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Found 7 results

  1. I want to hear the stories of how you guys figured out how different sacred 3 was from sacred 1 & 2, & your opinions about sacred 3 in its entirety. Ill start. When I first started up sacred 3, I was ecstatic to play the newest sacred game, with my love for the first 2 still running strong. when I got to the gameplay, though, I was devastated that sacred was twisted into a super generic hack-n-slash game that had a super annoying "comic relief" that just made me want to strangle the devs of sacred 3. Im saddened that the name & legacy of sacred has been tarnished by this
  2. So I used some video walkthroughs of the game to continue making a rough map... 6/7 of it are now available to all And one of the northern locations is Castle Braverock (destroyed). Sacred 3 uses the Sacred 1 map without the Underworld expansion. And so far I found NOTHING related to Sacred 2 I’m sorry... This is horrible... They couldn't even do the mission select screen right. If you look at the map, you will notice that the gray path is one-way corridor most of the time and you have to play the game in a strict order. The tiny shortcut paths are probably there for convenie
  3. Well, here is a pro reviewer who can kick rears verbally goes into the “The game that shall not be named” with an open mind and friends. Even quickly reminds the viewers at the start that he didn’t like Sacred 2 that much. A 2 and a half hour video... http://www.twitch.tv/angryjoeshow/b/555014966 He ends up losing it after an hour and a half, just walks out at the 2 hour mark, and then for the last half hour all the players are just burned out. Final thoughts are at 2:28 mark
  4. I came to know more about Sacred 3 but after read all complains and the background of the whole project I lost my hope, so I will not ask questions that are already evident... What no one yet explained is why Sacred 3 would have the same or worse graphics than Sacred 2. Zooming Sacred 2 looks a first person RPG with insane detail and even more with the HD texture pack; while the few screens and trailers from Sacred 3 seemed more like games previous to the year that Sacred 2 were released. I don’t understand... Another big question is what’s happening to all the great ARPGs? Diablo 3 wa
  5. Yes, I said I would stop following this game but here I am anyway. I found 2 more short English previews for Sacred 3. No new videos though, and I think the screenshots are more of the same, but here's the box art: From Mousenjoypad: From Calmdowntom: Basically just more confirmation of what we know, though I think the information that the game doesn't even support mouse and keyboard (yet) is new. Of course the Dragon Mage-type character isn't available in any of these previews since he's going to be pre-order/DLC. They ought to take him off the cover.
  6. This is a Slow Motion version of the Sacred 3 Gameplay trailer released March 19th which emphasizes the gameplay aspect of the trailer in all its glory! When I first watched the trailer, the first thought I had was that there was much too much theatrical "filler" animations. The second thought was... "Dangit! The gameplay clips are so fast and short that I can't get a "feel" for what I'm seeing." So! I slowed it down. In this slowed down version I can really pick apart what's happening and now that I can see things better I can also see there's plenty to talk about in these short clips.
  7. So it seems that Deep Silver announced the release date along with the gameplay trailer we've seen in the last couple of days! Looks like August 22nd for Europe and August 26th for North America. Press release is as follows for those interested. Also, Amazon has currently listed the game for $49.99 (US) and £39.99 (UK), which I have no idea if that's cheap or expensive for those respective regions considering I'm not from either!
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