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Would be possible to use weapons of other classes?


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I have been searched the forum, and testing changes like WEARGROUP in files like itemtype.txt but it is a bit more complicated. What I want to do is to make all class-weapons and class-shields usable by the rest of the classes, or at least by the seraphim (she can wear all kind of gear so she already has all the animations). I think armors will clip the models but perhaps that is also possible. Maybe already exists something for that.

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Of course you can do that with shields, but it will only work for classes who can use a shield, for example the T.G can not use a shield.

I did that sucessfully unlocking the round blue seraphim shield, making it multi-class

   user = "WEARGROUP_DEFAULT",      -- instead of "WEARGROUP_SERAPHIM"


... and testing changes like WEARGROUP in files like itemtype.txt ...

AFAIK weargroup in itemtype.txt is useless.
At least whenever I make a change, I change the user:

	model0Data = {
	  name         = "models/npc/ridingcreatures/hippocampus/v_hippocampus@std.GR2",
	  user         = "WEARGROUP_HIGHELVE",

like the 2 examples example above

Also possible with weapons and other items, even with armor.
Keep in mind that classes have their own restrictions for weapons, for example some classes dont allow a 2-handed weapon, others dont use a bow etc...

But Armor has some points it connects to the model and will probably not clip well as you mentioned already

A good example of a bad connection can be seen in the picture of this post by SX255


There he attached a T.G. arm on his D.M. you can see if you max the picture, some bad parts connecting his arm with his leg.

This kind of things happen when you put gear made for other classes, but you can experiment
It almost always will not crash the game, look what I did with a ring once:


This game offers so much freedom in experimenting, dont be afraid to do some crazy thing once in a while.
Just ALWAYS make sure you have a backup, in case something explodes :smile:

best regards

Press F for fast loading now... Skipped. Proceeding with slow loading...

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Yes, I am planning to use it only with the seraphim so there not might be problems with any shield nor weapon.


I’ve already read the examples you propose before, that was what encouraged me in first place. But only for testing I replaced in itemtype.txt ALL the entries "WEARGROUP-CENTURIO" with "WEARGROUP_DEFAULT" a first test; and with "WEARGROUP-SERAPHIM" a second test. Then I have in inventory various weapons for the Shadow Warrior but they still in red and when I tried to equip she says “we seraphims do not use such things”.

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Yes! It works perfect, there are many clips with other class’s armors but it works perfect with some High Elf pieces that I always wanted to use. Thank you for your advices!


The only problem is with weapons, or at least the ones I’ve tested like the Extremely Mighty Bat of Devastation of the Shadow Warrior that still red in inventory and the Seraphim can’t use it. Is not a downloaded item, just a simple drop level 205 and my testing Seraphim is level 200 so it might work like the armor pieces.


But this is not a real problem because I don’t know if I will like to use it anyway, for the rest, I’ve already modified all to fit my desires and I can’t wait to start a new fresh game properly modded when I get a quiet free moment to fully enjoy again this great adventure.

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... and I may have a nice surprice comming up soon
It's weird that this weapon is not working, if you can post the blueprint ID or itemtype ID I can have a look at it
Normally the Seraphim should be able to wield it once the above changes are correctly implemented
best regards
Operation failed ( A )bort, ( R )etry, ( I )nfluence with large hammer?
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