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  1. Hehe it's nice to see people still using my guides, put a lot of work and love into, so hope you are enjoying it :-D
  2. I'm still playing just add my char dizzydumbo
  3. poe account GnUeN char ign HereisFreddy
  4. been playing this for a long time, when I dont play league of legends
  5. thx gogo hope ya can help me abit on this one
  6. hello again Darkies. know I haven been away for some time, work, education and life, same old same old... so I hope I will help with a little something if possible, im still toying around with this game, and I hope that perhabs 48 of Dm members might give a hand in this thing. I need 48 more friend referals to unlock something for my favorit champion Twitch , the only thing need of u is to hit the link I post under this message, and then play up to level 10, if the crowd will help me in my request. http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=4bff45754d7d4 cya in LoL maybe Ep
  7. Well ol mainly going 3 vit 2 str on my cannon pet enginer so I can even survive in elite and do decent damage
  8. Well that's life sometimes when ya go hc I will start hc once I'm done with the testing phase of my build . gogo can you make a tl2 sub forum
  9. I'm just trolling normal atm running enginer hybrid pet/cannon build
  10. Massive rain I went from one building to another when I entered all got a laugh look down my pants. had to laugh to because It looked like I had a massive pee explosion haha.
  11. Welcome Welcome WELCOME ! MUHAHAHAHAH
  12. Its gonna be a blast can't wait to play engineer! And now 3 days to go even thought I'm 28 I still get the jiggels about a game thats gonna be fun to play
  13. Yup I pre ordered it when I first saw it on steam and gave the tl 1copy to a friend really looking forward to it
  14. Tl 2official release date is 20 this month so get rdy to rumble
  15. Hello Maurice welcome to the Dark Corner, im this forum's crazy clown, because in every sacred game thier has been sofar I always made "no typical" builds because the normal builds was borring ;D its good to see that Deep Silver found this little corner and want to take peoples idears, if usable into action have a nice one thier cherios epox out
  16. Well it's been a while since I last played... I reached lvl30 but it's just all too competitive for me and lost a bit of fun factor. I could only play amumu really well and it gets boring playing the same champ over and over again. I had a good innings wil Lux, but if you don't get a ton of kills people start with their "noob" business and that's just nasty. So I might get one or two more games in before GW2 is released, but I doubt much more play after Aug 28! Yeah I know the feeling but people tend to forget lol is I team game if the team cant back up then its hard to kill that's why
  17. Mmmm cake what time should I come dumping in paragliding down the chimni thx ess yeah they are nice toys lotsa makros to code
  18. Happy birthdays to you Sce yea you just given me renewed youth juice . ah gw 2 never played the series hope you get lotsa fun hope to see ya in lol
  19. Thx you to its been a great day sofar and only getting better hehe Storm yeah time does fly bye.
  20. Today I'm turning 28 I'm getting oooooold been a great day sofar. breakfeast was pancakes. scrambled eeg. bacon. sausages. Homemade buns. gifts. Logitech g510 kb and g500 mouse. torchlight 2 pre ordered on steam plus some in-game stuff for league of legends. a new chair. a cinema trip to se the new batman movie and a phone cover + going out for dinner this evening
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