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  1. Don't know if anyone still comes on here but I was wondering if anybody had any character builds with the new toons ?
  2. Hello everbody! Well I have gone over to the sister site and registered there to be a part of their forum but I will definitely be a full time member here also. I will come and post things and respond as usual so I hope to be kept as a forum member !
  3. Ahhhh Bummer Gogo. But thank you for the info !! Thanks Jetcutter I will definitely add you to my buddy list. Thank's for the support it's nice to know there are some good people who play on here !!
  4. Hello Rommel! I believe I am on the US servers so that may pose as a problem. Do you have any players on my servers ? Thanks for the greeting and hope to hear from you soon. !
  5. Hello everybody! Just north of dragonmaw pass there is a hill with a little encampment on it. There is a quest that takes you there. In that camp there is a locked chest and was wondering if anybody found the key:) Sorry I'm no good at screenshotting so I can't do better then that description... but you who have been there you know what I'm talking about right :)
  6. Hello everybody! Here's something interesting ! The quest lost in the desert gives different escort people. For my Dryad it gave me an Ogre, for my Shadow Warrior it gave me a little girl... Huh .... interesting Eh!
  7. You would think the storyline quest reward would be much, much better !
  8. Another thing you could try is to press the ALT key and then click on her name and see if that would work.. Although you already figured it out but that's what I would of responded !
  9. Hello Everbody! I am applying to be a part of team [D.A.R.K] I am applying because I can be a good asset to the team and from reading the posts and speaking to Gogo on some, you guys sound like a cool bunch of people. 1. Favorite pizza topping : Green olives 2. Favorite Drink : Caeser's oops I mean goldschlager oops I mean too many too mention.. 3. Where did you hear about darkmatters.org from? : I believe I heard about darkmatters from the official sacred2 forums and found it through a link on there ? 4. Most favorite book ever : The odd Thomas collection by Dean R.
  10. Hello Gogo ! I'm very jealous of that piece. you seem like a really good player and was wondering if maybe some time we can connect on MP and maybe you can teach me a few things.!
  11. aw man that would suck big time...! Sorry for your loss. Think we should have a funeral service or something.. :)
  12. I' making an alchemic seraphim and think she is going to kick some goblin butt. She was going to be my bargainer but after reading all the posts on alchemy I decided to give it a try and see how far I can get. So far I was level 15 and making mince meat of level 28's. Love her !!
  13. Hello everybody ! Just wondering why throwing stars and daggers don't work with duel weild. In theory it should work awsomely but tried it and it doesn't. Any thoughts :)
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