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Sacred Underworld UTILS + Can someone help with making English versions of this ?

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So I went digging a bit, and I found this utility for Sacred, has all of editors pretty much, I installed missing dll files and now the software works, I opened creature.pak, weapons.pak, balance.bin ... but the thing is, It's all on German, is there anyone out here who could make english versions of this ? 



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  • The title was changed to Sacred Underworld UTILS + Can someone help with making English versions of this ?
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11 hours ago, Flix said:

I've just been typing the German text into Google Translate.  :3lmao: It really is a fantastic little utility though.

I am so confused... this app does not even have a German language option, I just downloaded it and it just says English and Russian... Whaaaat? :huh:


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7 hours ago, xInquisitor1961x said:

You guys missunderstood me... inside utils, there are creature pak editors, they are all in german... I wanted to ask if those tools can be translated to english 

I'm actually known world-wide for my terrible German to English translations on German forums while chatting up community when the game first came out and wouldnt want to have more tomatoes thrown at me for butchering languages again :lol: 


Your topic brings it up however, and maybe someone someday will be able to help you out with a translation



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5 minutes ago, Flix said:


Not even joking this is how I use the tool.  :D

Boom...thanks Flix... SOLUTION!



ps and so... everyone here hath been spareth the pain from my butchering :butcher:

ps at work we run most of the calls in french, but i often have to run analysis or chat in french... translate to the rescue! Looks like google is also putting languages out of business :blink: :devil: 

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