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Grim Dawn - Crucible DLC and patch

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I've been away from GD since my epic three-difficulty marathon playthrough with my Battlemage in the spring. I can feel it calling me back though. :) I never even got around to playing the last big content update, with the witch-gods and all that. Right now I'm trying to get my Crucible Steam key sorted out through Humble. If not I'll just buy it on GOG since I own it on there too. Along with Sacred series this is one of a few games I bought multiple times.

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Opps. I did have a key. Oh well, I'm glad to give them my extra $4.24 of support. At least now I have my key on my Steam account.

I did a few rounds in the Crucible. Makes me want to do an build w/ lots of Area of Effect skills to spam the monster spawn points.

Ooh, I just tried the Crucible w/ a brand new level 1 toon. Made it through 9 rounds before dying. And after I talked to the Master, my toon jumped to level 6 (I assume it awards experience and such after you end your run?). Looks like an easy way to jump start a new toon because I got a bunch of level appropriate gear from the treasure chests.

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