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  1. @pevil: Once you are ready to work with your website again, let me know and I will give you read/write access to where I have your site stored on my site. It will be easier to simply download the entire thing. I don't think any normal email would allow for a large enough email to go through without problems.
  2. I visit this website every time I'm down in my dungeon where I keep my computers. Recently, I haven't felt like going downstairs much but I will keep your warning in mind.
  3. That would be a relief, as I've been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. I am on hormone therapy and have recently finished up with radiation treatment. The only reason my site is still up is because I didn't specifically cancel it. Since I'm getting lazier as the days go by, it will probably stay up until my credit card company issue a new card, as they seem to like to do. Things have gotten so bad that I haven't even felt like keeping up with the fora and websites that I usually visit.
  4. I just learned on another forum that if you have voice activated commands turned on and you say "Hey Siri ... Lumos" on an iPhone the flashlight will illuminate. "Hey Siri ... Nox" will turn it off. Evidently, it works similar for the Android, though I am not familiar with what activates the voice command processor on he Android. Evidently "Accio <app name>" and "Silencio <app name>" also work to open and close apps. Just thought some here may be interested. If you find any other commands, please share here.
  5. My condolences, Dimitrius154. You have now given up any free time you used to have. It will, however, make DarkMatter's a better place to be, I'm sure.
  6. Thank you for all your efforts, Schot. From experience, I know updates can sometimes be scary. So far it looks like everything went well. Congratulations or should I say ... conga-rats!
  7. I have no idea where to turn off just the red circles, though I have a feeling Flix may be running a mod. What I am sure of is that the original image posted by Spellbound seems to now point to a page full of porn! While it doesn't bother me, perse, I would still rather not be subjected to it unexpectedly. I also wonder what it does to our safe sanctuary for our younger members.
  8. There is another story by the same author that has gotten a little out of hand ... the Lizards are taking over! Taylor Varga: The original site on Sufficient Velocity with over 300 chapters so far! This is always updated first. Taylor's time in the locker ends very differently. The world will never be the same... And people will become confused. Very confused. Now with extra Lizards! Taylor Varga: on FanFiction.net with 432 chapters ... so far. A lot of Omakes get added to the chapter list. Taylor has a bad day that ends in a locker. Everyone has heard that one. It goes somewhat differently after that, as her call for help is answered by something from a lot further away than one might expect... A story in which Taylor makes a very large friend, the world gets confused, and Danny comes into his own.
  9. I had cataract surgery in both eyes some years ago. It turned out to be simple and had a rapid recovery time. Unfortunately, they were unable to give me 20/10 vision which I used to enjoy when wearing glasses. I ever realized a cataract could form 'between' the eyes though!
  10. Over the decades I have been working with computers and computer circuitry, I have performed many tasks and enjoyed many different diversions. Most of the tasks are long forgotten in the dimness of time but a few of my favorite distractions still live, albeit in a modest way. I have become a bit limited in my excursions due to only having 1.5 hands to enter computer commands, so I tend to concentrate on simple games, like Fallout 4, that I can use a game controller and keyboard to control. It helps that there is an easy way to pause the game giving me ample time to respond to 'threats'. Just before my stroke, I had become interested in writing FanFiction. For some reason, my muse seems to have gone into hibernation. I have kept up with reading FanFiction, though. One of the recent stories I have encountered is called, Hermione learns a thing by mp3.1415player. From the summary: Young Hermione Granger is curious about all sorts of things. This leads to discoveries and oddness that is likely to only increase with time... Rated: Fiction T - English - Sci-Fi/Fantasy - Chapters: 9 - Words: 75,208 - Reviews: 174 - Favs: 415 - Follows: 457 - Updated: Feb 15 - Published: Jan 23 - id: 14027183 I highly recommend this story. Even though it is only nine chapters so far, it is extremely clever and posits a scientific reason behind 'magic'!
  11. Thanks, I can use all the extra 'vibes' I can get. It wouldn't hurt to get certain Fan Fiction writers to speed up their output a bit so I get to finish their stories ... Oh well, I'll take what I can get.
  12. Got a call yesterday from the Radiation Oncologist. Evidently the cancer has spread to a single, nearby lymph node. They will be treating me with hormone therapy for two months to shrink the tumor followed by radiation to kill the last of it. Those are the plans anyway. My wife is hopeful, I am resigned to whatever happens.
  13. I now spend most mornings checking my personal forums; usually simply banning would-be spammers. Then I move on to checking to see if there is anything new for select fan fiction stories I'm interested in following; usually only takes minutes. After that, I come here to catch up on any 'Unread Content', thus I'm replying to your post. In the afternoon I usually continue playing Fallout 4, trying to get the multiple Mods I've installed to 'work well with others'. After supper my wife andI cuddle up on the sofa and watch TV. Today has been a fairly typical day so far.
  14. Sorry, no. I login mainly to check the recent posts to see if there is anywhere I can still contribute.
  15. Responded in kind. This is one of the few sites I still read daily.
  16. I didn't know where to post this, so am posting under a previous post. If there is any problem, please move this post to a more appropriate venue. Over the last couple of weeks, I have been definitely diagnosed with prostate cancer. With that in mind, I would appreciate someone taking over all the Sacred sites I have been holding for others, such as Pevil. At some time in the past I have given access to Gogo to download everything from that section but haven't heard anything for a while. I would hate for all the content I am safekeeping to disappear into the bit-bucket. I also have quite a few Fate game Mods that need a home if anyone is interested.
  17. Is this OK? My first post above is a direct link to the image ... [Added] I also found these that I'm fairly sure came from a smilie web site: If I remember, there were a whole series of similar images.
  18. Interesting ... any chance we could add mine as well?
  19. Fascinating. http://pctalk.info/forum30/images/smilies/icon_vulcan.gif You don't seem to be able to display images but the link is to a 'Vulcan smilie' that was created just for me. It shouldn't be too hard to modify it to make other 'emotions'.
  20. Nah, he's hooked already and I'm sure he will be a great addition to your team. I had, at one time, thought I could make a difference but my attention span and interest has waned over the years until I am no longer so sure. I used to know a lot about the game, mainly because I got to pick the devs heads about it while Beta testing. Now, after so long not playing Sacred 2, I barely remember how to start a game. Not someone you need helping. @Timotheus: I was well on my way to my first retirement When Sacred (1) came out and it was so new I had to order it from the UK. I still have the complete game as well as the add-on code (must look to see if it's still all there!). I Purchased my first copy of Sacred 2 as soon as it came out but got my next two copies from the developers themselves for some contest I entered while a Tester. Now I'm just interested in finding a good home for all the content I've collected over the years, like Pevil's Place, Wolfe's Lair, and my own pitiful attempts at a fan site. I just want to be able to maintain my copies until my site finally shuts down. I don't see why I need to shut my site down to enable another to take it up. Hasn't anyone ever heard of mirror sites? If it doesn't happen soon, it may be too late.
  21. My condolences, Timotheus. It takes a lot of work to help moderate any forum but as big as this is I hope they take it easy on you and start you out on just a small area. 'Unread Content' will quickly become your newest friend.
  22. Interesting, not really. My interests have started to polarize and stagnate. I built my PC mainly because I wanted to play some of my Legacy games and refused to clutter my iMac with anything to do with Windows. The only game I currently have on my iMac is Master of Orion 2. I play games mostly on my PC. I can't even upgrade to Windows 11 without getting a more powerful graphics card! My current iMac has a Retina 5K, 27-inch display at 5120 x 2880, 4 GHz Quad-core Intel Core I7 processor, 32 GB RAM, a 3 TB internal Fusion Drive and a Seagate 8TB external USB Disk for backups. I also have a 24-inch Dell ST2420L at 1920 x 1080, a 37-inch Sharp HDMI at 1920 x 1080 pixel monitor, and a 12.9-inch iPad Pro external displays that I used to use sometimes when extra busy. I want to get the newest iMac since I got this one back in 2015 but I'm having a hard time justifying it since any real work I do has now has almost evaporated. I just can't seem to get in the mood to write any more. I posted the first chapter of my latest 'book' on a popular fan fiction forum (not FanFiction.net) and not anyone has posted any comments since I posted it over a year ago. Sometimes I even find it hard to visit here and this is my favorite forum.
  23. The problem with my hand dates back to when I had a stroke about 2 years ago. I wish it were as simple as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. My entire right side is always slightly numb and my hand is getting harder to even close. On a bright note, the index finger of my left hand, the one I usually use to type with, is getting more and more distorted from Arthur Ittis. Damn him anyway! I will continue on as best I can until I can't. Simple as that. At least I don't have a regular job I need to keep up with, just "Honey Do's". I am playing Fallout 4 on my PC and MoO2 mostly on my iMac but occasionally on my PC as well.
  24. I'm currently trying to play Fallout 4. It's a bit slow going as my right hand is almost useless but I'm playing in the hope that it will help it to improve. Also playing a bit of Master of Orion II. The new 1.5 update is really solid.
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