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I came to know more about Sacred 3 but after read all complains and the background of the whole project I lost my hope, so I will not ask questions that are already evident...


What no one yet explained is why Sacred 3 would have the same or worse graphics than Sacred 2. Zooming Sacred 2 looks a first person RPG with insane detail and even more with the HD texture pack; while the few screens and trailers from Sacred 3 seemed more like games previous to the year that Sacred 2 were released. I don’t understand...


Another big question is what’s happening to all the great ARPGs? Diablo 3 was the major disappointment of the last years, Dungeon Siege 3 was a generic pad game, and Sacred 3 is in that way, is that impossible to make a modern game without having in mind the big market of casual masses?


I read some opinions in the line of: “Sacred 3 will not be a Sacred game, but could be a good generic game”, probably yes, but how many generic games are out there? It was so necessary to add another to the list?


Heroic exceptions were Path of Exile and Torchlight, but PoE is online and I want to have the property of my characters and deeply hack/mod my game, I can’t enjoy a game that I don’t own. Torchlight keeps all ARPG features intact; the only issue is that it looks a bit cartoon, I enjoyed it a lot but after Sacred 2 have my graphic expectations a little high.


I also checked the ex-Sacred team’s project Unbended that promises to be all that Sacred 3 should have been, but today still distant and uncertain.


At this moment only Grim Dawn seems to fit the best ARPG expectations in all aspects, from de developers of Titan Quest, one of the best ARPG of the world and repeatedly mentioned in this forum. Its graphics were updated, the playability keeps all RPG features, (especially skills and stats those that today many cheerfully forgot), it has turned Sandbox like Sacred and the best is its toolset which who allows deep mods. But he is alone with Torchlight, isn’t there another that could keep the high performance RPG legacy?

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mmm... Lineage Eternal is MMO like PoE, so is not for me, but for people who don’t care about that seems a good option. And Van Helsing looks correct, apparently there is one more to the list along with Torchlight and Grim Dawn.


I’ve been making a list of all the features that would be great (at least for me) in the successor of Sacred.


-Deep character customization

-Huge map

-Open world

-Rich environment


-Offline mode

-Editor (today is probably the most important)


At the moment Torchlight and Grim Dawn achieves all of these features in some way, I already liked Torchlight, and the more I know about Grim Dawn I like it even more, look at the environment, the music, the graphic style... I was fascinated at first sight.


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Van Helsing 2 has everything Torchlight has, ie a Merc/Pet that can tank, range or absorb damage for you, while doing buffs, muling and shopping.

Unlimited respecs with money, even respec perks. And money is easy to get,

And lots of quality of life things like being able to slot items into gear, but still be able to separate them back out and not lose either.

And I think the builds and character development is better than TL2, which I found pretty shallow. Grimdawn is pretty good here, but still not finished yet.

Scared 2 wasn't all that deep or flexible IMO


Kripp's build, and game play at around 17:50

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There is the Divinity: Original Sin game coming out from Larian if I'm not mistaken. I've not seen news of anything else that really interests me.

Personally, it's fine if I don't find another RPG any time soon. It gives more time to go thru and complete the Gold Box and Wizardry games among others I have waiting.

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Its pretty sad that the genre is being ignored.

Torchlight 2 is okay but its too short, especially in comparison to Sacred 2. You can finish entire story in just over 2 days, and while I will be first to say story means nothing, the speed at which you can clear the maps means I always feel like I am in same zones.

Diablo 3 was a slap in face, I had waited 8 years for it and was not amused by what was released. The expansion has corrected a lot of its faults, so its not as bad as it was at launch. The AH is gone now, it feels more like Diablo 2. I am getting it on PS4 in a few weeks time, give it a final chance.

Path of Exiles isn't bad but I find the combat is very clunky, melee classes are annoying to play and ranged is somewhat easier. The tree is amazing but its not enough to keep me playing it.

I tried Van Helsing a year or so ago, should look at it again.

I can't think of any more of the top of my head.

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