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I've been playing this game as well and I have to admit it's both addicting and driving you nuts at the same time.

Most important things I've learned over time are that food is the most important item, and that building too many house too soon. gives you a huge population boost, which kills your food supplies faster as you can type "starvation!". :o


Thorin :)

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Been playing a small indie game called Banished for the last few weeks. Basically build and manage a few settlers into a large village. Simcity meets medieval town.



You really can't upgrade anything and all buildings are available at the start (providing you have the resources to build them). It's really all about just surviving. But I am hooked. Having much more fun playing this than I ever did with the latest Simcity.


It's all about resource and population management. It is real easy to deplete your resources if your population grows too fast. And not having enough surplus to survive a harsh winter, fire, disease or other calamity.


While you can speed up time, I prefer to leave it on the slowest speed and read a book while playing. Just like the slow relaxed playing style right now :P


If anyone decides to give it a try I can post some tips to keep you alive and prosperous. Starting a village on Hard with harsh conditions can be very tough.

A lovely, detailed write up, specially the part about fitting book reading into the gaming time^^

Alas, Diablo has stolen my soul!




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Have a friend in town for a job interview who is staying at the house a couple nights, but as soon as he's gone, I've gotta give this a try! I tried that dwarf fortress game that a few old SIF'ers liked but I could never get into it for long. A little too much micromanagement. I'll give you an invite to my empire as soon as it's ready!!! ;)

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