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  1. I was experimenting with this in sacred 2 balance text, and I changed all values to 20 but nothing happens ever, why? I changed all possible balance.text files haha
  2. Hello everyone, I made this post so we can post ideas of new content that could be added into the game. Wiliam already added 2 completely new features: 1. sacred caches: similar to magic finding place but it gives more items! 2. traveller quest: you get points by visiting places on map, and then you can use those points to buy gold/skills/set items I have to say 2 things, for me, traveler quest is bugged, it crashes when I buy set item, and I often get save game crashes, could that be fixed? Also, please make a separate version of attack speeds uncapped like you did for me <3 so everyone can play uncapped
  3. I dont have experience to do that... unfortunately, and its actually amazing we have like 50 people here who play and some of us try to mod the game... Wiliam is not active these days, but on his page there is a forum for ideas... for sacred nl, I would join but in order to register I need to put my phone number, which obviously I wont do... I never post my phone number on random forums... IDK why that page even asks that
  4. Watching this changelog... there is nothing that brings me to play it. Why? Because I already edited myself creature.pak file and balance.bin files. There is nothing "new" here that I couldnt do myself for my liking... all I see is boosted damage to insane amounts and increased experience gains... here is my balance.bin Point 3 and 4 can be edited with anyone here... just download sacredutils and use creature.pak editor to edit files... its on german but its self explanatory... each monster has resistances, dmg, attributes and experience drop... Heroes and skills... I mean 1 level gives 10% per level... skill gains are massive there... its like a cheat code... everything is super strong and you are super strong... I dont like it... I like steady gradual develop and growth... And NL gives new content, someone that never did that ( sacred caches ) similar to magical finding place but they drop a lot of items, they dont dissapear at once. Sacred NL adds "traveler quest" the more places you find, the more points you get and you use them for gold, set items, skills... etc...
  5. For me its the best mod... others as far as I understand just juice the bosses and pretty much raise health and damage.. and I know one of the mods has super speed dragons... I hate that... Sacred NL in combination of rules I play with is the best Sacred for me... I can go over few bugs
  6. I mean... change log is massive... and about bugs... the way I play the game with editing items and stuff, I am not sure I am the one to talk about bugs because I could be the one creating them.. I edited balance.bin, I edited creature.pak so... But all I can say is that I get rare crashes if someone dies in middle of the door, and it crashes on save game still... its a problem... but since I do a lot of import export I dont mind it...
  7. There is a traveler thing. When you find new places you get points. With points you can buy gold, set items, items... etc... of your choice.
  9. You can play sacred NL... it is so simple to use... has 1920x1080 and I play it on 75 fps... http://www.sacred-nl.necropol.sumy.ua/html/download/download.php And it is pretty much vanilla game
  10. Set items and brown items are only ones who can be edited to the maximum, white ones cannot get +100 critical chance, they are tied to level, set items and brown items are not that is why my armor for example has +500 magic find now
  11. Especially my 500 magic find later when I invest 25 000 000 gold into it, it will become 1000 magic find
  12. He is not active atm... when he answers my dm I will ask him yes! <3
  13. Sure, but I need more time! I will make a separate post That looks sick
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