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  1. best -> Leonberger Overall the best dog for me living with kids outside village. Very friendly but also protective, trained for water rescue because of the ponds around,...
  2. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa -> covid At the beginning of covid a race team owner said that it would be best that all drivers should try to infect themself with corona before the season starts. The drivers said stupid, we won't risk our life for racing. The owner was puzzled, he was from a generation when in average 3-4 out of 24 drivers died each year at racing. I remember a TV show at Hockenheim circuit. 5 drivers were interviewed, 3 of them died within a few months: Bellofs, Winkelhocck, de Angelis De Angelis played piano atthe show.
  3. Not cannibalism. Parasites,. There are a dozen or so caterpillars who are carnivorous. The parasitic ones are the ones in the surroundings of our house. Else where aer some who activly hunt
  4. Not connected to canalisation and lot of rain - we were cleaning our wastewater ponds. Some 'dusky large blue' butterflies around who like muddy surroundings. But did you know they have very interesting caterpillars? They feed on ant larvae in the ant nest.
  5. choices -> pest and cholera Saying in many languages, it is like choosing between pest and cholera
  6. As so often, heat was followed by a thermal thunderstorm the next day. 50 litres rain per square metre ib just one hour, Some smaller flooding in neighbour village. For us it was good, enough water in the well now.
  7. traps -> horse owners They often do 'electro' fences .and not massive wooden ones. But many of them are weekend riders only and don't control the fences daily.
  8. gauche -> parrying dagger The main gauche is a subtype of the left wielded parrying dagger. Hmm, I am left handed and I wield the rapier left handed when fencing (did modern pentalthlon when highschool). So what is a main gauche for left handed people? The parrying elements don't matter ,but the thumb ring depends on hand. The normal combination, rapier and main gauche
  9. 1st of May is workfree in Germany, Bicycle trip with almost WHOLE family, mainly tandems with kid trailers. 80 kilometres to visit a bicycle race. We visited at the climb to the highest mountain. Before we visited a falconry which trains falcons to keep birds away from the runway at Frankfurt airport. Return by railway which had waggons for bicycles. 29C and sun From the hill top near our house we can see the hilttop of the Grosser Feldberg. But seeing and reaching it per bike are two totally opposite thihgs
  10. movie -> Good Bye Lenin! Just watched it again sunday. The mother of a boy is a member of the east german party. She gets a stroke and falls into coma. German is re-united when she awokes. Docs tell the boy that she may die if she gets a shock because of it. So the boy does fake news with a video camera, collects old east german food tins and refills them, just anything to hide that the re-union happened.
  11. ants -> zombie There are several parasiteaffecting the brain of their victim. Some make ants climb up plants. Once at the sun and way above ground the ant is killed and the fungus releases its spores spreading in a wide area.
  12. effect-> rotor-sail My god-child is an engineer on one. It has Flettner-rotors which use the Magnus effect.
  13. 3C and very stormy. Tried a warm soup from Grünkern. Put it into grist mill. Roasted some onions with bacon pieces. added water, vegs, milled Grünkern, an egg and some cream. Grünkern is dried with beech wood burning so it has a slight smoky taste, together with the roast aroma it tastes fine.
  14. myrtle beach -> Wadden Sea Germany's Atlantic coast. At low tide the water reveals a large muddy beach and you can walk from mainland to the islands. Before I went firefighter at naval air wing I was weapon officer on subhunter helicopters and planes. We did some SAR flights for tourists who were surprised by high tide while not yet back to main land. There are some places which allow swimming, but I always liked to walk on the wadden sea at low tide. See the houses atthe horizon? You can reach them walking at low tide. At lowest tide and the reason I like the place: But so it looks at high tide. And there are dangerous and strong currents.
  15. friday the 13th -> quatorzieme My neighbour asked me if my daughter could be the quatorzieme for his (playboy) son. Quite dangerous question since we met in forest and I carried a gun. Then he said that a quatorzieme is a 14th guest in case there 13 at table. So wasn't the question to be the 14th girlfriend.
  16. Bear garlic, garlic taste without the after eating smell of garlic from the hide and mouth. Also I will roast the onions with some fatback cubes. Think the tastes will work together,
  17. Bought !0 pounds of Grünkern. Lot of experiments. If you can use rice you could try Grünkern. More ballast, less carbs. This is first I want to try: Grünkern, cabbage turnip, peas, onions, bear garlic, bit fruit wine
  18. In ewarly Sacred2 times I allways considered it very strange reading guides with skill and stat distribution for level 200. Most used an edited level 200 char. They very seldom mentioned how to reach that level. I remember the work we put to calculate the curve from last post. Level 200 is possible. Our family smith reached it after only playing for 8 years. Lots of blood forest quest runs. So yes, quests aer the way to go.
  19. holy -> Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation Wetzlar was the place of the empire's highest court. To be neutral Wetzlar was a free town. Goethe was an apprentice at he court. I had the bad luck (but only because of Goethe, town is beutiful) to be born in Wetzlar. I remember a train travel when I was 17. In my compartment with 6 seats were 4 girls from UK. They asked me where I would be from. Wetzlar Oh the sufferings of young Werter from Goethe - lot of quotes Actually Goethe hated Wetzlar Oh, why? Small streets with no canalisation. When he woke up late and walking to the court he always had to avoid waste from night pots raining from above on the streets... I bet nobody told it to them at school. Houses used to be bigger towards the top so you could pour water out without hitting the walls below. Street is to the old Lahn river bridge, path to the old city walls.
  20. (Town)people are so used to a working internet. But if it is countryside it means radio and not wire. So it is necessary to have either a paper map or that you have a map tool which allows to store a map so you can use it in time of no internet access (storm). Second if you do a tour, don't calculate in distances - use time. If you have 4 hours: cycling with 30km/h with the wind and only 10km/h against it you should start driving home after an hour. They did both wrong.
  21. We had a very quick change from bright sunlight to a thunderstorm with lots of rain. We were surprised when 4 families on a bicycle tour were ringing at 8pm at our lonely house in the forest. Storm prevented using navigation systems. They were totally lost, wet and frozen. Using all our towels and some clothes for the kids of them. Heated the field kitchen for a ghoulash soup. Used the team car of firefighters three times to drive them home, last after midnight. Bicycles are still at our place. We have unexspected guests around two times a year. Could have been worse for them.
  22. Asparagus season runs second april week till rd week in june here in germany. Hop sprouds end of march till end of april. So yes, asparagus is cheaper here now and tastes better in my opinion because fresher, less transport, less storing. I prefer food when it is in season. But without a garden and farmers around, don't know.
  23. We have wild hop around. It is season for hop shoots/sprouts. They can be used like asparagus. It was a cheap food for hop farmers. Too many hop shoots on a plant resulted in many but weak twigs. So only three were left on a plant. The shoots made a nice food. Today with cooling and faster transport hop shoots made it to noble restaurants and are really expensive. My wife will do trout with sprouts. Trout from rivelet, sprouts from wild hop near house. https://www.gone71.com/hop-shoots-hop-asparagus-humulus-lupulus-recipe/
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