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  1. I had a dislocated shoulder several time 12-20 years ago. A surgery solved this. For the several rehabs I got my own shoulder-chair, a CPM machine, continous passive motion robot. Mom fell short before x-mas as I posted somewhere else. Needed an implant for her upper leg and the humerus is now a big mess of plates and screws. The rehab has one CPM but several people needing it. So she can use it only 2 times a day each 15 minutes. The docs, med students, nurses in my family said that she need way more time with the CPM. We looked after my CPM stored in the barn: still working but a way too big. I shortened the metal arm with a laser cutter at work, calibrated the engines and re-wrote the software together with our second who studies orthepedics and arteficial limbs. My wife did a plastic model of the arm of my mom and a 3D printer did a soft perfect fitting cover of the metal arm. Our oldest and her husband worked on a programmable control for the shoulder-chair: now including controlling of TV, radio, sun covers of windows, ... All in all took 4 days and she needs it for at least two more month.
  2. Think I may have tried Buttermilch. Short roasting the stripes and then herbs and buttermilk added and short boiled. The milk bacteria may have softened it. Another way would be marinading first
  3. Nope, bees are peaceful. I have some hives The novel 'The swarm' was number one for best selling books in germany for 8 month and in top 10 for several years. It is about a very intelligent neural network of swarm building deep sea amoebia. They see their life in danger and plan to remove the humans from the earth. They mind control maritime worms to dig holes in methan stone creating mega tsunamis, mind controlled orcas attack fisher boats , land crabs attack humans spreading diseases, billions of shells attaching to the bottoms of tankers and containerships, their weight make them sink, ... Short a multilevel attack on menkind
  4. Living mid in a forest... What is Netflix? Most time we watch TV is at heavy rain storms and then the radio antenna for internet is shaking. But not the half ton satellite receiver. Next I want to watch on Free-tv: Der Schwarm / The Swarm was a fantastic book and now it is as a 4 episode mini series,
  5. Courage -> play School theatre did it when we were 16. I was one of the freaks managing the light and sound.
  6. 80's -> Ramstein air show disaster Three weeks ago it was as a learning scenario at regional disaster control meeting. Many could have survived if the medics would have been civil and not military. Military medics were trained to first bring wounded away and in savety and treat later. German firefighters tried to build a local collection place for treatment but weren't allowed because Ramstein is US garnison. The good thing at Ramstein was that it showed that international disaster standards were needed. From Wiki Doctor on emergency call over the radio: "We are searching for burnt patients that are pulled and transported unaided away from us by the Americans. They told us nobody from them are here no more. Not all the injured people are transported away by helicopter or ambulance. There is total chaos around us and some of the injured are even transported on pickup trucks that are not leaving on emergency exit, they are driving beside the drifting visitors. It was a terrible sight to see people with burnt clothes and sagging burnt skin, squirming with pain of transfixed and shocked with pain[clarification needed] on these vehicles."
  7. gold -> Spandau Ballet The Spandau was a machine gun in WW1. Sometimes dead soldiers trapped in barbed wire were hit again and again by machine gun salvos. The corpses jumped up and down from the impacts but still being trapped in the wire. This movement was called Spandau ballet. The band probably didn't knew this macabre meaning whwn they visited Berlin and read the name on a wall. They did good songs however. My grandgrandpa worked at August Euler, building and later flytesting planes before they were send to the front. Euler patented a plane with a spandau machine gun as early as 1910. Grandgrandpa founded the local glider club. This is why our family gets lcenses real cheap.
  8. Me too I have 3 tuba and 4 horns brass -> silver wedding Will have it this year. In Germany 45 years married is called Messinghochzeit (brass wedding). In english speaking countries it is sapphire wedding. But brass is so much more robust than sapphire and cheaper. Money can be saved for the golden one
  9. horns -> Halali Greeting between two hunters, also the horn signal at the end of a hunt. To get a hunting license in germany you have to know all huntings signals played with the hunting horns.
  10. zombie masters -> zombie-ant fungus A fungus doing mind control on an ant so that it climbs to a place where tzhe fungus can spread his spores in a best way.
  11. tardigrades -> predaceous fungi Remembered that our oldest had a summer vacances project for university about local predaceous fungi. She studied arboristic and it was about how these fungi interact with the roots of trees. The fungi form snares or lassos small enough to trap tardigrades or nematodes. Other aquatic fungi are like a vacuum pump which sucks in small prey. My daughter found dozens of predaceous fungi variants in our forest. There are even fungi which can turn a tardigrade into a zombie. Trapped nematode
  12. 37kg in our case for each of our 360 degree cone speakers heavy -> brother My wife was bandaging the feet of an old lady some years ago. When asking where the old not healing wounds were from: 'winter 1945 I was with my little brother walking to school when fighterplanes were coming. We ran for shelter under a bridge. The ice cold water made my brother shivering so I was holding him out of the water for an hour.' She died two years ago, had no kids. But her brother has 7, 23 grandchildren, 9 grandgrand amd all were at the funeral. The heroes in a war are not always soldiers... This song was played:
  13. concrete galoshes -> concrete speakers My brother and me did some with liquid concrete. Extremely heavy but nearly no vibrations if listening to opera or classic. Lot of DIY videos
  14. parking -> millionaire My wife has a two floor garage with 20 park and repair boxes from her grandpa he used for his car mechanic services. She rents a single car box for 500 euro a month mid in a big town to people who have a vintage car hobby. Will take less than 20 years and she is a millionaire from the garage alone. The most intelligence thing I did in my life was to ask my wife to marry me
  15. I was lucky. Around 12 oclock and may sun. The engine cover reflected some light towards the photographer so his front and face is not totally black being in the shadow. My old analogue has no autofocus. So I have a table for hyperfocal distances on the back of my camera. I preselect distance, aperture and time and it's just a lift to the eye and shoot. cars -> working horses I have an older Mercedes G class as a working horse. One thing I do with it is to pull a trailer with biological working horses or reach points in the forest where are no roads. I will test the Mercedes EQG as a company car in autumn. Each wheel its own engine. It will be able to turn on the spot like a tank. So maybe it allows avoiding driving backwards with heavy trailers full of metal parts.
  16. So quick... Kitchen floor would take me half a year. Disadvantage of wood is that wood is 'working'. You have to store big wood parts for several weeks to do an acclimatization to the average temperature. Add that we have an underfloor heating. I couldn't do normal heating without touching weight carrying walls. I plan the next work in kitchen when the twins are at university. Family will get smaller and bigger. Smaller because it will be just my wife and me living in the house, bigger because if kids and grandchildren will come we will need more room than now. So the kitchen will get more useful tools by removing place now needed for kids. The toys and playing room will give a 20place eating room. Luckily still some years to wait
  17. pancakes -> street photography one of my attempts Pancake lenses are very thin. It allows you to put a whole (analogue) camera in a pocket. You are not frightening people by having long tele lenses which look like a rocket thrower. The one Henri Cartier-Bresson used
  18. stone henge -> wood-henge https://arkeonews.net/archaeologists-discovered-130-dwellings-around-the-ringheiligtum-pommelte-monument-german-stonehenge/
  19. Jetsons -> Flintstones There was a time when TV had only three channels and series for the whole family were the way to go. Jetsons, Flintstones, ... all about problems of normal families even if playing in stone-age or space-age. When I was young whole family watched them. Now with all these TV channels and a TV or computer monitor in each room... Sometimes I wish the old times back.
  20. we have storm with a mix of rain, hail, snow around freezing temperature maybe black ice at next morning Our third surprised us, the half year report from school has only best marks - even in sport Must be it was swimming this half year. Last was handball and she plays too cautious because she didn't want to break the fingers she needs for her music school
  21. spinner -> jet-powered motor glider RC model (I am too lazy o build a single german word for it) A spinner is the aerodynamic cover of the propeller nose. We are currently building a jet-powered motorglider model of our own design. Twins learn basics of planes and flying, also 3D printer using, cutting balsa wood, ... Currently they are the only ones in family without a glider license because of some years missing in age. We restored a vintage training glider in covid years so the costs for glider licenses are actually lower than for a driving license. I have requests from a collector for our glider which is 1a condition. Would be nearly enough money for a vintage jet powered glider. Since it would start on its own there would be no lifting costs for starts and we have a field which could be used for starts and landings. We would be a family of '''jet pilots''' The spinner with a foldable propeller glider with a retractable jet engine for starts and no thermic
  22. breakfast -> fasting Many countries use a word for breakfast which translates as stopping to fast after a night with no eating. German and scandinavian use Frühstück (early/früh piece/Stück of bread) or Morgenbrot (morning bread) and don't think about fasting. A Bauernfrühstück (farmers breakfast) is spezial because it should give enough calories for hard farmwork, same for the twins which are in their main growing phase and always hungry. Nowadays you can get it at restaurant the whole day.
  23. bill 101 -> Euro English After the Brexit no country in the european community has english as its official language anymore, but many have some rudimentary knowledge from school. I dislike this variant of english because when doing contracts it is often not precise enough. Our company is doing all contracts in german after the Brexit. Saves a lot of money for scientific translators and international lawyers. Works nice because we have more requests than we can handle.
  24. fire -> 112 In most of europe 112 is what you call if you would call 911 in north america Pic from the local forest fire last summer, collecting place, see the 112.

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