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New free browser Marvel game like Diablo 3?

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A friend at work told me there's a sick new game like this, but I can't find it!

Anyone know what this is called, or got a link for me?






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trying it now :)


edit - judging by the patch notes as it's updating now while I install, it has been patched a ton since release!



edit 2 - also trying out DC Universe online - LOL

Which seems more open, design your own hero etc and can be played on PS3

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I'm a little afraid these days of trying anything online for free. Free Free Free, means less time in the real world, after which people tend to yell at me





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Tried out the new patch, and the game is much better now :)


Once you get out of the prologue area it really starts to feel like a superhero "Diablo" but with MMO feel, since you see other players running around and can fight with you in certain missions and the survival areas.


Plenty of loot drops - can also buy heroes with ingame currency from drops

IMO I think it feels better than Diablo 3 :P


Lots of flashy effects and visual upgrades to be had, and floating damage numbers/criticals brings a tear to the eye :lol:


Think I might play some more....

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I chose Scarlet Witch as my free starter character - at first I wasn't sure if I made the right decision, but now I'm glad I did... :)


Now I'm at level 28, just about the start the last chapter of Normal mode, before going onto to Heroic/SuperHeroic Game+/++ modes

She is a Area of Effect teleporting/flying, passive aura of destruction, guided range attack, "cursing" freak! :)



When I have her Enfeebling aura up - works a bit like Arctic Armour in POE (Path of Exile), migtates against all the trash mob hits and DOT effects with a flat damage reduction, but also weakens and slows enemies on touch

And the other Ruinous Flux aura - this is my AFK mob killer with huge range with the Dr Octapus Medal - I just stand around a spawn point, AFK, and come back to loot :P

It Procs twice a second for every enemy individually in the radius, so criticals are so common.


I have 4 pieces of gear that are "Cosmic" level epics - 2 proc an alien summon minion on hit, even at the low %, I always seem to summon 2, and sometimes 3 of them in any fight.

And the other item procs a shield on me getting hit, and my weapon item procs a Area of Effect blast also when I get hit - great for AFK :D


I just don't like the fact she's female and her costume...

I have enough shards to get another hero by the end of chapter 8, currently at 270+ shards, and I get 100 at the end of Chapter 8 as a reward I believe. Need 400 for the 2nd most popular heroes.

Also found two Retcon respec items so far, so I will play around with some builds

this helps http://www.marvelbase.com/builds/generator/scarlet-witch#vvrrvn/


One thing - you do get gear that grants skills at a certain level, way before you actually unlock them level wise, so you are able to preview them - so you can plan your build ahead of time by trying them all out - nice

They also can sttack you skills way above the skill tree limit.


I've tried a few non story/quest - daily "maps" and they are good for items and other currency, and you get them way before endgame - POE could learn from this!


Farming is quite lucrative - I get a ton of drops, mostly because there are so many mobs and you can tear through them with her - teleport from mob to mob, works like leap slam in POE, and the Runious Flux aura DOT kills them as well ;)

More loot and crafting items means more stash space needed :(

I pretty dontate all the green items to the vendors to level them up



Reminds me of the Paladin in Diablo 2 + Necromancer, and Sacred 2 Inquistor


I'm kinda partial to Roger Raccoon for my next hero, mainly because I like to plop down minions and Sentry guns, and lots gadget based gameplay

Like POE and Sacred 2 Totem builds :P



Midtown patrols are a GPU killer!

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Funny - there is a Diablo 2 inspired "Cow" level in this game called Bovine Sector you can craft :)

To get to Bovine Sector (Cow Level), you need a recipe for a crafter). The recipe is a drop from a fortune card, and it is a Hood's medallion, a Sabretooth's medallion, a Rhino's medallion, a Taskmaster's medallion, and a Wizard's medallion and 10,000 credits. It takes 1 hour to craft.

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