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  1. Yeh this is a fun little game, my brother and I play this co-op. We get a bit of lag when we're running around together killing stuff but other than that I'm plesently surprised at how much content is already in the game, considering its beta state.
  2. Having some fun times in Nemesis with the following build from Shadow: Shadow/Witch FP Life/Crit Build Obviously I'm tweaking as I go . I hit level 30 last night and similar builds from shadow pre-1.0 were a lot more squishy than I feel now, currently running with 900+hp which I'm pretty pleased with. What builds are people currently playing or looking to play?
  3. Did you notice periodic split second pauses once you'd done that, seems I was but wasn't sure if it was just 1.0 or Steam integration. I was most pleased that when I linked my account that the achieves I'd already got in game popped straight up in Steam once I viewed them. Pretty neat.
  4. What a great launch night. Downloaded 1.9gig at 500kb/s 3 hours before launch, logged in on time and played all night with no hic ups. GGG pulled this launch night off a treat!
  5. Guild names are not unique, only the tags are unique.
  6. Nemesis I'm ready for you .... Well maybe I'm ready ... Still; looking so forward to this release! **wonders where the hell his T-Shirts are**
  7. I've never really looked at PvP, I assume you need to use a SC toon for it? Or is there some kind of mechanic that lets you die in PvP but continue on in HC PvE?
  8. I don't see the SteamOS having any more or less of an impact on Windows than any console. You will still have a lot of developers coding in windows for Steam games. My understanding of the SteamOS is that you would be able to play all of the currently owned PC titles on it? Unless I've got that bit wrong? But even if you don't developers will still develop on their platform of choice and simply run SteamOS in parallel, like they do now for other platforms.
  9. Subscription revenue is shrinking because WoW is old and the new content they are adding is not enough to keep peoples interest. PoE works off of company sponsorship's, like the recent "advertising" in a competition that gave the winners free stuff from that company, player donations(even post beta I can see them having new packs to allow people to continue to donate) and an in game store with a focus on cosmetics and no pay2win items (like addition bank space and a fluffy hat). I think many people feel like there is a commitment to play when they are paying monthly. I don't know if I've spent more in the PoE model than the WoW one, I'd certain say so if I continue to play PoE for as long as WoW. On reflection I should be more in favor of the subscription model knowing that I'd probably end up not spending as much money in the long run but the additional freedom the PoE model gives me allows for me to pay for things when and if I want and that's why it will always be preferable and why more and more companies are switching to varying F2P modals.
  10. Interesting, I wonder about mixing in ES nodes though to a life build, initially I thought it wouldn't be worth it. Will defiantly try that route of yours though from witch it certainly gives you more INT to play with. I guess I was going for soemthing a little less traditional with my approach and things like Ballistic Mastery in the Ranger tree looked like they could be very powerful for FP.
  11. Hi guys, I still consider myself a complete noob at this fantastic game lol, and don't get nearly as much time as I'd like to play it what with the family et al. But I've been playing a Shadow Ice Crit build and dying lots lol! I'll play my current one to his demise but in the mean time I was toying around looking to see what his next incarnation will be and was considering this: http://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAAAgYBAv4EfgX5Dq0V5xXwFr8Y2xrbI_Yk_SaVKaUyATWGOlg6s0LDQ5xJO0p9VUtW-lpIW69d8mHiZ6BwUnDVcn5zs4cZh3aH24w2lwabJp2qoSKiQKOKshm5zbvjwFHEos961QDVT90N3nfe9t-E44TnVOd06NbuDu_w8Gvw2fPq9Pj5Y_zF_ro= Because I'm self found only and pretty poor I'm aiming this as a FP life build, but I did wonder whether this would work out well or if it's just got too much dex to make it any good later on. Likely I'll die before but after this point I'd head up and around to the witch ice based nodes. Comments more than welcome
  12. This was a perfect game for my five year old (that's not me being sarcastic lol)... He loves it, though he didn't understand why I couldn't keep giving him new characters to play - "I've already bought you Spiderman and the Human Torch!!!"
  13. Hmm doesn't really say a lot, and is the ARPG market quite possibly saturated atm /shrug
  14. Is there a single MMO that is? They all follow the same formula for stats to keep everything streamlined as much as possible. You've got a stat tied to health, one tied to reducing incoming damage, one that increases outgoing damage, one for healing power, and one for crit chance. I'd say most if not all MMO's follow that design as well. Well I tried Dungeons and Dragons online yesterday - not much to look at it, animation is decent, but the gameplay and stats, mechanics are pretty detailed ...and don't forget good old EQ, that's pretty stat heavy , something I still pop on to occasionally for a bit of old school fun.
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