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My laugh for the day

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4 hours ago, Gilberticus said:

I was out in the backyard carving amethyst runestones for a client when boy scouts came looking to sell popcorn. Every year , man. Unfortunately, this is my "tighten the wallet" time of year, so I had to decline. Again. I heard one kid tell the other one as they were walking away "see, I told you that the redneck crystal wizard guy never buys popcorn." LOL!!!!! Redneck crystal wizard guy, man no one's ever called me that before! Evidently, this is the face of a "redneck crystal wizard". And I thought it was going to be a bland day!


Awesome pic! And...I've never heard of the scouts selling pop corn before...isnt it usually cookies?

And... maybe you just need to level up the crystal wizardry to bring in the bonus diamonds!



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Perhaps, we should post something humorous here in this thread when we have something. We all can use a good laugh now and then.

For example:

Q: Who was the first person ever to be diagnosed by a dentist to have the most acute case of gingivitis?


A: It was an Irishman by the name of Perry O'Dontal.


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Sorry, been a busy day. Now, amethyst having power, I genuinely don't know. :) My beard: I was going through my morning routine earlier this year, and thought "you know, I've shaved every day since I was like 14. Why not let it go for a few months? Just let it go wild for a tiny bit" So, this is what I look like when a razor hasn't touched my face since January. I'm not sure what "ayahauasca" is, internet said it's like a psychoactive drug from like Brazil.. I'm pretty ignorant on matters of that nature. 


Lol, gogo, don't get me started on the subject of diamonds! They're pretty, but that's the industry's biggest con! Diamonds are as common as quartz, and it cracks me up when "rare" is used in the title for any diamond. There are so many diamonds on the market that if I came to visit you, I could pave every road I used with diamonds, even the water ways (bc I'm pretty sure there's an ocean or two between us :) ) Would you like to know of something that is indeed rare? Natural citrine, most of it is heat-treated amethyst. 

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The ones around here usually sell whatever kettle corn is. I didn't like it, it was like almost sweet and almost salty, but not quite either. Of course it might just be the brand they use, but I didn't like it. This ole boy likes a little zip to his popcorn.

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