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Skillshare has some pretty good stuff about a whole variety of subject. Now of course, you have to do some research on the site because there are certainly lesser quality stuff out there. That being said, you can and DO find courses which are totally worth your time. I paid what? around 100$ for a full year and I felt like I certainly already got a lot, lot more from my investment :) 

I initially started by following Frank Kane's Machine Learning video ( I still owe you a GAN explanation by the way, I am very busy at the moment, but I remember and promise to get to it one of these days , latest before the end of the year :) ). 

And thanks for the comments to you both and correct on the 'naughty' attitude gogoblender :D But it's a very kind, gentle type of naughty though. But it's not coming from Sabrina teenage witch (haven't watched the series yet to be honest), she's ... a character that resides within my psyche shall we say, the same as the archdemoness I started to use as an avatar here since Halloween. And if the good Doctor Carl Jung was there, he would say the (arch) demoness is my shadow (named Asphodèle), while the pretty blonde above is my Anima, the feminine part of the man that I am.

I call her her Jenny by the way and, in future version, you'll see that she's somehow the opposite of her "favourite archdemoness of all time", as, in my mind, she's a sweet and loving angel :D 

And yes, she does have a naughty side, but it's always done in very good and lovign spirits :) 

Which is why I am happy about the course on Robert Marzulla on skillshare as it allowed me to draw her for the first time (I was simply lacking the confidence to do it properly before). 

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