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The future of [D.A,R.K] Ogame

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hello everyone,


ogame is going through some changes, and one of the biggest change is that they decided to merge unis. it was talked about it for few last years, but finally its gonna happen pretty soon (sometime in March).


so, there is a question - do we want to keep DARK as independent alliance or we should let DARK go, and have alliance in the memory as one of the best


I got some offers to merge or to join some other alliances (Others and Solid). Yaga would follow me, butI dont know about few other guys from the alliance

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Gint, it looks like you're the lead on this, if you want to keep dark, all the forums are here as always. They're secure too, private, but for the peeps playing, its important that everyone have a good time.


For me, the D.a.r.k. name is quality, integrity. If you feel like there's a way to keep it going, then great, we'll trust where the clan wants to go...if you want to retire it, it would have to come from the you, and the players as well.


oooh, decision^^


Good luck, and no matter what, it's all good. We're remembered, respected... who's ever gonna forget the first/largest ipm strike ever!





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The decision is your's alone gint as you have carried the flag of D.A.R.K for the longest time. But as I said before when I made my last HOF before retiring, "to all good things must come an end"!!

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