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Sacred 2 High Elf Versus Spider Boss Monster Shelob


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The sense of "journey" on this quest was good.  I remember feeling mounting dread the first time I did did it with some excitement... who doesnt want to meet Shelob... 

my feedback to the original devs... isn't the model for this boss the same as other large spiders in this game... or is it unique?



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Thanks for that link Flix.. sometimes you need someone else to again "see" whats there ... these spiders are beautifully drawn ...  all the pre-sketch work .. must be been done by hand?

These spiders are borderline-comic-book... bodies at least.. but its when you get to their mouths that you see how menacing they are

still though... i feel like the the bodies from Sacred Undeworld had a great amount of "creep" in them...enough to get my arachnophobia going 




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This pic of Sacred 2's spiders... got me thinking about another very memorable spiders appearance in the movies... a little gruesome.. but a good adventure.. check out the models of the spiders up above, their faces and spines...rather exquisite





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