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Sacred 2 Model and Animation Tools

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9 hours ago, k42um said:

Do I need some other plugin?

You need extra plugins both for DAE/SMD import and GR2 export. And most of the links are dead. So there:


P.S. I used to host a complete 3DS Max 8 folder for the interested, but now Google is blocking the link. Copyright issue, they say. Ahem, 3DS Max 8 is 17 YEARS old! Isn't it technically abandonware?  

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Thank you!

2 hours ago, dimitrius154 said:

3DS Max 8 is 17 YEARS old!

And hard as balls to find :huh:. I grabbed myself a copy on some old tennis game modding site... it's working, but I crossed a few very suspicious websites before. I'd PM you or Flix the mediafire link, but I don't have permissions for PMs :P. I don't know if I can post it here.

Sacred 2 looks great even today, it would be a shame if its modding tools get too hard to find.

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Just tried to edit an armor mesh as a test, but it appears invisible in-game. Would it work like this?

1) Convert the .gr2 to collada (.dae) via GR2ConverterDAE, with the "Divinity: Original Sin EE" profile. Default "Export Options" and "GR2 Export Options" were used.

2) Import the .dae in 3DX Max 8 and do the edit (I just deleted some vertices).

3) Export to .gr2. I tried the default options, and also the options explained in the step 6 of the "Importing and Exporting GR2 Models" tutorial.

4) Optimize mesh with GR2Preprocessor.

Using the .smd format, as explained in the GR2 Models tutorial, made the .gr2 exporter plugin crash, I didn't use the Granny Viewer (as in the step 4), though, as I thought it wouldn't be necessary, since it isn't in this tool package.

Some minor pointers would be enough for me to fiddle around a bit more :)



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