills in the INV tab These level up as you fight on their own. So you can respec any time you like, and save them to a slot with shift+number (enabled in the config tab) Clicking on each equipped weapon/armour and skill in the CARD tab, allows you to assign any cards you have found to each, and this is where you start to define your build. Each item /skill can hold 6 such cards To level these cards up you have to craft each one from items found by killing monsters. However you can set to auto level up equipped cards, a big time saver! ---- Anyway I reskilled my guy to a composite bow user, with fire arrow, with extra projectiles. I fully min maxed him to boost Physical damage %, and them converted to huge amounts of fire damage. Plus also very low shot duration, by stacking items/cards with minus skill duration, so I fire very fast., And massive amounts of health leach from Physical and fire damage. I only have 100hp/sec health regen but 3k health leech per shot, with 10k max hitpoints And I can shoot 4 shots a second fanned out into 3 projectiles 302+k damage per shot, 1.3 million DPS, but I've actuall had it as high as 4+ million DPS, depending on which cards I equip, but I've changed to maximise my survival since killing isn't the problem right now My guy can't dodge, only 1% chance, but only takes 1-2% physcial damage from massive armour and 3-4% elemental damage, from stacking resists. Even so I have been killed with bosses since I'm into level 250+ zones, while my guy is level 87
  6. New build added auto crafting/leveling up of equipped cards, so even more idling Also you can pause the game for a while, and then hit the 50x speed up! Good for farming
  7. Im addicted to these idle incremental games but this one is even better, ARPG, build theory crafted orientated! Think Diablo/Path of Exile etc, but without actually playing and grinding Just pure build theory crafting etc https://fiery-heat-4226.firebaseapp.com/ I'm "CoolColJ" on the leaderboards https://fiery-heat-4226.firebaseapp.com/leaderboard.html Tutorial https://www.reddit.com/r/DungeonsOfDerp/comments/2y1sgh/dungeons_of_derp_tutorial/ currently rocking a mage dude with fireballs, with extra projectiles card modifier With mana and HP regain on hit
  8. Damn third game will be out soon...
  9. Hmm a new ARPG, still in early access Has gamepad support
  10. I bought it cheap from Green Man gaming as a preorder. So far so good. There are so many must have mods, which change the game for the btter, fills in the gaps that the devs missed. Steam Works makes it easy to browse and grab these In fact a few of the mods have been incorporated into recent patches I really like the first person camera mod, really gives you a nice idea of what your city is like down on the ground, GTA style Very easy to create custom content. I made a few smaller parks and car parks. Then you can slot them into your game.
  11. Not sure but here is the FAQ http://www.dragonage.com/#!/en_US/news/multiplayer-faq There are leaderboards
  12. Ahem that last video I posted above shows MP mode
  13. Alpha 8 - weather system More or more depth added each update
  14. Yikes! Slickest looking ARPG yet http://steparu.com/previews/mmorpg/1661-lost-ark-online-mmorpg-preview-and-translations Turn on subs for this one I like the skill/attack system - allows quite a lot of combos - at 6:45
  15. Up and coming, and up to 256 players in a single world http://www.pandaknifetree.com/
  16. Yes PC You find "materials" and combine them to create spells, your wand and robe passive effects
  17. Magicmaker is a pretty interesting ARPG'ish platform game with a unique magic system that pretty much allows you to do any kind of magic/pet build you can think of by combining things! here is someone's minion build
  18. Maybe time for me to buy it... but I'll wait till a daily deal pops up on steam
  19. Alpha 7 - big update -Stuff system allows you to build walls, furniture, and other structures out of arbitrary materials. -New stats system for calculating and reporting thing stats from skill, race, stuff, and other factors. -There are now multiple types of stone: sandstone, granite, marble, slate, and limestone. -There are now multiple mineable minerals: metal, silver, gold, plasteel. -Leather harvesting from animals, and cloth harvesting from cotton crops. Special space-tech cloth types. -Make clothing from arbitrary fabrics or leathers. -Reworked damage deflection chance per-damagetype armor system. Some animals and mechanoids have natural armor. -New biome: tropical rainforest. A choking, disease-infested jungle. Disease rates are linked to biomes. -Prosthetic limbs, from simple to complex: peg legs, wood dentures, simple prosthetics, enhanced bionic limbs and eyes. -Organ harvesting and transplanting. -Diseases: flu, plague, malaria, sleeping sickness. -Chronic conditions (age-related): Cataracts, bad back -A bunch of new traits. Brawler, prosthophile, and more -New trade system and interface. -Traders carry and buy any item, including prosthetics, neurotrainers, organs, slaves, weapons, apparel, commodities. -Neutrotrainers: Matrix-style instant training devices. -Lockable doors -Melee weapons: Club, knife, spear, shiv, short sword -New animals: cobra, monkey, camel, tortoise, boar, rhino. -Storyteller redesigned and rebalanced. -Visitors carry their own food and hopefully won't raid your food supplies. -Translations can be set to avoid using tiny text (useful for Asian languages where tiny characters are unreadable). -Rewritten credits system integrates translator credits from each translation automatically. -Piles of other additions, fixes, and tunings.
  20. Epic! That is very lovely mix of Dungeon Keeper and Minecraft. Finally a 3D dungeon construction. Hope you get to flood enemy dungeons. Though I have some minor issues with the gameplay. The wall reinforcement is too fast. The monster selection is uninspired. The “fill in the holes” mechanic is easy to abuse. Mixing the summoning portal with the dungeon heart removes the commando missions. well it's still Early Access right now - but here is the road map
  21. I came across this game called Dwelvers, it's like a modern but better Dungeon Keeper Tried the demo and it's pretty good, more sim than DK. Kind of like Evil genius, dungeon keeper meets dwarf fortress lite A surface world will be added, which I think will allow you to raid human villages/castles, and they will also raid your dungeon etc Pretty polished so far
  22. ahh here it is http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/08/26/civilization-beyond-earth-faction-creation/
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