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At first, I thought the fight was taking longer than your other videos, but then you eventually nailed that boss in no time at all! Impressive...

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Yeah, Narmul isn't your "kill in 10 seconds" affair, at least usually. I had a go at it with my Platinum DM and it made me sweat a bit, running away from all the dragon strikes and "summons" when it defrosts the animals around. You need to pay attention to its attacks as opposed to just hitting hit up and close. Unless you have a boss grinder like that, ha ha.

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11 hours ago, gogoblender said:

Isnt this also one of the roughest bosses in the game?

Great squashing




Narmul certainly has some nasty tricks and is as nearly as dreadful as the Abishai Of Dissension. Narmul has four crystal statues which very well insulate it from damage. Fortunately for our lady Tarellethiel, she employed Expulse Magic to protect herself from the potentially devastating attacks while she used Glacial Thorns and finally Raging Nimbus to eliminate the final statue. Then she could easily slay the then helpless Narmul with a few quick casts of Glacial Thorns.

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